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Elizabeth Yore

There he is, amidst the provocative poses of supermodels Gisele Bündchen and Gigi Hadid, between the latest fashion trends of Versace and Chanel, nestled among Saint Laurent and Prada.

The Vicar of Vogue.

In the midst of the Vatican’s greatest global child sex abuse scandal, the Vatican communication flunkies coordinate with the Leftists at Vogue Magazine, to hail the conquering hero, Pope Francis, as the champion of children!

The August Vogue issue is perfectly timed to land on the magazine stands right when the American Catholic Church is reeling from the decades long sex abuse revelations of prominent and powerful Cardinal Ted McCarrick. Is the Vatican tone deaf or simply arrogantly dismissive of the pain and shock exploding among the Catholic laity and the victims?

yores Childrens hour graphic

The personality cult of Francis the Merciful continues to dominate the left in hopes that it will surely override any of the multitude of Vatican scandals involving unrelenting clerical sexual abuse and theological abuses. As the voice of the fashionable left, Vogue ramps up the endless Francis fawning of the media global elites.

Are you sitting down? The title of the gushing hagiographic human interest story is, The Children’s Hour. Vogue editors even contracted with the famous and very pricey photographer of the stars, Annie Leibowitz to snap a few cute candids of the pontiff surrounded by, you guessed it, lots of little children. How cool of the merciful Pontiff to share his papal stage and precious time with the globalist gal pal, Leibowitz for a slick press photo op. The marketing of Francis, Inc. to the global elites demands only the best of photographers. After all, Leibowitz photographs all Bergoglio’s buddies, like George Clooney, Angelina Jolie, Leo “Global Warming” DiCaprio.

Nothing like a splashing centerfold article with Francis and the kiddies to distract the public from the Vatican’s exploding cover up clerical sex scandals dominating the headlines. How endearing are these snapshots of little children enveloping the Pontiff in a love scrum. No doubt about it. Francis is the children’s Pope.

The author, Jason Horowitz, wastes no time highlighting the special relationship between Francis and the children:

“{W}hen the kids ask him questions, Francis brightens dramatically. He suddenly radiates ebullience and avuncular warmth. As a journalist who has covered Francis for years, I’ve seen this shift before—when he’s broken from sermons to share homespun wisdom or embraced a Muslim asylum seeker in a refugee camp….I knew I was in the presence of a natural.”

Oh, he’s a natural, all right. Francis masterfully plays to the cameras and the global elite mouthing support for their favorite causes of climate change, mass migration, anti-death penalty, and LGBT advocacy. Horowitz is dazzled by Francis’ “visceral humanity.” Apparently, these naive and unsophisticated elites are swayed by the staged humility of a Fiat car, a simple apartment, washing Muslim feet, all carefully orchestrated and announced for public consumption by the Vatican press office. Francis even jokes with the kids!

The mainstream media laps up the carefully choreographed Vatican productions starring the Humble One, since he deftly promotes their leftist causes. Still awestruck with the papal photo ops, with kissing babies, chatting up with children, and blessing sick infants, as if they have never seen a Pope before. The Francis Papalotry is derived from the knowledge that he is one of them.

There is nothing more dangerous than a demagogue, especially one that exploits children for his own personal power and benefit. Be assured, that this glowing Vogue feature story with very expensive photos of children was masterfully concocted and collaborated with the Vatican press office. Yes, Greg Burke and Spadaro can sip vino with Annie after the shoot, but remain conspicuously silent over the clerical sex abuse scandals involving thousands of children.

The Vogue article ends with a final, warm and fuzzy scene from the Vatican:

“And now, here he (Francis) is at the Vatican, surrounded by kids with red hats on their heads, many carrying balloons.”

Oh, yes, those red hats. When he looks out at the children in red hats, does Francis think of all the cardinals in their red hats who abused children and covered up the clerical sex abuse?

He better.

Because the Children’s Hour has arrived and is long overdue.

And this time it won’t land Francis in the pages of Vogue.

Elizabeth Yore is an international child protection attorney who has investigated clergy sex abuse cases.


It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Francis announced that the death penalty is inadmissible in all cases. The New York Times noted that “abolishing the death penalty has long been one of his top priorities, along with saving the environment and caring for immigrants and refugees.” Francis understands that abolishing the death penalty remains a cherished tenet of his patron, George Soros. Whatever George Soros wants, Jorge Bergoglio delivers.

For five insufferably long years, Bergoglio responded to the ideological promptings of his mentor, George Soros. This papacy shamelessly promotes Soros’ Open Society Global Wish list in papal Exhortations, papal pronouncements, diplomatic maneuvers, and now, Church teaching. Francis doles out Soros dogma from the Chair of Peter, like indulgences in the time of Luther.

The dye was cast in the Tiber when Bergoglio stepped out on the loggia with his modernist St. Gallen mafia cabal. Francis went right to work—on the global agenda of George Soros.

At the start, Soros graciously dispatched reinforcements to carry out the battle plan:

In the first years of his reign, Francis surrounded himself with the loyal Soros army of ideologues, like Jeffrey Sachs, Joe Stiglitz, and Emma Bonino, to mention just a few. Francis opened up the vast Vatican resources and global papal platform to promote the Soros, UN, New World Order environmental agenda, reflected in Laudato Si.

√ Task Completed

Next up was the papal endorsement of the Paris Climate Treaty.

√ Task Completed.

Next up was the Cuba detente using Vatican backdoor diplomatic channels.

√ Task Completed.

Next up was Soros’ destruction of Europe through papal promotion of mass Muslim migration.

√ Task Completed.

The loyal and obedient Soros papal servant carried out his globalist duties with sublime mercy and efficiency.

Now, Francis must address the really tough stuff of undoing and ditching dogma to ensure the realization of the one world religion which tops the Soros global check list.

Francis intends on undoing and rewriting 2000 years of Magisterium, Church Teaching, and the Catholic Catechism to please his master, George Soros.

The clever Bergoglio starts first with the easiest dogma to overturn, the teaching on the death penalty. Shrewdly, Francis announces his reversal on Church dogma on the death penalty while the Catholic world is distracted by the clergy sex abuse crisis, hoping that few will have the energy or attention to object to this papal Magisterium redo.

√ Task Completed

Time is running short for the 81-year-old Bergoglio. Look for the Soros reform to pick up the pace behind the Vatican walls. Next up, the October Synod on Young People in Rome which will serve as the papal platform to further justify and implement the demands of George Soros and his global elites.

The Vatican homosexual agenda and verbal grooming tactics are evident in the synodal working document, the Instrumentum Laboris, heavily cloaked in the psycho babble of accompaniment and dialogue. One sentence captures the covert manipulation employed by Francis, Synodal Cardinals Farrell and Baldisseri.

“Sociological studies show that many young Catholics do not follow Church teachings on sexual morals. No Bishop Conference gives solutions or prescriptions, but many believe that the sexual question must be discussed in a more open and unbiased way.” §53 IL

Do you see the not-so-subtle ideological shift underway in this modernist manifesto? The kids want us to be more open and unbiased. Sounds like the Instrumentum is suggesting that Catholic teaching makes us haters.

Francis and his bishops already skewered the youth survey to serve their leftist agenda. Can you hear him propound from the Papal Chair that the youth want us to be more merciful, open, and engaged in dialogue? We must accompany the youth on their journey.

The Church of Thomas Aquinas has devolved into the prissy and superficial dialogue of I’m OK, you’re OK.

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Rest assured, Francis will ascribe to the youth, as the primary justification to change Church teaching on homosexuality. This is crass theological exploitation under the guise of some phony synodal survey. Francis operates in the political and secular world, using focus groups, youtube videos and polling to redefine dogma.

How ironic that this papacy presently awash in homosexual sex abuse scandals is so skilled at exploiting youth and diverting attention. How ironic that in the midst of a homosexual clerical scandal of epic proportions, the Synod on the Youth will attempt to advance a homosexual agenda.

Make no mistake: As the hierarchy exploited and abused the bodies of Catholic youth, they are now grooming the youth in this upcoming Synod as rationalization and justification to “modernize” and embed the radical homosexual ideology by incorporating it into Church dogma. The Synodal Bishops will argue that we must listen to the youth and accompany them as they explore a more open and merciful inclusion of homosexuality. After all, the youth are open, the adults are not.

The Synod on the Youth will unveil more sex changes than Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner. We’ve seen the Francis synodal manipulation before with the 2014-15 Synods on the Family and his sneaky footnote sleight of hand in Amoris Laetitia. The Synodal Leaders, Cardinals Farrell and Baldisseri are tasked to ensure the completion of the Soros globalists’ gender-bending worldly ambitions in the final Synodal document.

Cardinals Baldisseri and Farrell argue for a modernizing of Church teaching in the hopes that homosexual youth will be “close” to the Church. Not a very comforting thought in the dark days of McCarrick:

“Some LGBT youths, through various contributions that were received by the General Secretariat of the Synod, wish to benefit from greater closeness and experience greater care by the Church, while some Bishop Conferences ask themselves what to suggest to young people who decide to create homosexual instead of heterosexual couples and, above all, would like to be close to the Church.” §197 IL

The Synod will exploit the inexperience and innocence of the youth to promote the next radical Soros tenet of global homosexual advocacy. As they shamelessly exploited youth in sacristies and seminaries, the Vatican will brazenly take advantage and groom the youth on the Synodal stage for Francis’ merciful embrace of the homosexual political agenda. Who am I to judge gets embedded into dogma.

The promotion of homosexual strategy abounds in the trite and superficial 34,000 word Instrumentum Laboris which reads like ramblings from a Hollywood New Age priestess. Don’t be fooled by its dense nothingness. It’s very dangerous.

Ted McCarrick would be pleased.

Stop the Synod on the Youth before its too late.

Elizabeth Yore is an attorney specializing in international child protection. She has investigate numerous clergy abuse sex cases.


Author’s Note: This article was originally written in May of 2015. It is especially relevant now in light of Vice Pope Cardinal Maradiaga’s outrageous comments regarding the 48 Honduras Seminarians who wrote a letter protesting against what they say is a widespread and entrenched pattern of homosexual practice in Tegucigalpa’s major seminary.

Honduras Cardinal Maradiaga instead accused the seminarians of being “gossipers” and called them “weeds and evil.”

Catholics should demand the resignation of Cardinal Maradiaga and fully support the “Honduras 48.”

This article highlights the dangerous attitudes by the second highest prelate in the Vatican. Many call him the Pope’s closest confidante. –Liz Yore


Pope and VPPope Francis and 'Vice Pope' Cardinal Maradiaga

Within four days of being elected pontiff, Pope Francis selected his longtime friend, Honduras Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga as the head of his Council of 8 Cardinal Advisors. Media pundits have described Cardinal Rodriguez Maradiaga as the “Vice Pope” for Maradiaga effusively pontificates (pun intended) about Pope Francis’ thoughts, feelings, plans, encyclicals, likes, dislikes, you name it. Cardinal Rodriquez Maradiaga loves basking in the limelight of the popular pontiff.  

Maradiaga calls Pope Francis his “friend and brother” who evangelizes with “encyclicals of gestures,” which speak louder than words and texts.

In 2002, in an interview with the Italian Catholic Magazine, 30 Giorni, at the height of the U.S. clergy child sex abuse scandal Cardinal Rodriguez Maradiaga blamed the coverage of the clergy crisis on the Jewish media for a bias against the Catholic Church. Maradiaga suggested that the Jewish media obsession with the sexual scandals was prompted by the Catholic Church receiving Arafat and calling for the creation of a Palestinian state

"The Cardinal’s odious anti-Jewish conspiracy theory must be immediately and forcefully condemned by responsible voices in the Catholic Church," said Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director, in a letter sent to Cardinal Walter Kasper, of the Pontifical Commission for Religious Relations with Jews. "We are outraged by Cardinal Rodriguez Maradiaga’s implication and, as John L. Allen, Jr. states in the July 19th Catholic Reporter, ‘the logic of his comments seems clear: Someone in America doesn’t like the pro-Palestinian tilt of the Catholic Church and used their media clout to deliver payback. It’s not much of a reach to imagine who Rodriguez might suspect that ‘someone’ to be.’"

John Allen, in his book All the Pope’s Men: the Inside Story how the Vatican Really Thinks relays the following conversation between Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director and Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga, ADL explained to the Cardinal that his comments were offensive because they perpetuated an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory about Jewish control of the media. The Cardinal apologized, said he never meant his remarks to be taken that way, and indicated that he would never say it again.

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Nevertheless, Maradiaga goes on to say, “Pedophilia is an illness, and it is just that whoever has it should leave the priesthood. But the accusations must always be proved with a just process, and without persecution from the civil authorities, which is what is actually happening.” Maradiaga focuses his abundance of mercy on the pedophile perpetrators.

The Vice Pope incredibly states, “We must ask, where is Jesus in all this? For me it would be a tragedy to reduce the role of a pastor to that of a cop. We are totally different, and I’d be prepared to go to jail rather than harm one of my priests. I say this with great clarity.”

There is no mistaking the clarity and intent of Vice Pope Maradiaga about the vice of the sexual abuse of minors by clergy. His candid and alarming beliefs about not harming one of his priests by reporting them to law enforcement authorities although a legal requirement in all jurisdictions in the United States. Maradiaga seems far more concerned about the harm of punishment done to his priests who abuse children than the severe harm and trauma suffered by a child who loses his innocence and faith at the hands of a Catholic priest.

Maradiaga continues his defense of abuser priests, sounding a ‘who am I to judge’ theme:

We can judge the exterior facts, but not the interior life of the person. We must always have a pastoral, Christian attitude.

“We, bishops must not forget that we are merciful pastors and not agents of the FBI or CIA.”

This is the calamity of “Who am I to Judge?”

This is the Merciful Francis Papacy?

Apparently, this was the merciful stance taken toward McCarrick the Molester by his brother prelates.

Mercy for their clerical brethren, but not for the innocent children?

card maradiagagMaradiaga sits in 'judgement'.

Maradiaga’s rant continued during a May 16, 2002, press conference, when he questioned the motivations of the clergy abuse victims. “I have my doubts about the motivation behind these scandals. “Obviously someone who has the sickness of pedophilia should not be in the priesthood. But why bring up these things now from 40 or 30 years ago? Why is it that they bring these skeletons out of the closet?” “We know well that every time money mixes with justice it becomes unjust.” The Vice Pope doesn’t seem to comprehend that children who are sexually abused by priests are terrorized into silence and shame for decades. The predator priest often threatens his victims that no one will believe them. For decades, victims don’t disclose and live with the guilt of the abuse and its devastating life consequences.

During his tirade about the U.S. clergy abuse scandal, Cardinal Maradiaga remarked, “We must always ask how Jesus would conduct himself.” or “Where is Jesus in all of this?”

Good question, Vice Pope.

Jesus spoke with marked clarity and stinging rebuke on this subject and didn’t seem concerned at all about treating predators with mercy.

Matthew 18:6-9. provides clear guidance from Jesus.

In July of 2003, Rodriguez was again asked about his opinions on the Catholic clergy scandal. “I don’t repent.” “Maybe I was a little strong, but sometimes it’s necessary to shake things up.”

Well, thanks to Uncle Ted McCarrick, the laity are now shaking things up now.

Francis “talks tough” on clergy abuse, but his papacy is awash in sex abuse scandals by his chosen favorites. The SNAP assessment of his utter failure to address clergy sex abuse while Cardinal of Buenos Aires, suggests that he and his Vice Pope share the Latin American view of mercy for predators.

In the same May 2001 interview, Maradiaga criticized the U.S. judicial civil system of depositions as recalling, “the most dark times of Stalinist processes against churchmen in Eastern Europe.” According to Maradiaga, Boston Cardinal Law was “persecuted” by the press.

The American judicial system that Cardinal Maradiaga scorns so contemptuously uncovered a massive cover up by Church officials of devastating sexual abuse of minors at the hands of predator priests. But for the legal system and the media, innocent victims who carried the horrendous burden and shame of their secret terror at the hands of clergy would remain forever silent. The truth was uncovered and countless children were saved from further abuse at the hands of these protected criminal predators.

That’s justice, American style. It’s not quite a millstone around the neck of the predator who is thrown in the depths of the sea, as Jesus advises, but it’s nonetheless true mercy and justice for the innocent victims.

On the footsteps of McCarrick’s resignation, Cardinal Maradiaga should be the next Cardinal shown the door.

It’s time to shake things up.

Elizabeth Yore is an international child protection attorney who has investigated clergy child sex abuse cases.

The great awakening is underway.

The unmasking of McCarrick exposed the pervasive prelate coverup of homosexual sexual predation in the American Catholic Church. These swarmy power brokers have colluded far too long at the tragic expense of innocent boys and seminarians. For 60 years, Ted McCarrick roamed the halls of seminaries, harassing, raping, and assaulting young males around the world. His brother bishops all knew and they all stayed silent.

“Where the tongue slips, it speaks the truth” ~An old Irish Proverb

Farrell Liz graphic

His dismissive arrogance oozes off the computer screen. He barely can contain his congenial disdain for this meddlesome matter. One scant minute is all he can muster to defend, distance and obscure his friendship with a sexual monster. Yet, 60 seconds is all we need to see this calloused soul, this lilliputian of a man with his mediocre and mendacious mind, who rose from the clerical ranks to Vatican heights.

“I'm shocked to find out gambling is going on!”  ~ Casablanca

The Deep State Church mastered the art of crisis management talking points. Make no mistake that the diocese media consultants carefully synchronized their statements about the Cardinal Theodore McCarrick sex abuse debacle. The purpose of crisis management is to contain the scandal and thwart any further disclosures of wrongdoing.

Last week, the Catholic twitter verse was chattering about Bishop Thomas Tobins embarrassing, but appropriate questionto Cardinal Kevin Farrell.Bishop Thomas Tobin of Rhode Island, (not to be confused with Cardinal Joseph Tobin of Newark), called out Cardinal Kevin Farrell for his gratuitous comments that priests have no credibility when it comes to instructing couples on marriage. Bishop Tobin tweeted a pertinent question to Cardinal Farrell, who is the head of the Vatican Dicastery on Laity, Family and Life.

Card McCarrickCardinal McCarrick in 2008    (Photo: Jersey Journal)

 **The often repeated plea of clergy abuse victims who viewed their priest abuser as an alter Christus.

Moments after the news broke that the Archdiocese of New York found credible child sex abuse allegations against Cardinal Emeritus Theodore McCarrick of Washington, D.C., another shoe dropped.

Catholics would learn that the Church has settled with more victims of Fr. Ted McCarrick!

cardinal dolan and creepCardinal Dolan (left) and Cardinal McCarrick (right)  (Photo: Reuters)

Surprise, Surprise! Cardinal Emeritus Theodore McCarrick of Washington, D.C. is removed from ministry based on a credible allegation of sexual abuse of a minor some 45 years ago.

Lady Justice is delayed, but not denied?

This case raises serious questions for clergy abuse victims.

Every clerical coverup needs an enforcer who staunchly defends the accused, threatens the victims, shuts down debate, and intimidates anyone dares to speaks out.

Francis personally assumed the enforcer role in the Bishop Barros coverup.

For the last 3 years, the world watched Francis, the papal bully, as he scolded, demeaned, stonewalled, deceived, and lashed out at anyone who criticized his appointment of Chilean Bishop Juan Barros.

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