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From ‘The Editor’s Desk,’ Michael J. Matt points to the decline of law and order in the streets of America and Europe, and asks the question: Did the Enlightenment actually enlighten anyone? 

Do you feel liberated these days, spied on 24/7 by 13,000 sattelites in space and hundreds of thousands of surveillance cameras in the streets of the world?

Do you think the Spanish Inquisition could have been somehow worse than what’s happening today in Europe?

Adoramus Te, Christe Adoramus Te, Christe

It is the most intriguing and unique relic of its kind and the longstanding irony is – there are legions of professed Christians who have no idea what it is, or that it even exists.

The Shroud of Turin is revered as the sacred burial cloth of Jesus Christ and is arguably the most important archaeological artifact ever found.

The image on the cloth is like a photographic negative exposed to light that is a detailed portrait of a crucified man. The historical specifics include the multitude of gashes from the scourging, the flow of blood, the presence of Pontius Pilate coins on the eyes, the wounds on the wrists and not the hands, the presence of a pony-tail running down the man’s back, bits of pollen that are unique to the region around Jerusalem are all remarkably accurate.  

chartres 6Photo: Walter Matt

As The Remnant’s various expansion projects (which your support of The Remnant has financed) move forward, I’m pleased to announce the completion of one of them: Our new website for the Official U.S. Chapter of the Pilgrimage to Chartres, France, is now live and online.

The Paris/Chartres Pilgrimage is a three-day walk from Paris to Chartres, France. Pilgrims are organized into "chapters" of 20-60 pilgrims. This famous pilgrimage--walked by saints (such as Joan of Arc) and kings (such as Louis IX)--is actually the first sixty-five miles of the old French starting point on the great Camino de Santiago de Compostela (in Spain).

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