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Amidst the persecution, Fr. Pro felt his life had a purpose. During the Unbloody Sacrifice of Calvary, he prayed that God would take his life, for he believed that a true blood sacrifice, the blood of priests, his blood, was needed for the salvation of Mexico.

This Part 1 of a 3-Part Weekend Series from Remnant Newspaper. Part 2 is here.

All doors have been closed, except those of Heaven.  - GENERAL MIGUEL GREGORIO de la Luz Atenogenes Miramon y Tarelo (1831-67)

Every day in the secular realm, we find new indications that the world is almost completely insane, and the insanity increasingly has a distinctly demonic aspect to it. As demonically insane as the secular world looks now, though, it is the picture of holy sanity compared to Francis’s Synodal Church. Since Easter alone, we have the following manifestations of insane wickedness from Rome:

In a meeting with Jesuits in Hungary on April 29 (the contents of which were published May 9), Pope Francis took aim once again at those whom he calls "restorationists," those who suffer from "indietrismo" (backwardness)—a "nostalgic disease"—and who resist the changes in the Church since Vatican II.

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RECENTLY, WHILE PERUSING through the mainstream news, I came across an interview of a college woman athlete who had finished second in a competition and was lamenting the fact that the first-place winner was a transgendered [sic] individual. She was quick to qualify her criticism by noting that she supported the right [sic] of individuals to change gender [sic] but they should not be allowed to compete in sports.

Tuesday, May 9, 2023

A Lesson for Wendy Woke


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God save the king, and God save us from the king’s New World Order. Will King Charles III back away from the tyrannical agenda of his Globalist friends from Davos?

The Biden Administration tries to remove the Blessed Sacrament from a Catholic hospital. The Catholic hospital fought back, and guess who backed down?

Almost sixty years after the completion of the Second Vatican Council, it may seem, at first glance, like a pointless exercise to examine John XXIII’s October 11, 1962 speech to open the Council. After all, we would expect that any useful insights from the speech would have been fully revealed by now. And yet, if we carefully deconstruct his speech in light of all that has transpired since the Council opened, we can see the foundation and framework for so much of the crisis in the Church and world. It is almost as though Satan and the Church’s enemies had to forecast their plans from the outset.


Amidst a society of unbelief, Christendom College’s new Chapel
boldly proclaims the Kingship of Jesus Christ!

I recently had the privilege of attending the dedication of the new Christ the King Chapel at my alma mater, Christendom College in Front Royal, Virginia. 

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In this edition of the Remnant Underground, Michael Matt discusses not only the cancelling of Tucker Carlson but also what appears to be the initial stages of a state-controlled press. It’s not just Fox that’s being “reimagined” -- CNN appears to be going down, too. Does this signal the end of any semblance of an independent and privately-owned free press in America?

Is this part of the Great Reset?

“Since Jesus Christ has proclaimed that the special sign of discipleship with Him is that we ‘have love one for another’ (John xiii, 35; xv, 12), can we give a mark of greater love for our neighbors than to assist them in putting behind themselves the darkness of error by instructing them in the true faith of Christ?” (Pope Pius XI, Rerum Ecclesia, 1926)

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It all happened before. What Biden and AOC and Sanders and the idiots on The View want is exactly what Hungary and other Eastern European countries got under Nazism and then Communism.

Here's what it looked like...

FULL VIDEO:  BUDAPEST, USA: Nazis, Commies and Democrats