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Sunday, May 3, 2020

PARKING LOT PRIEST: Good Shepherds vs. Hirelings

Written by  RTV
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On Good Shepherd Sunday, Father speaks on the nature of true "good shepherds" and encourages people to stay strong in the fight to reopen the churches.

Father also questions the hirelings who have refused to allow Baptisms, confessions, and Last Rites, even when the faithful seeking these sacraments are in danger of death. 

"Crisis reveals character," says Father, "and if nothing else, this crisis has revealed the characters of bishops and priests: Which ones are fully conformed to model of the Good Shepherd, Jesus Christ. And which ones have shown themselves to be hirelings, who flee at the sight of danger and who put boulders at the entryway of the sheepfold."

"I think those who have done that," he continued, "will find that after this crisis is over, there is a price that they will have to pay for their failure."

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