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Saturday, December 15, 2018

The Catholic NPCs

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Throughout the long “Meme War of 2016,” the potency of the internet as vehicle for political, cultural, and even religious change, was revealed as cartoon frogs, photo shopped Napoleonic portraits, and skinny paled faced doodles, helped to propel Donald J Trump to his election as president of the United States of America.

Almost always funny but often offensive, right wing memes successfully overthrew sixty years of left wing dominance over the world of humor and humor. No longer would leftist Saturday Night Live, The Simpsons, and late night TV have the upper hand in swaying the political opinions of Americans with lampooning and satire. The candidacy of Hillary Clinton and the values for which she stood: diversity, globalism, and champagne socialism became a joke in the minds of many, not only in America, but around the world.

Trump’s victory was soon followed by another shock: Great Britain declared its independence from the degenerate, anti-Christian and racist (against its own people) European Union. This wave of populism quickly spread to Italy, Brazil, Hungary, Japan, Austria, and a host of other nations who are seeking to return to traditional values and put the interest of their own people first.

In the fallout of this populist revival, the left has doubled down, attempting to shut down any and all expressions of dissent. Starting with the so-called Alt Right, and then proceeding to “conspiracy theorists” such as Alex Jones and even some left-wing and Muslim critics of the state of Israel, the global elite have made significant efforts to remove dissent from social media platforms.

The left has figured out that the internet, which was originally built for disseminating pornography, arena sports culture, and cat videos, has become an effective way to break the establishment media control through videos, podcasts, Tweets, and, most especially memes.


Originally coined by Richard Dawkins (of all people) in his 1976 work, The Selfish Gene, a “meme” is a cultural phenomenon that passes from person to person in a community. On the internet, a meme is usually an image that often takes the form of a drawing or photo that someone has altered for comical effect. The overwhelming majority of memes are satirical, and the majority of these memes come from the political right.

One of the most effective memes in recent months is the NPC or “Non Playable Character” meme.

A riff on the Wojak “average guy” meme, the NPC meme depicts a grey character staring into the void of pop culture and media static pumped out through establishment institutions. This grey character is representative of the thoughtless, soulless social justice warrior who, having been run through the American public education system, is now prepared to receive his or her programming from MSNBC, The New York Times, The Huffington Post, and a variety of other publications that, although presenting themselves as hip and alternative media outlets, are the very definition of establishment conformity.

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It would be an understatement to say that the left has not responded well to this meme. As the NPC meme escaped from the com boards of 4Chan and spread throughout social media, Twitter and other outlets went on a “Death Wish” killing spree, removing accounts that used the NPC guy as their avatar or even those who merely tweeted about NPCs.

The NPC meme enervated the left and prompted this immediate crackdown because it was so true.

Although viewing themselves as waging a war against the establishment, de facto terrorist organizations such as ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter are, in fact, funded by billionaire oligarchs such as George Soros and protected by both the establishment media and the American judiciary, which has become a cruel “clown world” of political, religious, and ethnic discrimination, are merely tools, the very foot soldiers of the establishment.

Catholics, especially in the United States, have not been immune to this political fight. There are hosts of Catholic journalists, academics, and politicians who have played a critical role in the populist revival.

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More importantly, in the Church, we have our own NPCs.

The number of Catholic NPCs is legion—it is the very nature of an NPC to be part of the crowd, so your humble author will merely focus on one of the most prominent Catholic NPCs: America Magazine’s Michael O’Loughlin.

Outside of Fr. James Martin, SJ, Michael O’Loughlin is one of the most public Catholic NPC faces. The author of The Tweetable Pope: A Spiritual Revolution in 140 Characters (perhaps a better title would have been The NPC Pope: A Spiritual Destruction in Five Years), Michael O’Loughlin runs a veritable ticker tape of NPC social justice articles and social media posts.

One of O’Loughlin’s recent NPC gems at America is “U.S. bishops adopt new anti-racism, first in almost 40 years.”

Now, dear reader, you may be thinking that a condemnation of racism in 2018 is apropos. You might further think that Christians at all times and places are obligated to condemn racial hatred and chauvinism.

And, dear reader, you would be entirely correct: hatred of anyone at all has no place in the Christian heart.

However, like a good NPC, O’Loughlin’s piece (like the bishops' letter itself) is riddled with brain-dead NPC code words.

Citing the bishops document, O’Loughlin describes a disturbing rise in “racism and bigotry” in the Church in America. In his litany of the sins of racism, O’Loughlin includes such terms as “anti-Semitic,” “anti-Muslim sentiment,” and the dreaded “xenophobia.”

These words, however, do not mean what one might think they mean, for they are code words for NPC programing.

The term “xenophobic” literally means “fear of the other” and denotes a mental illness—just like arachnophobia describes someone with an irrational fear of spiders. This term is a code word for anyone at all who supports restriction of immigration to his or her country.

Click the image below to preview the December 15th Print/E-Edition of The Remnant Newspaper
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The implication is that if an Irishman wants Ireland to remain an Irish Catholic country and not become a Muslim Pakistani country, then he is a mentally-ill xenophobe. If an American, even a conservative Hispanic America, thinks that the border between the U.S. and Mexico should be regulated, he or she also is an insane xenophobe.

By the way, this clinical language of “phobias” to describe natural and healthy political opinions was first used in the Soviet Union to institutionalize members of the Communist party who were not being good enough comrades.

The term “anti-Semitic” as well is a code for attacking anyone—even Jews themselves—for any criticism of anyone who happens to be Jewish. Talia Lavin of the Washington Post recently argued that anyone who criticized George Soros for meddling in the politics of the countries must be doing so, not because they are mad that George Soros was meddling in their countries, but because George Soros happens to be Jewish.

“Anti-Muslim sentiment” is likewise a code word for anyone who criticizes large scale Muslim immigration into the West or even mild-mannered criticism of Islam or the Koran itself.

You don’t want your daughter kidnapped, tortured, raped, and literally turned into Kebab?

That’s anti-Muslim sentiment.

Are you angry that a Muslim Somali (one of hundreds of thousands dumped into our country by the Obama administration) police officer killed a woman in Minnesota in cold blood when responding to a call?

That’s anti-Muslim sentiment.

O’Loughlin also notes that the bishops mention hate symbols such as the noose, the swastika, and the dreaded Confederate flag, which have been used to terrorize populations in America.

The only problem with this narrative is that almost every single one of these hate crimes involving spray painted swastikas and hung nooses have been hoaxes.

Virtually every single spray-painted swastika rattling the news over the past several years has been either painted by the alleged victim him- or herself or by someone else who was, sadly, himself Jewish. Even the dreaded anti-Semitic bomb threats that scorched the left-wing media turn out to have been perpetrated not by Nazis, but by a young Jewish man with Israeli citizenship.

The nooses condemned by the bishops, themselves NPCs ready to kowtow to the left for praise and refugee resettlement cash, unfortunately have been found throughout workplaces and homes around America.

However, like the swastika hate crimes, these have almost all been hoaxes as well.

A “noose” found on the University of Michigan’s campus was, in fact, a shoe lace.

Another noose found at Salisbury University was placed there by two black students.  

The black church in in Mississippi that “Trump supporters” burned down? A hoax.

The 2017 incident at the Air Force Academy in which a black cadet claimed to have a racist message scrawled in his room was a hoax too.

The simple fact of the matter is that the majority of our bishops are as stupid as they are evil, and they probably very well think in these NPC terms in which unsupportable community-destroying social population replacement schemes should be called “migration,” hate hoaxes are “hate crimes,” mild criticism of people who happen to be Jewish is “anti-Semitic,” and concern that Muslim values are irreconcilable with Christian values is “anti-Muslim sentiment.”

But your author highly doubts that Michael O’Loughlin of America magazine is that stupid.

Surely, he must know that a lettter condemning phantom racism by the American bishops is simply a ploy to gear up the electorate to vote against president Trump in 2020.

Perhaps Michael O’Loughlin is not an NPC after all.

Perhaps, like many LeftCats and even many neoconservative Catholic media personalities, Michael O’Loughlin knows exactly what he is doing.  

If so, this fact would lead us down another rabbit hole that Crisis Magazine’s Austin Ruse peered into last spring. Ruse’s piece, “The Soros-Funded Attacks on Orthodox Catholic Universities,” drew the spotlight on the fact that left-wing Catholic journalists are receiving grants from billionaire-funded left-wing institutions to attack conservative and traditional Catholic organizations.

If your humble author were a betting man, he would wage that there is a lot more money seeping into Catholic journalism from nefarious sources than a few Soros grants here and there.

But more on that another time.

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