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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

A-CNN Exclusive - Trump: "I Could Easily Fix the Church In My Spare Time"

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A-CNN’s Don Persiflage had the opportunity to sit down with President Donald Trump today and conduct an interview. President Trump is currently running to be Pope of the Roman Catholic Church. What follows is the transcript of that interview:

Don: Thank you for coming on the show, Mr. President; we’re honored to have you.

Trump: You’re welcome, Don. As you know I’m doing you a favor as your network has been downgraded to extremely fake news in my opinion. It’s just above Church Militant at this point, to be honest with you.

Don: Well, we try to report the news as fairly as we can, but thank you Mr. President. As we know you are currently President of the United States, yet you are still running for pope. Now that you are president, wouldn’t you have to resign the presidency if elected pope? READ MORE HERE
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