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Saturday, September 12, 2015

How Pope Francis Just Made the German Bishops’ Wallets Fatter

Written by  Magister Athanasius
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Cdl Reinhard Marx of Munich Cdl Reinhard Marx of Munich
It is obvious that the German bishops, who are the main proponents of the Kasper Proposal, aren’t really interested in mercy for those living in sin because if they were, they wouldn’t be willing to assist adulterers in bringing further judgment upon themselves (see 1 Corinthians 11:17-34). If the German bishops were really concerned about mercy, then they wouldn’t impose de facto excommunications on those who fail to identify themselves as “Catholic” on their income taxes, in order to avoid paying the German “church tax”.

If they were really concerned about mercy then they would urge such people to make a firm purpose of amendment and receive mercy in the sacrament of penance, the sacrament that is actually given for people in this a state of grave sin, not Holy Communion.

Clearly, they don’t care about mercy. For them, it appears to be about money. It is well-known that the German bishops are the primary proponents for change in divorce and remarriage since they lose money with every German “catholic” who, unwilling to accept the church’s teaching on divorce and remarriage, doesn’t identify themselves as such on their income tax. The German bishops know that if they can officially administer Holy Communion to adulterers living in second marriages, then said adulterers would be more willing to identify themselves as Catholics on their income taxes, which equals more money for the German bishops, who receive money for every German who identifies themselves as Catholic.

How Pope Francis Just Fattened Their Wallets

Pope Francis recently “reformed” the annulment process, effectively streamlining it and making it easier to receive an annulment. One of the changes to the process allows the local bishop to make the final decision in declaring a marriage null. This means that there is nothing stopping a German bishop from declaring a marriage null, even if it isn’t null, thereby allowing people to Holy Communion without the stigma of being public adulterers.

By receiving their easy annulment, the adulterer will be more likely to identify themselves as Catholics on their income tax, making the German bishops richer. Thus, in essence, even if Pope Francis doesn’t allow for the Kasper Proposal after the Synod on the Family, he effectively just gave the Germans what they wanted, just through a different means.

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