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Saturday, March 6, 2021

COVID CASINO: Vaccination Roulette

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COVID CASINO: Vaccination Roulette

As the COVID-19 vaccine campaign chugs along, who among us has not heard of or knows of someone who has suffered adverse side effects as a result of being inoculated?   

From December 15, 2020 to February 12, 2021, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System recorded 929 deaths from the vaccine. Why doesn’t CNN add this to their daily death count and why are such facts summarily dismissed?  The stories are there but are not being reported because they fail to resonate with the “no one is safe until everyone is vaccinated” creed.  

Of those inoculated, how many weighed the potential benefits against the risks?, which relies solely on fundraising, trumps the national media.  For their clear and concise investigative journalism, they were permanently banned from YouTube and continue to be censored by Facebook.

That reporting includes 35 Catholic nuns, who were already locked down in a Kentucky convent prior to receiving their shots with two dying just two days later, while twenty-six tested positive.  None had symptoms nor had tested positive for the virus prior to taking the vaccine.  Nine nursing home residents died in Spain days after receiving Pfizer’s vaccine.  Another 68 were infected despite having no cases prior to being inoculated. In a Dutch nursing home, two-thirds of residents tested positive for COVID after being vaccinated.  Other recent stories include how the pharmaceutical company Moderna’s revenues increased from $60 million to $803 million in 2020 and how Olympian Yohan Blake, the world’s second-fastest man, would “rather miss the Olympics than take the vaccine.”

The COVID era is filled with propaganda and fear.  Still, officials question why some people no longer trust the government, the media and the “experts.” 

Democrats spent much of 2020 questioning the Food and Drug Administration’s integrity over the vaccines’ safety and effectiveness until the election was settled.  Naturally, they were against it before they were for it.  And with their propaganda minions throughout social media and the national press we were warned that trusting a vaccine developed under the auspices of the Trump Administration was a fool’s errand.  With Biden in the White House, “it’s all good,” and for those who remain skeptical they are not only deplorable, but conspiracy theorists and anti-science. 

Why such a zealous crusade to vaccinate millions of healthy people with a survival rate of 99%?  Even the math underscores how the pandemic and subsequent government control is politically motivated. 

The COVID era is filled with propaganda and fear.  Still, officials question why some people no longer trust the government, the media and the “experts.” 

Despite being vaccinated, double-masked, socially distanced and working from home, a return to normalcy remains a crapshoot, according to America’s favorite lab-coat autocrat, Dr. Fauci.  Under Faucism, the vaccine does not stop transmission and its mutation sets the way for annual booster shots. 

Animal trials were omitted during limited testing, while long-term studies were impossible.  Contrast that with traditional medications that are tested for years before becoming public to ensure their safety and efficacy.  Moreover, the vaccine is protected under the Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program that has rejected 90% of vaccine-grievances over the past decade.  Despite the fanfare, Pfizer brass have not taken their own treatment claiming it would be unfair to “cut the line.”

Being injected with a novel serum when those who developed it will not accept any liability should give everyone reason to pause.  If the vaccine is safe and effective, why does the government feel compelled to provide protection for the pharmaceutical companies?  To speculate about long-term effects that won’t be known for years is disingenuous, while effective treatments are dismissed outright.   

The hype has turned the vaccine into a nationalistic crusade that is not just a moral obligation, but a civic duty.  Its benefits are overstated, while the risks are ignored, and the unknowns dismissed. Provided you question anything expect to be harassed, defamed, and censored.  

The medical establishment is now another leftist political tool.  Informed consent has become conformed consent. Provided anyone is forced to be vaccinated to maintain employment, it will not only be a violation of medical ethics, but betrays the foundations of a free and democratic society.

Of those inoculated, how many weighed the potential benefits against the risks?  Rather they relied on hype, intuition and blind trust just like when you walk into a casino.  

By accepting something experimental, we play roulette with our health. 

Place your bets.

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Last modified on Monday, March 15, 2021
Greg Maresca | Remnant Columnist

Maresca writes from Northumberland County, Pennsylvania.