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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Charlie and the Tunnel of Madness

Written by  James Cunningham
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Freedom of Speech...for everybody but this little guy Freedom of Speech...for everybody but this little guy

All of the hullabaloo and conspiracy theories and demonstrations over the Islamic attack that took the lives of a dozen hate mongering publicists is stirring up not one moral conviction to point out the abusive revolutionary interpretation of “Liberty.” Why should the governments of the world give license to pornographers, smut peddlers and those who spread disgusting denigration? I am not “Charlie Hebdo” nor would I ever want to be. I am not a fan of Jihad Terrorism either nor would I ever be. Reason should tweak our consciences and make us realize that one, two or as many as you want wrongs can never make a right. Or are we just making preferences as to which wrongs, we in the age of Enlightenment, delight our palate and suite our proclivities.

The fact is that our liberal society, dutiful descendants, representative of the French Revolution, have and continue to legalize murder and mayhem disguised and euphemized to the point of acceptability. What is abortion but, the premeditated murder of an innocent child? What is euthanasia but, the premeditated murder of the infirm and aged innocent person? What is same sex marriage but, the wrongful legalization of sodomy? Where is the international outrage of our world leaders? Not even the Pope takes a firm position on these crimes against God and man. The Pope would rather criticize those who do by reproving pro-live activists, saying that we who do obsess.

Christians are being brutally butchered all through the Mideast and in large parts of Africa and the Pope is writing an encyclical on Climate Change and the Economy. I don’t see how those subjects usually reserved for professionals in the fields of finance and ecology tie into the reality of Islamic Jihad but, I don’t claim to be a theologian either. I guess I am just too simple a person to make sense of all the goings-on but, I do know, thanks to my pre-Vatican II Catholic Catechism, right from wrong.

Some of my friends who are strict Constitutionalists and find their loyalties torn between Church and State are bending to a belief in the will of the people. Me, not so much. I firmly believe that the people, who like me, are challenged with a fallen nature don’t, and more often than not, get it right. Government of the people versus government dependent on the Natural Laws of God is descending and shedding moral standards not the other way around. Facts not fiction point out that all of Western society which adapted the adepts of the democratic revolution are moving further from a lifestyle pleasing to God and we are morally poorer as a people for it.

Our common languages have taken on words and gestures that were once only used in places of ill repute. Our fashions are so vile that they don’t deserve to be marketed yet they flourish. Courtesy has been forgotten and what is left of our culture is brutish and obtuse. Is it any wonder that violence is spreading in a society that is morally decadent; when the only determent is fear of reprisal from another miscreant? What good are laws that protect abhorrent behavior in one venue yet tolerate it in another? I think we have entered a tunnel of madness and we need to return to Christendom and soon.

The only bright spot in all of this is in the knowing that the more decedent our society becomes the closer it draws to Our Lady’s Conquest over evil and the restoration of the Kingdom of Christ.     

Last modified on Wednesday, January 14, 2015