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Saturday, September 9, 2017

Money Trail Revisited

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Money Trail Revisited

Follow Up and Update (to E. Yore's The Money Trail: Why Catholic Bishops are Silent on Hillary):

money trailTo the chagrin of the USCCB, their favored candidate didn’t win the election. Despite their scandalous neutrality in the presidential campaign, Donald Trump, carrying the pro life banner,  toppled the Catholic establishment’s choice, the abortion loving, Hillary Clinton.   The article below details the stagering governmental beneficence bestowed on the Catholic Bishops for refugee and immigration programs by the Obama Democratic Administration.  The hundreds of millions in government grants support the Church’s social justice ministry bureaucracy. Is it any wonder that the Bishops promote massive Muslim refugee resettlement programs, open borders, and illegal immigration into the U.S.

In an upcoming 60 Minutes interview, former Trump strategic advisor, Steve Bannon lambasted the U.S. Bishops for their support of the DACA executive order program, a/k/a The Dreamers:

“The bishops have been terrible about this …  Because [they’re] unable to really come to grips with the problems in the church, they need illegal aliens, they need illegal aliens to fill the churches. … They have – they have an economic interest. … As much as I respect Cardinal Dolan and the bishops on doctrine, this is not doctrine.”

Issuing a lightening fast retort, the USCCB responded with a press release blasting Bannon:

"It is preposterous to claim that justice for immigrants isn't central to Catholic teaching pro-immigration stance is based on fidelity to God's word and honors the American dream.”

Preposterous? It is preposterous to ignore and dismiss the massive financial windfall to the U.S. Catholic Bishops in federal grants to support the Obama Administration open borders and refugee resettlement policy.

Bannon is absolutely correct that the Bishops won’t focus on the grim and shocking fact that millions of Catholics have left the Catholic Church, many because of the scandalous conduct of the clergy abuse scandal and the cover up by the American Bishops. As a result, the U.S. Catholic Church has paid out over $4 billion in clergy child sex abuse settlements. Millions leaving and billions spent must be made up somewhere.

 According to Georgetown University CARA Study, the number of Catholics who have left the faith continues to rise and is at an all time high of 30.1 million. That’s a 30.1 million hole in the Church’s purse, a massive depletion of cold cash in the weekly collection basket. Add that to the sobering statistic that only 22% of Catholics attend weekly mass. Baptisms, Confirmations, and Marriages continue to plummet according to the CARA study. The shockingly dismal study bodes poorly with a continuing spiritual and financial disaster for the Bishops and their vast array of chancery social justice ministries. The only category that has risen is foreign born Catholics, hence the push for illegal immigration and open borders.

Bannon rightly calls out the Bishops’ on DACA and open borders. It’s not about scripture, social justice, conscience, or compassion.

This is purely about their depleted bank account which receives a much needed infusion of government cash in the form of federal grants to resettle refugees, largely Muslim refugees and immigrants. 

Look below at the massive federal grants for immigration received by the USCCB and other Catholic agencies. Do you really believe the Bishop’s disingenuous statement about Steve Bannon:

For anyone to suggest that it is out of sordid motives of statistics or financial gain is outrageous and insulting."

Really now, that is insulting. Just look at the statistics and the financial gain. 

Published September 6, 2016


The silence about Hillary Clinton is deafening. One hears nothing but crickets from the U.S. Bishops and Cardinals about the democratic presidential candidate’s radical pro abortion stance, but for the banished Cardinal Raymond Burke.

Why are they sitting mute on the sidelines? How could they be conflicted between an abortion laden democratic platform and the most pro life republican platform ever? Seems like an obvious choice for Catholics. After all, St. John Paul II described life as “the most basic and fundamental right and the condition for all other personal rights.” What’s going on?

When in doubt, follow the money. This ecclesial trail is flush with cash.

Could it be that the bishops don’t want to anger their federal piggy bank by squealing about that diabolical abortion loving democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton?

Could it be that the USCCB enjoys and wants to keep its role as lavish federal recipient of hundreds of millions with the Obama Administration?

Did the democratic Obama Administration buy the election silence of the Catholic episcopacy by bestowing millions of federal dollars into the coffers of Catholic institutions?

Do the Bishops believe that a President Hillary Clinton is preferred because she will continue to fund their plentiful federal grants for muslim refugee resettlement?

What a bizarre contradiction! Remember, this is the same Obama Administration that has forced lawsuits by the Little Sisters of the Poor, Catholic schools, Catholic businesses and Catholic lay organizations for mandating compliance with Obamacare rules in violation of Catholic doctrine.   Yet, the Bishops stand ready, willing, and able with their hand in the federal cookie jar to implement the Muslim refugee resettlement agenda.

While the Little Sisters of the Poor battled Uncle Sam, the U.S. Bishops and Cardinals were lining the Church coffers with blood money from Uncle Sam.

This isn’t about conscience, folks. It’s about their checkbook.

Take a look at the jaw dropping beneficence from the federal fairy godmother government deposited into the bank accounts of the Catholic hierarchal institutions. It’s all on display at

During the most anti-Catholic administration in the history of the U.S., the Catholic bishops have enjoyed enormous financial benefits carrying out the mission of the Obama administration.

Here’s the Church, here’s the steeple, open the doors and see all the federal dollars.

This is only a partial list of federal government grants to Catholic groups, but the USCCB, Catholic Charities, CRS and the International Catholic Migration Commission received jaw dropping grants to carry out the Obama agenda in FY16.

These grants cover fiscal year 2016 only: (previous fiscal year reflect similar funding).

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

During FY16, the USCCB received federal grants totaling a whopping


According to the, the top programs carried out by the USCCB, on behalf of the Obama Administration were: table for Yore
Clearly, the U.S. Bishops are fully supportive of the Obama Administration mass refugee resettlement program. It’s been a very lucrative venture for the USCCB. Donald Trump seeks to suspend the Muslim Refugee Migration program into the United States.  Supporting a Donald Trump candidacy would halt all Syrian Muslim refugee migration into the U.S. His policy of suspending Muslim refugees would be quite costly for the Bishops and deplete their coffers. The present day Money Changers aren’t willing to relinquish their federal revenue flow.

Catholic Charities

And then there’s the Catholic Church’s golden calf of federal funds, Catholic Charities. According to, the federal government’s website of federal contracts and grants, the Catholic Bishops around the U.S. garnered some hefty contracts. Overall, for FY16 Catholic Charities collected            

$84,339,422 as Total Prime Recipient 

$118,008,202 as a total sub-award transaction

Total Award:

$202,247,624 total award to Catholic Charities FY16

But there’s More!

The Catholic Bishops landed more federal goodies to carry out the massive refugee migration resettlement agenda of the Obama Administration.  Mass migration of Syrian refugees provides a lucrative business model for the Catholic Church but they might want to ask the Catholics in the pews about this highly controversial policy of putting Muslim refugees in U.S. towns.

The International Catholic Migration Commission(ICMC)

The International Catholic Migration Commission(ICMC) headquartered in Boston and Geneva, Switzerland also joined in on the federal refugee goodies. In FY 2016, according to the, the International Catholic Migration Commission was awarded:

$17,715,636 Total as Prime Recipient

The U.S. Department of State doled out $17 million in ICMC grants. The sole purpose of the grants is stipulated for U.S. Refugee Resettlement.

This is the dirty little secret that needs to be told to American Catholics.

The Catholic Church is assisting the Obama administration in resettling into the United States, tens of thousands of Muslim Syrian refugees. Ironically, only a tiny fraction of persecuted Middle Eastern Christians are included in the refugee population. Perish the thought that the Catholic Church would demand that Christian refugees be given priority over Muslims. That stance might jeopardize their federal contract.

There are thousands of other federal grants and contracts to the Catholic Church stored in the Obama administration piggy bank, but these 3 grant recipients serve as a wake up call for Catholics.

Following the lead of Pope Francis and his globalist agenda, the American Catholic hierarchy are relegating the pro life ministries to the doctrinal ash heap and committing funds and personnel to promote environmental and migration issues. Catholics are witnessing the bureaucratic deconstruction of the pro life movement in chanceries and the elevation of migration and immigration in its place. Why? It’s simple: Follow the money, its flush with plenty of greenbacks. It’s no coincidence that environmentalism is called the green movement.

The global environmental and migration movements are overflowing with cash.  For decades, the Catholic Church has been the odd man out, battling the United Nations and its abortion infused agenda under the guise of climate change. At the UN and on the global stage, the Catholic Church leaders were mocked as unenlightened dinosaurs and misogynists for fighting for the protection of the life of the unborn. Face it, being mocked and excluded from the clubby world’s elite is very uncomfortable. The Church is no longer the outsider. Yet, the latest crop of prelates have forgotten the admonition of Christ, “my kingdom is not of this world.” 

Along comes multi billionaire George Soros, as the global architect of an international mass migration policy that fills the Catholic Church coffers and floods Europe and America with Muslim refugees. Pope Francis and his minions now are welcomed and celebrated on the global stage as elite players. This unholy alliance is plainly evident in the leaked Soros Open Society documents and the embedded Vatican presence of Soros operatives, like Jeffrey Sachs and many others. 

As the DCLeaks Soros documents demonstrate, Soros fosters, foments and implements internal chaos and disruption through organizations which he funds. The Syrian refugee crisis is being funded by George Soros through left wing groups to generate support for Obama’s plan to surge thousands more Syrian refugees into American towns and cities.

George Soros accurately identified Pope Francis as a sympathetic ally for the many Open Society initiatives. Together with President Obama, whose federal contracts and grants implement Soros’ reckless refugee policy, the unholy alliance emerged with the Catholic Church participating in the Soros global vision of a massive global refugee chaos.

With the upcoming election, Soros is taking nothing for granted.  He has already poured $25 million into the Hillary Clinton campaign to ensure the continuation of the flood of refugee migration into Europe and the U.S. Shockingly, the Catholic Church facilitates the Soros vision and is paid handsomely by the Obama administration.

It’s no surprise that the Catholic Bishops remain silent about the abortion loving Hillary Clinton. They wouldn’t want to endanger their lavish federal contracts.

It’s no surprise that New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan, whose archdiocese has a sizable Hispanic population, criticized Trump by writing that, “Nativism is alive, well - and apparently popular!”

It’s no surprise that Bishop Kevin Farrell of Dallas, condemned what he called the “déjà vu of immigrant bashing” reminding his diocesan Catholics of Trump’s words.

It’s no surprise that LA Archbishop Jose Gomez opined that Trump’s stance on immigration “is not right.”

It’s no surprise that the Catholic Bishops, under Vatican orders are promulgating the migration of Muslim refugees into the United States. The Bishops have made a calculation that migration trumps (‘scuse the pun) the pro life issue. Migration pays very well, pro-life pays nothing.

With millions of federal funds to support the Obama administration’s mass refugee resettlement program, it is expected that the Bishops will remain silent about Hillary Clinton, and criticize Donald Trump who seeks to halt Syrian refugees into the U.S., so that they can be vetted for terrorism. The Bishops’ silence comes at a big price....hundreds of millions from Barack Obama.

We hear much about the obtuse ‘vote your conscience.’Let the cozy blasphemous financial arrangement between the democratic abortion promoting Obama administration and the Catholic hierarchal money changers ‘inform your conscience.’

It’s no wonder that the Bishops don’t bite the hand that feeds it.


Elizabeth Yore is an international child advocate attorney. She served on the Heartland Institute delegation that traveled to Rome in April 2015 to urge Pope Francis to re-examine his reliance on UN population control proponents who promote climate change. She is the former General Counsel at the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and the former General Counsel at the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services. She is an expert in human trafficking prevention and investigations. 


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Elizabeth Yore

Elizabeth Yore served on the Heartland Institute Delegation that traveled to the Vatican in April 2015 to urge Pope Francis to re-examine his reliance on UN population control proponents who promote climate change.  She is an international child protection attorney who has investigated several cases of clergy sex abuse of children. She served as Special Counsel and Child Advocate to Oprah Winfrey. She is the former General Counsel of the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services and former General Counsel at National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.