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francis fist

Gaudete et Exsultate is exactly what we have come to expect from this drearily predictable pontificate. To quote Carl Olsen in Catholic World Report: “many good qualities and substantive passages… often overshadowed, or even undermined, by straw men, dubious arguments, and cheap shots.”

Bergoglian pronouncements in general are precisely vehicles for the delivery of straw men, dubious arguments and cheap shots, all invariably directed against orthodoxy and orthopraxy. Expressions of piety are wrapped around crass ecclesiastical demagoguery, a velvet glove for the clenched fist of militant humility so typical of the boorish cant of leftist Latin American clerics.

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Down in the Catacombs, Michael Matt takes a closer look at the upcoming Synod on Young People (October 2018). The Synod on the Family opened the door for public adulterers to receive Holy Communion. So, what will the Synod on Young People bring? Church blessings of 'gay unions'? Women deacons and cardinals? A general relaxing of discipline where Catholic moral theology is concerned?  The most dumbed-down generation of Catholics in history have submitted their demands to Pope Francis. So what now? Plus, Cardinal Burke is back, reinforcing the Church's position on public resistance to a wayward pontiff. Is this too little too late, or is the Cardinal signaling that his long awaited 'formal correction'  of Pope Francis is finally imminent? 

 veronica awesome

Introductory Note to the Editor: The real life of the woman called St. Veronica is virtually unknown. Some writers just guess about who she really was. But in the four volumes of Anne Catherine Emmerick’s Life of Jesus Christ, she is mentioned many times. Sometimes Anne Catherine calls her Seraphia, her real name, and sometimes Veronica, the woman of the veil. I have gathered from these four books tidbits of information about her life and wrote this little narrative about her. I felt her story of true dedication to Jesus all His life should be known. It was my hope that you would publish this article in The Remnant so others will know who this saintly person really was. She was, according to Anne Catherine Emmerich, the keeper of the Holy Grail until Christ requested it for the Last Supper. That is another story in itself. J. Meyer

peter preaching inthe catacombsSt. Peter preaching in the Gospel in the catacombs

Editor’s Note: This article first appeared in The Remnant back in March of 2007.  Since that time, things have obviously gone from bad to worse, especially with arguably the worst pope in history sitting in Peter’s chair.  I’m publishing this again as a way of reminding our readers of just how rapidly the war against God and family is progressing. In eleven years what was regarded as imminent and apocalyptic is now mild when compared to the bizarre new "normal" of 2018. I'm also hoping to encourage visitors to our site to subscribe to The Remnant. Every two weeks for fifty-one years, this newspaper has been going to press in an unrelenting attempt to undermine the agenda of Modernists in the Church and Christophobes in the State. We didn't care then and we don't care now who calls us “rad trad” or “schismatic” for holding the Catholic ground. And neither are we looking for Team Francis to offer us a fig leaf of Novus legitimacy. They are the ones struggling with a legitimacy crisis; but as long as they remain in power they will have to contend with us...with traditional Catholics who will not back down. We’re not going anywhere. We're not leaving the Church and heading for the tall grass. We will stay and fight until God removes them from His Church. Please join us. Subscribe to The Remnant and help us to do our part to resist the enemies of Holy Tradition to their faces. MJM

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dfdDown in the catacombs, Michael Matt comments on Pope Francis's latest heretical bombshell whereby he reportedly told his good friend, atheist journalist Eugenio Scalfari, that there is no hell. Vatican damage control notwithstanding, millions around the world now believe the Roman Pontiff rejects an infallibly defined dogma of the Catholic Church on the existence of Hell. As this was reported on Holy Thursday many are listening for the cock to crow. So now what? Using Mary Magdalene as model, Michael lays out a plan for what we might do to keep the old Faith despite Pope Francis and the Modernist revolution in the Catholic Church.

good friday

History and Scripture show that ever since Adam and Eve men tend to want a God cut down to their own size: a God fashioned in their own likeness. What they don’t want is a God of infinite perfection who asks them to rise above themselves, above concupiscence and self-love, and strive to be perfect, even as their heavenly Father is perfect.

Men who have a strong tendency to be this way are likely to have difficulty also with the mystery of the Incarnation. Their hearts find it intolerable that an Infinite God should so love the world as to give His only-begotten Son to die in torments for love of us. You understand that what makes this intolerable is the implied obligation of making a like return of love; of putting off the “old Adam” and conforming oneself to Christ the new Adam.

the last supper

Near the end of the Last Supper, after the disciple Judas had departed, Christ said to the remaining disciples, "I give you a new commandment: love one another.

As I have loved you, so you also should love one another" (John 13:34). In Latin, the word for commandment is mandatum. The Latin term became the Middle English word Maundy by way of the Old French mande.

The doctrine of Christ is that we die to the world and join with Him on the cross. This teaching is beautifully expressed by St. Paul where he says, "I am nailed to the cross with Christ." (Galatians 2:19) To endure the suffering of the cross is necessary for salvation as taught by the Savior Himself: "Whosoever does not carry his cross and come after Me cannot be My disciple." (Matthew 14:27)

judas verraadIn the New Testament account of Holy Week, after Palm Sunday, the Sanhedrin gathered and plotted to kill Jesus before the feast of Pesach. On the Wednesday before his death, Jesus was in Bethany, in the house of Simon the Leper. As he sat at the supper table with his disciples, a woman named Mary anointed Jesus' head and feet with a costly oil of spikenard. The disciples were indignant, asking why the oil was not instead sold and the money given to the poor. But Judas Iscariot wanted to keep the money for himself. Then Judas went to the Sanhedrin and offered to deliver Jesus to them in exchange for money. From this moment on, Judas sought an opportunity to betray Jesus.

In reference to Judas Iscariot's intent to betray Jesus, formed on Holy Wednesday, the day is sometimes called "Spy Wednesday"

china missionary

The Woong Woo steamboat, like a gigantic three-tier birthday cake with wisps of smoke rising from extinguished candles, floated 525 slow miles along the Chang Jiang, the Long River, known around the world as the Yangtze River.

Nearing its destination, crewmembers steered the vessel landward and pulled up alongshore, on August 21, 1920, with precious cargo aboard: Irish missionaries, 11 men who made up a squad in the Church Militant’s army of Missionary Society of Saint Columban.

1524687We will fight in our parishes, we will fight in our dioceses, we will fight every lupine shepherd in sheep's clothing, we will fight online, we will fight with our wallets, we must fight and never stop fighting. We don't fight in hopes of a truce or for some less-unholy middle ground.  We fight for all of it.

Recently a question was put to me by a friend. That question, in its essentials is this, "What now?  What are our options, given the current trajectory? What are we, lay people and individual clergy who see what is happening, to do when the destroyers have all the power?  How do we persevere and preserve?  How can we?"

Thinking to formulate a systematic policy-based response to stem the tide, I struggle with the idea that there might be no such thing, that there is no flanking maneuver or rope-a-dope strategy that can stop the invasion and pummeling most certainly coming our way.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Quo Vadis? Featured


Bishop ackermann

One of the painful parts of writing about the Church crisis is having to learn about the Church crisis. It’s a sad fact that in order to write about something with adequate care and diligence, one spends a lot of time amassing facts that most people, most sane people, would really just rather not know.

When I was younger the centre of gravity for the neo-modernist revolution in the Church was the Netherlands. But with yet another announcement gravely contrary to the Catholic Faith, it seems clear that the Spectre of Vatican II has settled permanently in Germany. With it being said more often and more openly that the German bishops are in a state of open schism, I thought maybe the time has come for us to have a closer look.