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(Michael Matt presents powerful testimony from an actual sex abuse survivor) 

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Down in The Remnant Underground, Michael Matt has a wholly different take on the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court nomination hearings, making the point that the witch hunt is all about one thing: liberal America's commitment to human sacrifice. Plus, Michael brings in the devastating testimony of an ACTUAL survivor of sex abuse who was permanently handicapped by her abuser, and yet who is standing in defense of Judge Kavanaugh's nomination. Modern feminism is a joke, argues this young millennial, as she blasts it to hell and tells Dr. Ford to get over herself and stop using her victim status as a political football. Please share this video, or download and share the written transcript of this abuse victim’s powerful letter.

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All the world's a stage. And all the men and women merely players: They have their exits and their entrances …
Shakespeare...As You Like It

For nearly two weeks, millions of Americans have watched the televised confirmation hearings regarding Judge Brett Kavanaugh's nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court. In an earlier comment in The Remnant about the nomination,  I wrote:

"I buttress my favorable assessment of Kavanaugh not on my limited first hand knowledge of Kavanaugh's record, but on that of two other experts in the field: one of them is Ed Whelan, a former law clerk of Justice Scalia, who totally supports the Kavanaugh nomination, and believes that he will be helpful in moving another step forward along the way of bringing back sanity to the High Court, including in the field of religious liberty. The other is Eugene Scalia. I strongly doubt that the lawyer son of  the late Justice would endorse anyone whose legal views were antithetical to those of his saintly father. I believe that Judge Kavanaugh will be confirmed, and that he will join the fight to restore the religious liberty that the current court has set in motion."

francis talksWhen driving my car there are two things I do to pass the time and miles: pray the rosary and listen to talk radio.


Not that I am advocating doing these simultaneously, though I knew a pastor who was often seen walking and smoking a pipe on his parish campus while he prayed the breviary. One day a parishioner questioned him about this asking, “How can you smoke while you pray?” The pastor responded, “I’m not smoking while I pray, I’m praying while I smoke.” So don’t drive while you pray, pray while you drive!


Recently while driving I decided to listen to a Catholic broadcast rather than my usual talk radio. The host was taking a call from a Catholic who was upset about the anticipated approval of the German bishops of the practice of offering Holy Communion to non-Catholic spouses. The radio host was sympathetic to the righteous anger of the caller and reassured him that we must all just keep praying and waiting for the Holy Father to intervene and stop this sacramental sacrilege. It was then that I started screaming while driving.

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