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Saturday, July 6, 2019

THE QUEEN of the NILE SETS SAIL: Archbishop Wilton Gregory and USCCB’s New Political Game of Chess

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Archbishop Wilton Gregory Archbishop Wilton Gregory

In the hallowed and ancient game of chess, the queen is, without question, the most powerful piece.

She has the ability to sweep across the chess board in any direction, outmaneuvering other pieces whose progress is always handicapped in some way. It is thus wise for most chess players to keep the queen protected throughout much of the early stages of the game, bringing her out of containment only when absolutely necessary.

With the recent appointment of Archbishop Wilton Gregory to fill the bishopric of the Archdiocese of Washington, DC, recently left vacant by the disgraced Cardinal Donald Wuerl, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops have put their queen into play.

2019 03 28 gregory and mccarrick

McCarrick crony, Archbishop Wilton Gregory, succeeds Cardinal Wuerl in DC --
proof positive that Francis is serious about clerical sexual abuse

Gregory, who was rumored in the Archdiocese of Atlanta to have the nickname “The Queen of the Nile,” is, without question, a perfect choice for leadership of the US bishops, whose failure to expurgate the Church of homosexual predators since the 2002 Dallas Charter has completely lost the trust of US faithful.

Rather than being a glad-handling neoconservative trickster like former USCCB president Timothy Cardinal Dolan, Archbishop Gregory is cut from an older and more refined cloth. He’s a former protégé of the godfather of post-Vatican II Old Liberal American Catholicism, Joseph Cardinal Bernardin. As such, Archbishop Gregory has a long pedigree of Civil Rights activism and—unlike many effete and often plump “conservative” Catholic bishops and priests—is not afraid to get his hands dirty doing grassroots activism.

This does not mean that His Excellency does not have a taste for the finer things in life. His most major scandal while serving as head of the Archdiocese of Atlanta was the purchase of a $2.2 Million dollar home in Atlanta’s old, upscale Buckhead neighborhood.   

wrecking ball remnant cartoon

However, despite this “queeny” taste for luxury, Archbishop Gregory has a superpower that in our postmillennial age, obsessed with identity politics and cartoonish fetishization of exotic ethnicities, makes him a formidable queen on the USCCB’s chessboard: he’s the most powerful black man in the American Church.

As the Democratic political machine and its political donors were able to use former president Barrack Obama’s race as a cover to ram through the disastrous Obamacare insurance fraud and a host of other policies that have quickened the demise of the United States as a prosperous and sovereign nation, so too do the US Bishops hope to hide behind the aura of Bishop Gregory’s ethnic heritage as a shield against a ferociously hostile press.

Moreover, Archbishop Gregory has proven himself to be a team player for the “woke left” political agenda.

He is a strong defender of the illegal immigrant and invasion of America and is ready to attack any expression of patriotism or ethnic solidarity among Americans as racism—one of the most important issues for the leftist political establishment.   

In imitation of his mentor, Cardinal Joseph Bernardin, Bishop Gregory is also adept at providing practical but not necessarily explicitly vocal support for homosexuality.

With Archbishop Gregory protected by liberal and neoconservative fear of offending the odd gods of political correctness, there will be a new working relationship between the American hierarchy as well as the establishment Catholic media (in both leftwing and “conservative” manifestations) and the dominant Globohomo political order currently running the absurd and terrifying “Clown World” in which we live.  

For their masters in political, economic, and social power, the American Catholic establishment will continue to endorse (or at least not criticize), the perverse late stage of the sexual revolution that has now openly come out in support of pedophilia.  

In order to protect the Democratic presidential candidate (who may be the bad Catholic  Joe “Crypt Keeper” Biden), the bishops will, as a whole, will remain silent on abortion or hide the issue in the duplicitously packaged “Seamless Garment” argument formulated by Joseph Bernardin himself.

Finally, the bishops will, without fail, lend complete and total support to the envelopment of the entire West in catastrophic levels of immigration.  

In response for their efforts in helping build the final stages of the New World Order, those complicit Catholic leaders temporarily will be given positive media coverage and shielding of their worst crimes and faults as well as dopamine hit social media high fives from woke-left journalists who can barely conceal their resentment toward Christians.

They will also get a temporary pass from the planned large-scale seizure of Church property and assets by the judicial system that is well underway and which will, no doubt, lead to a state controlled Church resembling the Chinese Patriotic Church.

However, even with Archbishop Wilton Gregory, the black queen in the hands of the USCCB and its allies (and soon to be masters) in the rainbow-colored Culture Marxist behemoth that rules the West, in the end, the scenario for those who have betrayed Our Lord Jesus Christ and his Church for both money and very tenuous will only end in check mate.  

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