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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Parable of the Lost Shepherd

By:   John Fisher
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The Parable of the Lost Shepherd
Once upon a time there was a shepherd who was charged with watching several of his Master's sheep in a faraway field.

One day the shepherd was called to his Master's house where the Master said to him, "Shepherd you have been watching my sheep in a faraway field, for much time. Now I must ask you to take responsibility for my entire flock, as I must away for a time. Be mindful of my sheep, for I would give my life for them."

So the Master departed, and the shepherd commenced to tend the flock. But, after a while, the shepherd became bored of the Master's land, and wished to wander far away to tend untended sheep.

In thinking of this, he remembered that the Master's Father loved all sheep and hated to see any sheep abandoned or untended. Thus, the shepherd departed the farm and started tending the sheep of others in faraway fields.

The shepherd continued in this fashion until one day his Master returned and called him back to his house.

"Shepherd," the Master said to him, "I asked you to tend my flock, as I had to go away for awhile. But when I returned my flock were in disarray. Many had run away, many had been stolen, several have died and decayed where they fell, and even those who remain are infested with parasites. My sheep had no one to tend them. " The Master was in tears.

"Master," said the shepherd with the response he had long-prepared, "I knew well that your Father loved all sheep, and I went to the faraway fields to attend to all of the world's sheep, for many of those sheep had no one to tend to their needs. I believed it was what your Father would've wanted."

"Shepherd," said the Master, "I asked you to tend to my sheep. I did not ask you to look for the sheep of others, nor to do the will of my Father in preference to mine. What is my Father's will in general was not your concern. Neither my Father nor I commissioned you to do as you pleased. You were to mind my flock, and you have failed completely in your duty. Begone from our house, oh unworthy one! For, I would readily die for the least of my little ones, but their care was not enough to occupy you"

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