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Monday, August 24, 2015

Voris 2010: New Mass “almost totally downplays all Catholic worship” Featured

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Voris 2010: New Mass “almost totally downplays all Catholic worship”
Michael Voris recently issued a

Below are some of Voris’ key quotes regarding the Novus Ordo Mass. If anyone were doubting whether to follow the SSPX's advice on the New Mass, it seems all they have to do is watch Voris' 2010 video to confirm that they should avoid it: 

“Certain individuals at Vatican II set about to destroy the theology of the Catholic Mass which would ultimately destroy the Catholic Church.”

“In fact many of those involved with the deformation of the Mass were not bashful at all about their work.”

“…one thing is absolutely certain this one man [Bugnini] set out on a course to so alter the Catholic Mass that at the very least it would lose practically any dimension whatsoever of being authentic Catholic worship…”

“Alice Von Hildebrand…said her husband Dietrich went to Paul VI when all this was happening and said this [the New Mass] is going to destroy the faith that this is horrible, it's going to wreck the faith of Catholics, that the theology of the mass is gone and substituted with something else…”

“…they [the faithful] appeal to the pope their dismissed and in the meantime a new mass is being engineered that almost totally downplays all Catholic worship in favor of the Protestant friendly approach…”

“We're not talking about the validity. What we're talking about is, is this authentic Catholic worship? Is this how Catholics worship God? Is this a break from the past that's so violent that you can't really say this is Catholic worship as we have understood it? Has the theology behind the Mass been so manipulated twisted and deformed that Catholics going to this Mass miss something of the theology compared to talking about the traditional Latin Mass, the Tridentine Mass.”

“To make a point, you can receive a sacrament validly and in the process still have your Faith endangered. ..We’re talking about, is this authentic Catholic worship? Is what is going on behind the scenes a possible detriment to your Faith? That’s the question! That’s what Dietrich Von Hildebrand is asking. That’s what Alice Von Hildebrand is asking. That’s what Peter Stravinkskas is asking. That’s what all of these people who have written all of these books are asking! Is this a danger? What’s going on? ”

“These are Protestants assessing the [New] Mass going ‘Hey, rock on Catholics! Took you 500 years but you caught up to us finally, good for you.”

“According to the man who essentially developed the Novus Ordo, the New Mass, the Mass most of us attend each week in our parishes, it had to be stripped of anything Catholic that would be a problem for Protestants. In short, the prayer, the public worship of the New Mass,…is it more Protestant or more Catholic? That is a very, very key question.”

"There’s no denying that since the New Mass, the Church, in its Catholic character, in its public worship, the living out the faith of the laity has simply been wiped off the map.” 

“What’s he [Ratzinger] describing [regarding the Novus Ordo]? He’s describing Protestant services. That’s what he’s describing. Where you just kind of get together and celebrate yourself.”

“In 1967 after a series of small incremental changes, Bugnini unveils his vision for the new mass to a senate of bishops in the Sistine Chapel right under Michelangelo's glorious frescoes…reports are that this Mass was so repulsive and so disturbing that more than half of the bishop simply got up and walked out of the Mass…Two years later in 1969 on April 3rd, Pope Paul VI officially promulgates this mass the Bugnini Mass, with little to no changes to the one presented in the Sistine Chapel.”

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Last modified on Tuesday, August 25, 2015