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Monday, February 1, 2016

Why didn't Pope Francis endorse Family Day 2016?

By:   David Martin
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Together with hundreds of thousands of faithful Catholics, Friars hold banners reading "No to civil unions" at at rally in Rome on Jan. 30, 2016. Together with hundreds of thousands of faithful Catholics, Friars hold banners reading "No to civil unions" at at rally in Rome on Jan. 30, 2016.
On January 30 hundreds of thousands of demonstrators participated in the Family Day 2016 in Rome to protest the controversial "Cirinna" bill to legalize same-sex unions, which the Italian Parliament is expected to vote on shortly. Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco who heads the Italian Bishops' Conference has been leading a handful of good bishops in openly supporting these faithful Catholics who defend traditional family values.

This beautifully fulfills the Church's mission to go into the world and uphold the light of Christ so that everyone might be compelled in the right direction for the common good. This fight for family values is strictly a moral and religious one, not a political one, and is something that any true and zealous pope of the past would have highly endorsed.

And while Pope Francis does not favor "gay marriage" and continues to maintain a pro-family profile, he has showed no public support for the pro-family rally and in fact has been against what Cardinal Bagnasco is doing. He does not agree with the "political activism" of the Italian Bishops' Conference in their attempt to influence civil laws, nor does he support the Church opposing homosexuals in public, and is angered that Bagnasco has tried to drag him into the public debate about the public rally against gay-unions. As such, the pope canceled his meeting with the Italian Episcopal Conference (CEI) which had previously been scheduled for January 21.    

Francis indicates he doesn't like being drawn into Italian political issues, yet he has no trouble embroiling himself in all the political activism of the NWO. We all remember how he cordially invited globalists and key pro-abortion advocates of the U.N. to participate in the one-day climate change summit at the Vatican on April 28, 2015, wherein radical environmentalists were given a platform to voice their "Sustainable Development Goals" of making "Mother Earth" a safer place through worldwide population control—a plan which the Vatican officially endorsed the next day.

And of course the Church is still licking its wounds over his environmental encyclical which was nothing more than a work of political activism to alter our Christian mindset and gratify the bureaucratic big-wigs of the New World Order. Were it otherwise, the encyclical would not have elicited such enthusiastic praise from Obama, Putin, Hilary, and the entire global elite. Francis may speak of peace, harmony, and spiritual poverty, but this needs to be proved with actions.

At the Italian Bishops' meeting in Florence in November 2015, Francis said: "I prefer a Church that is bruised, wounded and dirty from being out on the streets, rather than a Church which is unhealthy from being closed up and clinging in comfort to its own certainties."

It seems that quite the opposite is true. Francis refuses to go into the world on street level and proclaim the light of Christ for fear of being bruised, wounded, and spat upon, and prefers to remain cozy with the bureaucrats by telling them what they want to hear. It's all about preserving his own comfort zone through common consensus.  

True poverty and humility is to give all this up and be willing to be rejected for Christ, and not to seek comfort through dialogue. He told the bishops at the Florence meeting: "Dialogue is to seek the common good, for everyone; it is to discuss together and think of the best solutions for everyone."

Not so. When Christ gives us the absolute solution, there is no need to dialogue about anything. The only solution for the "common good" is to simply bring the undiluted truth to the people without regard for human opinion. What we need to concern ourselves with is their welfare, not their gifts and applause. "Clinging in comfort" to man is what renders us "unhealthy," but clinging to the "certainty" of Christ's doctrine is what transforms the world into a better place.

We pray that the pope and bishops will renew their vocational vows to do just that, because Italy has now arrived at a historic crossroads where episcopal action can make the difference. For the first time in history the coalition of sodomites is proposing that their criminal way of life be officially sanctioned by the Italian state, which is frightening when we consider that Italy is the seat of Christianity. As such, it is imperative that the pope and bishops stand up with one mind and publicly condemn this crime and even censure those individuals by name who have had the dare to propose such a heinous thing, lest Italy fall to revolution.

It's like a fireman with his hose: he has no recourse but to either put the fire out or watch the house burn down. Which will it be Papa? Will you stand by and allow the agents of Satan to rape Italy, or will you follow the lead of Pope Pius XI who stood up and publicly slammed the Nazis before the world? Thereby he showed himself to be a true hero with true pastoral concern.

We beseech you to do the same with the political Nazis in our midst today. It's the most pastoral thing you can do.

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Last modified on Monday, February 1, 2016