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ohemgeeCan a Canonization Be Based on Dubiously-Miraculous “Miracles”?

Tomorrow, October 14, Pope Bergoglio, having already authorized Holy Communion for public adulterers and declared the death penalty immoral—flatly contradicting bimillennial Church teaching and practice in both cases—will declare that both Paul VI and Oscar Romero are saints the universal Church must venerate as such. Yet Paul VI unleashed an unprecedented liturgical debacle and the post-conciliar revolution in general, over which he spent the rest of his life weeping and wringing his hands while faith and discipline rapidly collapsed all around him. Whereas Romero, a complex figure one cannot honestly call a Marxist, was not assassinated on account of hatred of the Faith as such, but rather on account of his public agitation against the government of El Salvador, then in the midst of a civil war with Marxist revolutionaries. Nor has it ever been determined with certainty which side of the conflict was responsible for his murder, for which no one has ever been prosecuted or even identified definitively as a suspect.

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Down in the Remnant Underground, Michael Matt takes a closer look at the Synod on Youth taking place inside the Vatican right now. With a massive clerical sex scandal erupting all over the world, Team Bergoglio has decided to pretend like they’ve got this by ignoring it completely. With Pope Francis addressing the Synod in a way that can only be described as completely ‘out of touch with reality,’ Michael calls on Catholics to form organized counterrevolution, which starts with a promise to stand with the Vatican’s chief nemesis, Archbishop Carlo Viganò.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

PRAY THE ROSARY: For Archbishop Vigano

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Did Pope Francis call us to pray the Rosary to silence Archbishop Carlo Vigano? In this latest Sunday Sermon from South St. Paul, Father explains the history of the Holy Rosary and then stresses the necessity of praying the Rosary for the intention of a heavenly intervention in the ongoing crisis in the Church under Francis of Rome. “Let Heaven hear the sound of your rosaries so that the voices here on earth trying to expose the wickedness in the Church might be heard and this help bring an end to this wickedness.”

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