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Friday, July 20, 2018

Soros Cash Matters: The Catholic Left Shows Its Hand (Again)

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In the midst of trying to distance themselves from fallout from the Cardinal Theodore “Uncle Teddy” McCarrick scandals--one of the most influential, well connected, and well known figures of the post-Cardinal Bernardin American hierarchy--the Catholic left has, in recent weeks, vomited forth a stream of leftist propaganda.

Steering away from LGBT issues, which might strike the wrong cord as a notorious homosexual predatory rapist cardinal is being publically shamed, liberal American Catholics have turned their sights on racial issues, which are always a win-win for the left.

In a recent America magazine article awkwardly titled, “This week #BlackLivesMatter turned 5. Catholics must continue to embrace its mission,” someone named Olga Segura presented a heartwarming history of the radical black nationalist movement that would do the Huffington Post proud.

America’s starting lineup of heavy hitters, such as Fr. James “I never knew anything about Uncle Teddy” Martin and Michael J. “More soy? Yes, please!” O’Loughlin, have, of course, promoted Segura’s Black Lives Matter story on social media.

In her piece, Segura argues that Black Lives Matter, or “BLM,” is an organic outgrowth from the black American community that seeks to protect innocent “black and brown lives” from police and civilians who randomly murder them.

Segura points out that Black Lives Matter has been able to influence Catholic leaders “to take the racial justice movement much more seriously,” further noting that the “momentum of Black Lives Matter may have  also been a factor in the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops establishing a new Ad Hoc Committee Against Racism last August.”

That’s very interesting.

The main point of Segura’s argument is that, as Catholics, “[i]f we are to truly embody Jesus Christ and care for all human life, then we must explicitly stand with our brothers and sisters marching and chanting that Black Lives Matter.”

To let her aging “old liberal” and overwhelmingly white readers know that they can help the great struggle against the white devils, Segura ends her piece with a resounding call for white liberal Catholic support:

“We must not let the onus lie solely on the backs of women and men and color. We must lift them up and carry them because the principles this movement embodies—to live in solidarity, to effect restorative justice and to bring about loving engagement—are exactly what we are called to do as Christians.”

What this liberation theology gibberish exactly means is anyone’s guess.

But “lifting up” and “carrying” BLM surely would involve, at least on one level, neurotic and self-loathing liberal Catholics writing out a few generous checks.

But before reaching for their wallets, our gauchiste Catholic co-religious might want to take a look at exactly what kind of movement Black Lives Matter is.

Far from a Christian organization, Black Lives Matter is replete with racism and a fetishizing of violence. BLM protestors have called for the murder of police and even argued for the extermination of whites.

Contrary to Miss Segura’s claims, these do not seem to be very Christian sentiments.

Secondly, Black Lives Matter has inspired numerous acts of racial terrorism against police, such as the 2016 murders of five Dallas Police Officers by Black Lives Matter supporter Michael Xavier Johnson, who said that he wanted to “kill white people, especially white officers.”

The final and perhaps most important weird thing about BLM is that it is flush with cash from liberal organizations dedicated to tearing the ethnic, moral, and religious fabric of not only America, but the entire Christian West to pieces. In addition to $100 million dollars from the Ford Foundation and Borealis Philanthropy, Black Lives Matter has received $33 million from our good friend, George Soros.

One wonders what BLM does with all that money, but, more importantly, for Catholics, the presence of George Soros in all this mess should ring a bell.

As your author has previously noted, thanks to the good work of Austin Ruse at Crisis Magazine, we have learned that George Soros has a bad habit of paying liberal Catholic writers to attack the Church via grants handed out for stories that help Soros’s agenda.

One wonders, if not unlike the liberal Catholics identified by Austin Ruse, who were paid by Soros to attack conservative Catholic schools, Miss Segura received some sort of “grant” to write her BLM piece.

One further wonders how deep Soros’s tentacles go into the liberal Catholic press.

Finally, one might wonder about the connection between Soros, the liberal Catholic press, and the pro-LGBT Catholic left cheerleaders like Fr. James Martin, Cardinal Cupich, and Cardinal Joseph “nighty night” Tobin.

Your author is willing to bet that the Uncle Teddy scandal is just the tip of the iceberg of a network of degeneracy and corruption in the American church, fueled by money from mysterious sources.

But only time will tell.


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