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Saturday, October 13, 2018

The Canonization Crisis – Part II

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ohemgeeCan a Canonization Be Based on Dubiously-Miraculous “Miracles”?

Tomorrow, October 14, Pope Bergoglio, having already authorized Holy Communion for public adulterers and declared the death penalty immoral—flatly contradicting bimillennial Church teaching and practice in both cases—will declare that both Paul VI and Oscar Romero are saints the universal Church must venerate as such. Yet Paul VI unleashed an unprecedented liturgical debacle and the post-conciliar revolution in general, over which he spent the rest of his life weeping and wringing his hands while faith and discipline rapidly collapsed all around him. Whereas Romero, a complex figure one cannot honestly call a Marxist, was not assassinated on account of hatred of the Faith as such, but rather on account of his public agitation against the government of El Salvador, then in the midst of a civil war with Marxist revolutionaries. Nor has it ever been determined with certainty which side of the conflict was responsible for his murder, for which no one has ever been prosecuted or even identified definitively as a suspect.

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Monday, October 15, 2018

Good Pope Paul Went Out One Night

The Last Word has a confession to make: we start listening to Christmas carols long before Christmas. How long? Nearly three months. To be precise, we listened to our first Christmas carol on September 28, the Feast of Saint Wenceslaus. Just hearing the name of the King triggers the tune of the Christmas carol that bears the name of the Saint in our head: Good King Wenceslaus looked out, on the Feast of Stephen…

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