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Thursday, June 4, 2015

U.N., Gay Activists Eyeballing Papal Visit in September

By:   David Martin
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Teresa Matozzo, "Exhibits and Sponsorship Manager" for the World Meeting of Families Teresa Matozzo, "Exhibits and Sponsorship Manager" for the World Meeting of Families
As we know, Pope Francis will be speaking at the World Meeting of Families that convenes this September 22-27 in Philadelphia. The pope will attend the last two days of the event, after addressing the U.N. General Assembly in New York on September 25.

U.N. leaders and gay-rights advocates are beaming over the papal visit, while tradition minded Catholics are hopeful that Francis will take a decisive stand for family values and repudiate the U.N. and gay community for their impassioned support of abortion. Will Francis emerge from his trip as a champion of the Church, or a champion of social justice?

On his return flight from South Korea in August, the pope said he wanted to visit the U.S. in 2015 for the Philadelphia gathering, at which time he noted that he had received invitations from Barack Obama, Congress, and U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki moon. This is worrisome and almost gives the impression that the Holy Father is being stalked, since Obama and the U.N. Secretary General are passionate abortion-rights advocates who labor around the clock for the cause of gay-rights and global depopulation through abortion. Obviously they want to mold Francis to their global expectations.

Ban Ki moon and his U.N. associates even spearheaded a conference at the Vatican on April 28 in a feverish attempt to convince the Curia that the UN's pro-death "sustainable development" agenda should be adopted by the Church. It's no wonder they want the pope to come to America. They aim to keep working on him, especially through the Philadelphia conference. 

The World Meeting of Families founded by Pope John Paul II in 1994 meets every three years, and was originally intended to strengthen the family and traditional family values, though it appears that this year's convention will have an "alternative" twist to it. We now learn that the gate-keeper for the event is an avid LGBT gay-rights activist engaged in a lesbian relationship who openly touts her lifestyle and her militant advocacy of gay-marriage on public forums, including Facebook. 

Teresa Matozzo (see photo) is the "Exhibits and Sponsorship Manager" for the World Meeting of Families, which means she is a gatekeeper for the event. She has the power to reject any application or limit space assigned to any one company. With her clout and her popularity with the gay community, she is in a key position to admit whom she wants to the event, which would include groups like the gay-lesbian New Ways Ministry that was received at the Ash Wednesday papal audience on February 19. The gay community throughout the world is doing everything it can to get the pope to see practicing homosexuals as part of "God's Family," so there is every reason to think that the Philadelphia meeting will serve to advance this cause, at least to some degree. If the core-group organizing the event in fact shares in Matozzo's convictions, it will spell trouble for the convention.

When the World Meeting of Families was first announced a few months back, it seemed then that the choice of Philadelphia for the conference was already setting the theme for the event, being the city of "brotherly love." And now this news about the gatekeeper. Coupled with the United Nations' keen interest in the papal visit, we see an insidious plan being orchestrated from below.

No doubt the globalists at the U.N. are eyeballing the Philadelphia meeting and are hoping it will be used to get the fire going for the upcoming Synod on the Family that convenes at the Vatican this October. Their earnest wish is that Francis will spearhead their environmental agenda of "love earth" and "human rights," especially the rights of gays and feminists.

In March U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon’s office issued the following statement: "His Holiness Pope Francis’ visit will inspire the international community to redouble its efforts to achieve human dignity for all through ensuring greater social justice, tolerance and understanding among all of the world’s peoples."

In U.N. language the word "dignity" is used to conceal their disregard for human life while at the same time referencing the manner in which they dignify rebellious human rights, especially gay rights and abortion rights. The term "social justice" is a classic Marxist term to signify the equal distribution of wealth by the government to counteract Capitalism, as well as to signify the equality of all causes and religions (relativism) in defiance of moral absolutes of the Church.

Translated into simple English, Ban Ki-moon's statement would read something like: "Francis' visit will serve to spearhead our Luciferian cause of equality for murderers, homosexuals, transgenders, and drug-cartels, while ensuring that any discrimination against these sacred rights of man are given zero tolerance."

If the good pope was only aware of the diabolical agenda of the U.N. and how this cabal has murdered millions of souls and bodies in the past decade alone, he would have nothing to do with it. The U.N. was founded by the Illuminati [CFR] for the purpose of abolishing Christianity and setting up a godless one-world government for the enslavement of all peoples, so what good can possibly come from it? Their ploy from day one is to advance evil in the name of peace. The U.N. is truly "the great harlot who sits upon many waters." (Apocalypse 17) That is, she seduces the world and the Church with her charms of fake peace, and causes them to sin like sodomites and murderers---all under the guise of mercy for the "marginalized."

But who is more marginalized than the poor and helpless of this earth that have been mercilessly killed through abortion? While the silent screams go up for help, there's the Church consorting with the U.N. about their plans to have "peace on earth."

The positive side to all this is that the pope is a free agent who can speak as he wishes, and no one at the U.N. or the World Meeting of families can tell him what he is supposed to say or not say. Though the game rules are usually enforced, it will be pretty tough to tell the Vicar of Christ to shut up or speak thus in front of millions of viewers. 

If the pope's intention is to defend the unborn and stand up for Christian family values, the U.N. General Assembly and World Meeting of Families are the two occasions to do this! With a few words he can refute the enemy plan against the institution of the family and set the record straight as to where he truly stands on issues.

However this will require that he openly and decisively speak up against homosexuality,      since the lesbians and gays run the pro-death movement. We might say abortion is their baby, therefore any gesture to pacify gays about their lewd orientation will only build the fire against the unborn and the family.

As Pope Francis makes ready to speak in the U.S., let him draw inspiration from Pius XI who courageously stood up against the tyranny of Hitler and Mussolini. The world and the Church today are facing a far greater tyranny: Lucifer and his agents of one-world. Their focal point of attack from the beginning has been the pope, being the visible head of Christianity, therefore diplomacy and sweet dialogue will go nowhere with them. Yes, this very approach of tolerance and "ecumenical dialogue" was given to our modern clergy by these agents of the new order (WCC) for the purpose of neutering the Church Militant in its fight against Satan.

What is needed are the pure waters of apostolic truth, given with charity, but with no compromise and no punches pulled. The pope's only concern is to see to the spiritual salvation of God's children. He is not a keeper of the environment, nor is it his place to side with politics or make pronouncements on the planet. In the words of Lord Christopher Monckton who addressed Pope Francis at the April 28 symposium in Rome: "The main reason, Your Holiness, of why we are here today, is it is not the business of the church to stray from the field of faith and morals and wander into the playground that is science…. It is not the business of the church to pronounce on science."

If Francis must speak on the "environment," let him exhort all to foster a spiritually clean environment where the children of God are not subjected to the toxic emissions of sodomites and pro-abortion advocates. And let him remind everyone that man's first environment is the womb, which should be one of the purest and safest places on earth for God's little ones, and therefore not subjected to the invasion of pro-death's weapons of mass destruction including scalpels, suction apparatus, intrauterine devices, prostaglandins and other abortive chemicals, drugs and devices which defile and disfigure mother nature.

Let the pope’s presence in America sensitize us to the horror of abortion and homosexual acts, where we understand them again to be the two major sins that are polluting the spiritual face of the earth and inciting a real global Warming.

Please help us keep pressure on the good guys to be good guys.   

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Last modified on Thursday, June 4, 2015