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kasper and saint

Abusus non tollit usum.

When prelates talk about “the universal call to holiness” it is difficult to stop oneself scoffing. When we hear the Kasperian/Bergoglian phrase “process of discernment,” for instance, in reference to the programme to mandate the systematic desecration of the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar, we experience a reflexive reaction of revulsion. And we might have a problem there. With all the deliberate, calculated distortion coming out of the Church in our times, perhaps the greatest danger is not that we will listen to them and be taken in by their blatant nonsense, but that we will end up rejecting the truths they are twisting and distorting.

sheherds in jail thumb

From the Editor's Desk, Michael J. Matt points out that the worst pro-abort politicians in the world are Vatican II Catholics. And now that the neo-Catholic compromise has failed to appease the world--with Cardinal Pell and other shepherds off to jail--Michael contends that we are in the last days of the Modernist Revolution in the Church, and that the only hope of the world is the traditional Catholic restoration. Plus, was the priesthood always corrupt, as so many revisionist historians contend? Michael takes a walk down movie memory lane to put the lie the Catholic-bashing claim that "it's always been this way." And, finally, Michael points out how the Modernist regime is intentionally destroying the old Catholic Church--the Church that built the greatest civilization in history--on purpose in order to make room for the New World Order.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

How to Fight the Coming War

Written by

Praying Soldier

The bell rings. Everyone stands. Incense fills the air. The priest and altar boys make their slow and humble procession around the pews and down to the altar. Several words are chanted in a language set apart only to be used for speaking to God during the Holy Sacrifice. Next, we all kneel. As I look down the aisle and up at the altar, with the engraved marble and gorgeous statuary surrounding the celebrant, I say to myself, "THIS is the Church.” That moment of overwhelming joy, however, is quickly darkened as my mind drifts off to the question, "Is there a future for people like me in the Church of Francis and beyond?"

A quick bit of background. I am a convert. I came into the Catholic Church almost a decade ago. I have always considered this a tremendous blessing as I do not have a single Catholic in my family and yet somehow the Holy Ghost still guided me into the Ark of His Church, which for me, is the most beautiful and majestic thing this side of Heaven. Blessing though I view it to be, I still see a tinge of humor in God's doing so. He called me home to His Holy Church, yes, but He also just so happened to do so at a time when it was on fire.

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