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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Cardinal Burke: "Church's Enemies are Delighted by the Attack from Within, Even at Her Head" Featured

Written by  Elizabeth Pokorny, Slovakia
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Cardinal Burke in Bratislava, Slovakia Cardinal Burke in Bratislava, Slovakia

SLOVAKIA, April 27, 2018 (The Remnant Press) On Friday, His Eminence Raymond Cardinal Burke gave a lecture on the "Indissolubility of Marriage" in Bratislava, Slovakia. The theater which held 160 seats was filled to capacity with participants lining the sides of the theater. Although there were a few dissenters with posters, standing outside the theater, denouncing the Cardinal's stance on homosexuality and how it is an "evil" in today's society, the Cardinal was warmly welcomed inside the theater to a throng of expectant Catholics eagerly awaiting his arrival. 

Cardinal Burke spoke for an hour on a variety of topics, including, but not limited to, the attacks on the Church from within, the moral degradation of our society and the impurity of those entering the state of Holy Matrimony, the reasons for his disagreement with Pope Francis on the encyclical Amoris Laetitia, the significance of living a good moral life through prayer and penance, and the importance of parents instilling in their children a love for Jesus and His Blessed Mother, Mary. 

The remaining half hour was a question and answer format. It was interesting to listen to the Cardinal's responses to genuine questions of those seeking clarity on topics, that have been muddy in recent years, such as homosexuals and their place in the church, the role of the Traditional Latin Mass in attracting a younger generation and restoring the Church, and the reasons behind the growing number of broken Catholic marriages. Unfortunately, not all questions were answers due to limited time, however, it was evident that the audience was very supportive of Cardinal Burke's stance on these divisive topics. 

Here is an excerpt of his speech from GloriaTV. 

His speech included such statements as: 

The Church's enemies are delighted by the current devastating attack on the divinely given authority of the Church from within Her very body and even at Her head.

...Soldier on in defence of the truth... There can be no place for silence or an attitude of defeat.

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