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Editor’s Note: When traditional Catholics were sounding the alarm against apostasy and moral corruption in the hierarchy decades ago, they were generally dismissed as schismatics, troublemakers and ‘rad trads.’ Remember?

Today, thanks be to God, many thousands are waking up to the same rot now firmly imbedded in the Church like ticks on a hound. The following article (under the title “Did Cardinal Law Resign for the Wrong Reason”) appeared in The Remnant back in April of 2003, when another twisted old cardinal was in the news.

I’m reproducing this article, along with a personal plea to those tens of thousands who are waking up at last to the real problems in the Church:

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Bishop Robert Morlino, RIP

Written by


We are truly devasted to learn of the passing of the great Bishop Robert C. Morlino at 9:15 in St. Mary's Hospital in Madison, Wisconsin (the Feast of St. John of the Cross).  He was 71 years old.

After having survived a cardiac “event” the day before Thanksgiving, His Excellency took a turn for the worse. In your charity, please storm Heaven for the repose of  the soul of this good and faithful bishop.

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At this point in the ever-worsening Bergoglian Debacle, Pope Bergoglio would appear to have no remaining staunch defenders in the neo-Catholic establishment, save a couple of unhinged, vituperative outliers with a penchant for obscene ranting, both of whom finally had to be shown the door by EWTN’s National Catholic Register.   This is a papacy only a nutter can continue to defend as soundly orthodox.

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