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Sunday, September 5, 2021

No One Can Escape the Global Revolution but through Faith: The Example of Japan

Written by  Paul de Lacvivier
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No One Can Escape the Global Revolution but through Faith: The Example of Japan

At First We Hoped

When the “sanitarian revolution” of global health dictatorship began in early 2020, we in Japan imagined that being here would somehow be different. We hoped that the old Japan, rooted in her customs and conservative traditions, would impede the 2020 version of the Revolution of 1789.

That hope proved false.

Admittedly, when the pandemic started in Asia, the initial reactions by the Japanese government were good: shutting the borders and attempting to contain the spread of the virus by insulating Japan from infection. In the fall of 2020 we watched as tyranny snowballed in Europe, whereas here in Japan we still have no legal constraints on us—in theory—due to COVID. As there are no lockdowns or other draconian measures in Japan, we here were both shocked that our homeland rushed to tyranny so completely, and relieved that our family is here and not there.

Even when, in early 2021, the Pravda 3.0 corporate-government disinformation network informed the enslaved global population of the expected and predicted (by those called “conspiracy theorists,” when in truth there in no conspiracy because all evil is now done in the open, men having lost all shame) move to inject all human beings with a biological weapon (for our own good and “safety,” of course!), we still thought that Japan would remain steady, would wait and see.

COVID has become a national superstition in Japan, just like almost everywhere else.

The Harsh Reality

All these hopes were dashed by the global revolution.

Although Japan has yet to follow the course of hardline tyranny, such as we see in France and in other European countries and in many states in the USA, Japan has already de facto lost the battle for human freedom without fighting, as the almost total invisibility of the Catholic Church here means that very few in Japan even know who the real enemy is and what he is trying to achieve.

Many of the symptoms of global tyranny are here in Japan, even if the government remains much milder than the despotic regimes in Europe and Washington. Japan has largely followed the global mainstream, lagging only a bit in terms of time and degree but daily approaching the harsh realities of elsewhere in the world.

For example, everyone here wears a mask, a bad habit which has become endemic in its own right. The new normal is to repeat this inhuman and abnormal rite in every situation. Very few of us resist—those that do meet not with government sanction but social disapprobation.

Also, the rush to get vaccinated has been appalling and shocking to witness. The Japanese government surely is not consciously trying to push the same revolutionary inhumanity on us as are the governments of Europe and North America, but even so the government here bows down in half-paralysis before the false gods of Joe Biden, Emmanuel Macron, Boris Johnson and almost all the other deified democrats of Western Europe.



The population here has almost entirely accepted the Big Lie: just keep quiet, go along with the flow, refuse to look directly at what is really going on. The mainstream Japanese media are the most compliant and complicit of all. They parrot the lies that the very revolutionary-minded governor of Tokyo, Koike Yuriko, loses no opportunity to spread. So many Japanese people now have big-screen TVs, too, and they sit in their living rooms and drink in the propaganda from the glowing screen.

COVID has become a national superstition in Japan, just like almost everywhere else.

The harshest reality of all may be that so few push back, so few even realize that they are being lied to, so few question the official version of events or ask themselves whether there might be more to the story than what the government and the “experts” on the TV shows are saying.

At the workplace, too, these tacit but iron rules are in force. No one says so, but everyone knows: if you resist too much you will be fired.

The only good news from Japan now is that the police are not yet revolutionary stooges like in France. They know that what little resistance to the COVID cult we find here is legitimate and legal.

There is no escape from revolution simply by changing geographical location.

What Is Coming

What I fear is that the Japanese government may very well follow the lead of Europe and North America and turn tyrannical, too. However, as the resistance here is so slight, there is a chance that we will just be allowed to slip through the net.

Also, the globalists are probably not very worried about Japan anyway—the low birth rate, collapse of the family, and already high level of social control mean that Japan has been co-opted by the globalist revolutionaries decades ago.

It will not be too long before the older Japanese generations, those who still kept to Japan’s strong natural law traditions of honesty and respect, are gone. After that, all immunity to the virus of Modernism will have been lost, and Japan, too, will fall.

Perhaps the one thing keeping Japan from going over completely to the global revolution at this point is the decrepit postwar paradigm. The Japanese constitution was imposed after World War II by the occupying liberal-democrat revolutionary Washington cabal. Japan remains politically and culturally frozen in the amber of that downfall and change of imperial regime from Tokyo to Washington. The current arrangement is illegitimate, but actually a mercy, because the Japanese government remains too weak and scattered to turn COVID-tyrannical.

Politicians here have been trying to revise the constitution to deal with the threat from China, but now that move carries new risks. If the Japanese government becomes strong again, it will be a catastrophe. The Tokyo government now is the least bad of all governments. The taboo against changing the constitution is pinning down the Japanese state, but the ingrained corruption in Japan is actually helping us now as the government remains too mired in incompetence to do much harm to the rest of us.

If the psychological barrier to a strong state is removed, however, then Japan will become like the United States or France, or like South Korea or the People’s Republic of China—in other words, a revolutionary nightmare.

It pains me to write this. I love Japan so much, and seeing her lurch into the revolutionary camp has been, for me, a grave disappointment. But a blessing, too. For now I know that there is no escape from revolution simply by changing geographical location. Here, too, one runs great risks by discussing sensitive topics with people outside close and trusted circles. Here, too, no exceptions are made for belief.

I had thought that Japan was an exception to the Western rule, but I was wrong. The reality of evil is indifferent to geography or political organization.

It was the public policy of the Catholic Church in Japan to keep people away from the sacraments.

The Withering Away of the Church in Japan

It pains me to speak ill of Japan, but pains me infinitely more to speak ill of the Japanese Church. It is true, though—the Catholic Church here is much more revolutionary and Modernist than the civil powers would ever dream or dare to be. The Japanese Catholic Church is at the vanguard of the revolution. The only good thing is that the Church here has so little influence. Thank God, because what influence the hierarchy does exert here is deleterious in the extreme.

For example, when the pandemic hit the Catholic churches in Japan closed down much earlier than businesses or government offices. In fact, it was only until very recently that the government here began urging businesses to take drastic steps to reduce the spread of the Chinese coronavirus. The Catholic Church, though, was doing this a year and a half ago.

Before the Olympics were held this summer, the archbishop of Tokyo and his brother bishops in Japan forbade—out of charity!—any Catholics from coming to Mass. Foreigners, athletes, visitors, Japanese citizens, everyone was locked out except for parishioners. Even parishioners, however, had to register with a lottery system in order to attend a Novus Ordo “Mass”.

This was no secret. The archbishop of Tokyo issued a statement about it. It was the public policy of the Catholic Church in Japan to keep people away from the sacraments.

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Long before the rise of the COVID cult, the Modernist bishops conference here took every opportunity to destroy what remained of Catholic faith among the Japanese faithful. The Our Lady of Akita convent is still closed, and has been since before the pandemic. The bishops ordered torn down the last building from the time of the apparition, and Sister Agnes Sasagawa, to whom the Blessed Mother appeared, has been “kindly” put into a retirement home far from Akita.

The Catholic hierarchy in Japan has also begun persecuting the SSPX, a thriving bastion of real Catholicism here. The SSPX offers the only traditional Latin Mass in Japan, in the entire archipelago, and the archbishop of Tokyo has gone out of his way to dissuade people from attending this Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

But thanks are due to the good archbishop, for, because of his persecutions, attendance at these Latin Masses has been steadily increasing. The hierarchy are doing the will of God in spite of themselves—they tried turning off the spigot of Grace, but God used their cowardice to open more and more hearts to the Truth. God be praised!

As for the Novus Ordo, all indications are that that regime is close to bankruptcy, not just spiritually but financially as well. Novus Ordo “Masses” even at the Tokyo Cathedral were sparsely attended prior to the COVID outbreak, and now there are fewer than fifty parishioners on a given Sunday. They do not even have enough “altar servers” (almost all girls, of course). And Communion on the tongue has been shut down before COVID, too. Now there is also no singing, and everyone must wear a mask in the house of God.

In the dying seminary of Mie Prefecture, the hierarchy pressured the few remaining seminarians to get the aborted-fetus vaccine. To get vaccinated with this bioweapon seems to be Bergoglio’s new canonical requirement, and the only one which he is willing to enforce.

We have no cause to complain, especially now, because the truth is that we have never received so many blessings as we have this very hour.

We Are Blssed beyond Measure!

The above is the global situation. These are not complaints, but descriptions of reality.

We have no cause to complain, especially now, because the truth is that we have never received so many blessings as we have this very hour—we have the everlasting Mass, Deo gratias, and the Catholic Faith unchanged and entire.

Our SSPX parish in Tokyo has blossomed. Three years ago we had Mass just one Sunday every month, celebrated by the heroic Fr. Onoda (

). Then, as more SSPX priests arrived, we were able to have Mass two or three times per month, with forty to fifty parishioners in total. Now, we have more than one hundred parishioners and three Masses every Sunday. More and more people are getting baptized, many of them adults. We have a priory, too, with two SSPX priests based in Tokyo. And there is a new SSPX base in Nagoya, between Tokyo and Osaka, where Mass is offered once a month. God has poured out such blessings on Japan as no human mind can comprehend.

japan by walt sspx mission chapelThe SSPX's Japanese mission chapel in Tokyo (Photo: Walter Matt)

Personally, I now work from home, and have been able to grow in faith and prayer with family and good friends.

Yes, there has been adversity, but this is always sweet when it is suffered for Our Lord Jesus Christ. Thanks to this adversity, which is but a passing hour in the light of eternal life, we grow ever more rooted in the One True Faith, and we learn the importance of developing a fighting spirit to carry on the Crusade.

And our young children, who were born into this upside-down world, will grow up to be warriors, to do spiritual battle bravely and purely while giving thanks to God and offering up a consecrated will.

japan by walt march for lifeThe 2019 March for Life in Tokyo (Photo: Walter Matt)

There is more. We can no longer distract ourselves with elaborate plans for the future. Nothing is certain and we are all thrown back on the present moment, day in and day out. This means that we can live, really and truly, as friends of God, relying on Him, doing our duty and preparing to die for Him if necessary, but always to endure persecutions with patience and joy.

The time has come. Now all is unveiled and the nature of governments is revealed. Our generation may be thought cursed to have seen this, but I think we are strangely blessed. There can be no illusions any longer. We must fight, and fight bravely. The faithful who came before us could perhaps try to avert the blow of Modernism, to compromise in false charity with slogans and movements and ideologies, both in the Church and out.

No more. We stand where the light separates out from the darkness and the choice is now plain as it never was before.

A Supernatural Vision for Japan

Japan is not a pagan country. Many say that it is, but I disagree. Ever since the first missionaries arrived here, Japan has been a country which refused to accept Jesus Christ. The government of Japan sought the extermination of Christians (mostly Japanese killing and persecuting other Japanese) from the end of the sixteenth century.

All is not lost. Nothing is ever lost when one lives for Christ.

As a punishment, Japanese people have had to endure a totalitarian (and very modern) tyranny from their shogun, a tyranny based on fear and social control. The Meiji Restoration, in that way, was a blessing for Japan, as it broke the grip of the shogun on this land. But still Japan did not turn to Christ. Japanese Catholics persevered with all the heroism of Heaven, until Vatican II betrayed them and Rome tried to turn the Faith into a Protestant aping of Holy Mother Church. The evangelization that might have been was ruined by the Modernists in the Vatican.

But all is not lost. Nothing is ever lost when one lives for Christ.

So please pray for Japan, and tell all your Japanese friends what is going on now in the world. COVID is not about a virus, it is about the deepest truths of the human heart. If Japan does not convert, if the Japanese do not understand the nature of this eschatological battle, then Japan as a country will disappear.

Let us pray that we become good servants of God, and that we gather together, as God taught us, at the everlasting Mass, the minimum required condition to start resisting as God wants us to.

Let us pray also for the conversion of Japanese emperor, before it is too late.

Pour Dieu, pour le Roi!


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