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Early Bird Price: USD 20.00 
Early Bird pricing available until 10/22/2020

2020 CIC Video On-Demand
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The most popular Catholic conference of the year has SOLD OUT
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A Remnant TV ONLINE CONFERENCE: Catholic Identify Conference, October 23-25, 2020  

Subscription length: 3 months | Early Bird Subscriptions expire January 31, 2021

Exclusive Access to CIC 2020 Via On-Demand Video:

FEATURING:  Dr. Peter Kwasniewski, Father James Altman, Patrick Archbold, Vatican Correspondent Diane Montagna, Michael J. Matt, Christopher Ferrara, Dr. John Rao and so many more!  (See Conference Speaker Page here)

  • Enjoy 17 full-length video addresses from our featured speakers.

  • BONUS: Two CIC exclusive video conferences by Bishop Athanasius Schneider and Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano

  • BONUS: Video interviews not available at the conference.

  • Engage with the audience via our comment system.

  • Videos will be made available shortly after the actual presentation.  Conference scheudle is available on the Catholic Identity Conference Schedule page (here).

Michael Matt head shot

Dear Friends:

There has been an overwhelming response to this year Catholic Identity Conference, which resulted in our selling out two months before the conference is scheduled to take place.

I realize this is disappointing to those of you who’d planned to attend. However, the good news is that we now have plenty of time to set up a first-rate Video On-Demand service for this year’s CIC.

We’re going to offer some nice video specials—interviews, personalized greetings, updates—just for our online attendees. And I will make a concerted effort to allow subscribers to interact with the conference in real time. You will even be able to email questions and comments to the Q&A sessions and I will make several announcements, reminding everyone that the CIC includes you—our friends and allies watching from all around the world.

I hope you’ll join us, and I look forward to making this the best On-Demand video conference ever. See you then.

Michael Matt
Editor, The Remnant Newspaper 

Early Bird Price: USD 20.00
Early Bird pricing available until 10/22/2020


Early Bird Price: USD 20.00