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Saturday, July 20, 2019

Some Common Census

By:   Gregory Maresca
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Some Common Census

Every action undertaken or proposed by the Trump administration seems to be subject to challenge.  The resistance movement appears capable of tying everything up in legal knots, while complaining that nothing is being accomplished as a complicit federal judiciary goes along. 

To wit:  Asking one’s citizenship on the 2020 census.  

 The once a decade national census has been an integral part of the American landscape since 1790 and its mandate can be found within the Constitution.  Next year’s annual census will mark the nation’s 24th. 

It is a good bet that the U.S. Census Bureau has more information about your family history than Nona or even Aunt Rosalie.  Running a close second to the Census Bureau is Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook. The irony of Facebook is people voluntarily give reams of information away and without cause, which has made Zuckerberg rich beyond his wildest dreams. 

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The census has its roots in the Old Testament’s Book of Numbers that refers to a census of the Israelites, and again in the New Testament that tells of how Jesus was born in Bethlehem because Joseph had to travel there to register for the Roman census.

Underappreciated is the fact that something as elementary as a census reveals much about U.S. history. Today’s population is 84 times that of 1790 and shows an overwhelming change in the population from the Northeast to the South and West.

Asking the status of one’s citizenship was a standard question that was discontinued after the 1950 census.  Given how contemptuous an issue immigration is, the time to revisit the question is upon us so we can find out just how many are here illegally and where they reside. 

Moreover, the federal government will use the data to allocate a reported $900 billion for a plethora of social programs.  It is imperative to understand how citizens and non-citizens alike are using government services and resources.  An undercount would certainly undercut funding and what Democrat wants that?  

As the role of government continues to expand, the need for additional statistical data is its offspring.  You witnessed it at the latest Democratic debate where every announced candidate supported free health care for illegal immigrants.  Nevertheless, how many non-citizens are we talking about?  Numbers range from 12 million to 33 million. 

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The citizenship question should be anything but controversial, since the decennial census is constitutionally mandated for the purpose of allocating seats and drawing congressional districts in the House of Representatives, for whom only citizens may vote. 

Earlier this month, we celebrated our nation’s 243rd birthday and thanks the Supreme Court’s 5-4 decision in favor of plaintiffs challenging the citizenship question that said Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross’s justification was “contrived,” the decision will prohibit the federal government from asking: “Are you a citizen?”  It is absurd that our own courts must request a legal rationale to ask such a question when legal precedent was already established in prior censuses. 

The suppression of the question was simply a political ploy about misallocating seats in the House in favor of those states that harbor those here illegally.  The welfare of illegal immigrants trumps the priorities and welfare of American citizens who are being disenfranchised by their own government. 

What’s next? The civil authorities will not be able to ask if you are a citizen.  We the people, are entitled to ask such questions.  It is part of our First Amendment’s freedom of speech.  Every anti-American globalist wants the question barred because it would expose that there are 33 million illegals, rather than 12 million living here.  

Such information would expose their Leftist lies and discredit their arguments.  Making a simple census a contentious issue is never good.  What is the purpose of a census if not to determine the fundamental information of a nation’s inhabitants?  Moreover, how does wanting to know how many U.S. citizens there are and how many non-citizens there are make anyone a racist and xenophobe?

Certainly, these are fair and impartial questions, but the answer has always been that the Democratic base desperately needs illegal immigrants because once settled they will overwhelming vote Democrat.  The need for a permanent, poorly informed and dependent voter is necessary for the Democrats to remain in office.    

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Last modified on Saturday, July 20, 2019