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Tuesday, October 27, 2020

COVID SURVEY: How brainwashed are you?

By:   Mary Jacinta Murphy
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COVID SURVEY: How brainwashed are you?

The purpose of this questionnaire is to determine your ideas of citizenship and to rate your vulnerability to propaganda. Please answer all questions truthfully, then find your rating according to instructions given at the foot of the page.

Questionnaire: Your Good Citizen Status and Vulnerability to Propaganda Rating

Q. 1) A pandemic as defined by the WHO is:

  1. a very lethal and widespread disease.
  2. a reasonably lethal and pretty widespread disease
  3. basically anything infectious and non-lethal which is widespread. Examples: Athlete’s Foot, the common cold
  4. whatever the WHO likes. Political, not scientific, criteria apply.

Q. 2) Face coverings are

  1. the mark of a good and caring citizen.
  2. possibly useless annoyances which I have to wear every time I step out the door in order not to suffer fines and social exclusion. Thinking about the ins and outs of it is too tiring! Just gimme the mask and I’ll obey.
  3. flippin’ useless.
  4. absoLUTEly flippin’ useless and potentially harmful physically- definitely harmful psychologically and socially

Q. 3) The purpose of much mainstream media is:

  1. to keep me up to date on the news. Obviously.
  2. to tell me the important news - entertaining soundbites to spur my jaded appetites.
  3. to educate me to be a good citizen.
  4. to operate as a willing tool of political change agents- as long as the agents sing from the globalist hymn sheet.

Q. 4) The duty of a good citizen is:

  1. to believe that whatever falls out of a politician’s/Bill Gates/Dr Fauci’s (tick as applicable) mouth is infallible truth, while sneering at the infallibility of the One True Church.
  2. to go with the flow most of the time while resisting obvious evils.
  3. to work for the common good as long as people don’t point at me and call me a “conspiracy theorist”.
  4. to expose lies, resist propaganda, and to act with integrity even when it costs me a bit of social “face.”

Q. 5) My definition of the good life is:

  1. having the government pay all my bills, while I gratefully watch soap reruns and dig deep into the beer.
  2. keeping up with the Joneses.
  3. doing good and avoiding evil according to how most of my friends and neighbours define same.
  4. using all the faculties God has given me to acquire for myself and my neighbour the happiness inseparable from a life of virtue in this world and total happiness in the world to come, thereby glorifying God.

Q. 6) Government exists in order to:

  1. shield me from all evils and provide for my every whim, while reacting to my tantrums with soothing noises (answer suggested by Mr. Tool O. Deregime)
  2. give most people most of what they want most of the time.
  3. rein people in when they’re out of line and otherwise leave us alone.
  4. promote virtue and discourage vice, i.e., work for the common good or the “common weal” as it used to be called in better times.

Q. 7) “Shielding” or “cocooning” the elderly is important because:

  1. the absence of physical harm and the gratification of physical appetites is the most important thing for a human being. Noble and spiritual aspirations, such as visiting Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament, don’t lengthen one’s life at all. Besides, Zoom is a great substitute for real human contact.
  2. it teaches children not to be “selfish” in wanting to hug granny, and besides, it reminds us all that we are permanently filthy germ bags, and that the best present we can give our mother is to stay away from her. After all, who knows what horribly lethal virus might be lurking in that innocent snout of mine?
  3. for some unknown reason, many health authorities don't want to use proven medicinal treatments to cure Covid, but insist on sticking ventilators down elderly people’s necks instead.
  4. these Orwellian words sound lovely and caring. They soothe us into a false security that the New World Order actually cares about our elderly, while keeping up a level of fear and panic in the populace. Oh, and they give our neighbour a stick with which to beat us into good citizenship should we object to face coverings/lockdown/vaccination ….

Total up your score….Covid Quiz

Mostly a’s: Oh dear! Have you been wearing your mask on your eyes and ears as well as your nose and mouth? People like you make us want to get rid of the popular vote and replace it with monarchy or even benevolent dictatorship, as anything is better than having the news mafia, sorry media, as our Leader! We detect a serious case of addiction to mainstream media! Throw out that TV and browse our catalogue for some serious reading (we suggest the latest bestseller: How it can’t be a Pandemic unless People are Dropping like Flies and other improving Tales for Kindergarteners, by Patience Issa Vertoo). On special offer now!

Mostly b’s: Darling, you really are a social butterfly. In medieval times, you’d be doing just fine as your society would have carried you, and you could have floated, prone and unthinking, into security and happiness. Newsflash: the Freemasons exist. However, your case is not hopeless. You are not totally myopic. We suggest a strict diet of Tucker Carlson, The Remnant and LifeSiteNews for at least six months.

Mostly c’s: Hey, you’re getting somewhere.  We can see flashes of independent thought cutting through the misty haze that is your social environment. Tip for you? Lose some “friends” and embrace your independence. People like you make us hope democracy can be rescued. In order to succeed, you’ll need to wear ear muffs in the supermarket for at least six months. The Sesame Street/Barney the Purple Dinosaur empty exhortations to "be kind" are getting to you. Remember: respect for your neighbour is based on truth.

Mostly d’s: Congratulations. You are that rara avis, a sincerely independent thinker. You really care about the society you live in and want to make a difference. The biggest pitfall for you is a temptation to despair, cynicism or anger as the waves of lies and manipulation break on your isolated head. You’re not alone, ok? The angels and saints are cheering you on.  You’re totally right: a world in which you can’t pray to God with shining uncovered face is a world grown mad and sick. Say the rosary; challenge the narrative; change the world.

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Last modified on Wednesday, October 28, 2020