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Michael J. Matt | Editor

The irony is rich – conservative Catholic faux “journalists,” reacting to the FBI witch hunt by joining in on the blanket party against traditional Catholics: “We’re not like THOSE people!”  These useful idiots actually did their damnedest to substantiate the FBI’s trumped-up charge that traditional Catholics are basically one migraine away from becoming “domestic terrorists.” 

Saint Valentine, officially known as Saint Valentine of Rome, is a third-century Catholic saint.  Setting aside the chocolate, flowers, cards, and "sexy getaways" now associated with the great Catholic bishop, February 14th is a Catholic feast day. The unimaginative post-Christian world has dropped the "Saint" part, for obvious reasons, but Valentine's Day provides yet another opportunity for us to remind the Brave New World that, without Christianity, they've got nothing. 

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Good news! The FBI helps to raise the profile of the worldwide traditional Catholic movement.

In this episode of The Remnant Underground, Michael J. Matt provides the backstory behind the recent  FBI memo recommending surveillance of Latin Mass Catholics as potential domestic terrorists. Although the FBI HQ recalled the Richmond memo one day after the FBI whistleblower leaked the memo, Michael argues that there is more to this story. A lot more!

In this address by pro-life warrior -- and former Planned Parenthood director -- Abby Johnson, the question of Pope Francis's position on the life issue is addressed.

Introduced by Michael J. Matt, Mrs. Johnson delivers one of the most powerful pro-life presentations of 2022. Every bishop in American must watch this video. Here's how a Catholic defends the unborn!

For more information on the Catholic Identity Conference 2023:

According to The Daily SignalThe Federal Bureau of Investigation rescinded a report on “radical-traditionalist Catholic ideology” on Thursday, one day after an FBI whistleblower published the document and The Daily Signal reached out to the FBI for comment. Former FBI agents condemned the document for citing the Southern Poverty Law Center, a left-wing smear factory infamous for branding mainstream conservative and Christian organizations “hate groups” and placing them on a map with Ku Klux Klan chapters.

In this RTV Spotlight, we focus on Michael Matt’s contention that Globalism is so Luciferian that it’s actually turning millions back to God.

Using a recent event in Poland as Exhibit A, Michael points to the 8,000 Polish heads of families who publicly stood up for Christ, the Rosary, and the Mass last month. Inspirational!

Full video: The CHRISTIAN Reset: Thank God for Globalists

They say that rumors are nothing more than gossip with a purpose. Well, when it comes to the winged rumors about Francis cracking down on the Latin Mass again – perhaps as soon as Easter Monday – let’s hope that gossip is all it turns out to be.

There was evidently a bit of devil worshipping going on again at the Grammys last night. It was all very chic, of course, and all the best people were there, including First Lady Jill Biden. And if her presence weren't cringeworthy enough, the Devil bit was sponsored by -- wait for it -- Pfizer!

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In this episode of The Remnant Underground, Michael looks at those who took the most difficult stand against tyranny and have now been vindicated. From famous athletes such as Novak Djokovic to the forgotten frontline nurses and cops, these are the heroes of lockdown who gave up everything for freedom.

Irony of all ironies, even Bill Gates has finally conceded that they had a point.

Plus, with Pfizer embroiled in a crisis of public trust, Michael looks back at their love affair with Pope Francis—the guy who somehow became their lead singer and moral spokesman.

Today Governor Tim Walz signed one of the bloodiest abortion laws in the world – a law which rivals those of China and North Korea in sheer brutality. The new law will make it a "fundamental right" to have access to abortion, thus solidifying Minnesota's status as a “safe haven” for the barbaric procedure right up to the moment of delivery. “Safe”, that is, for everyone other than the babies in question.