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It is the solemn hour. The priest has summoned God from Heaven. The Consecration has been done. The ancient Sacrifice is renewed. Our Lord lies on the altar. He lies there, waiting. Waiting for you to come to Him. Waiting to come to you.

First, we must prepare. Our hearts must be ready.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum, the priest intones in the old Rite; the Peace of the Lord be with you always, he says in the new.         

By the power granted him at his ordination, it is the Peace of Christ the priest bestows, not his own. Not friendly sociability or kindly affability. Not openness or caring or concern. None of those things, just the awesome Peace of the Holy One, Jesus Christ Our Lord. It is the wounded Hand of God reaching out to touch us with His Love. This supernatural Peace is ours to receive. It is ours to keep. It is ours to have confidence in the One Who, in a few moments, will come to us, will enter our soul, will feed us with Himself.

“Where the tongue slips, it speaks the truth” ~An old Irish Proverb

Farrell Liz graphic

His dismissive arrogance oozes off the computer screen. He barely can contain his congenial disdain for this meddlesome matter. One scant minute is all he can muster to defend, distance and obscure his friendship with a sexual monster. Yet, 60 seconds is all we need to see this calloused soul, this lilliputian of a man with his mediocre and mendacious mind, who rose from the clerical ranks to Vatican heights.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Lock Him Up! The Predator’s Progeny

Written by

two corrupt cardsCardinals Maradiaga and McCarrick

Well, it’s been quite a couple of news weeks for the Catholic Church, hey? McCarrick, Pineda/Maradiaga, Fr. James Larkin getting the boot in Dublin for upholding Catholic teaching on abortion… I know some people are, to put it bluntly, freaking out. The anger of the laity over the McCarrick situation is boiling over into the Twitter feed of the people we still call “the good bishops”. Bishop Thomas Tobin of Providence RI, - nicknamed the “Good Tobin” in contrast to the “Bad Tobin” and FrancisCardinal, Joseph Tobin of Newark – got quite an earful when he tweeted the other day, “Despite the egregious offenses of a few, and despite the faults and sins we all have, I’m very proud of my brother bishops and I admire and applaud the great work they do everyday for Christ and His Church.”

“The true Sweden is Catholic Sweden.” –Fr. Håkan Lindström, SSPX

(Western) Europe is post-Christian.” –Justice Antonin Scalia

On an unusually warm Spring afternoon in Stockholm, an architecturally beautiful city, described by a frequent visitor “as a mixture of Edinburgh and Venice,” I met with Fr. Håkan Lindström, SSPX, to discuss the past, present, and future of the Catholic Church in Scandinavia. (N.B.: when speaking of “Scandinavia,” the only nations that are correctly included are Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. When Iceland and Finland are included, the word “Nordic” is used. Some ethnographers would include the “Sami,” Europe’s only nomads, in that group.)

Also at the meeting was Ferdinand Hellers, an “advokat” (attorney), who, like Padre Lindstrom, is a convert from Lutheranism, and, as the lawyer mentioned, someone who “had enough” of the Novus Ordo Church. He is dedicated to the SSPX in general, and Fr. Lindstrom, who was ordained in 2009, in particular. So much so, in fact, that Herr Hellers has traveled to London to hear Fr. Lindstrom say Mass and preach. To square the circle, I also sought the input of official representatives of the Novus Ordo Churches in Sweden and Norway to assess where the Church of Rome currently stands in their respective countries.

trump putinTrump and Putin at a press conference in Finland. (Photo: Brendan Smialowski/Getty Images)

The increasing exposure of a Deep State conspiracy to cover up the crimes of Hillary Clinton and undermine the candidacy and then the presidency of Donald Trump with concocted allegations of the non-crime of “collusion with Russia” has produced a state of delirium in the Deep State-DNC-Media complex (DDM). The behavior of the DDM’s operatives is suggestive of something like a vampire’s exposure to sunlight.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Deep State Delirium


A Bishop For Our Times: Robert Grossetestehead of a bisop

Editor’s Note: Though Robert Grosseteste is not a canonized saint, he remains nevertheless another one of those “men for all seasons” whose saintly example is well worth familiarizing ourselves with during this terrible time of crisis in the Church. Robert resisted the pope in his day; in fact, he resisted him to his face, and yet by all accounts was a holy and saintly bishop. His case is yet another example from history of two important realities of which we Roman Catholics must remain ever aware: 1) that popes can and do abuse their office, give scandal and become guilty of evil acts that confuse the faithful and 2) that Catholics of sound mind and adequate formation are called to resist the unjust commands of such popes…that, indeed, they are required to disobey him if ordered by him to do that which is contrary to faith and holiness. It is, perhaps, no coincidence that interest in this heroic 12th century English bishop is once again on the rise.

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Bish weisenburgerBishop Edward Weisenburger (right) would like to canonically punish those who advocate the prosecution of illegal immigrants.

On June 13, Daniel Cardinal DiNardo, archbishop of Galveston and Houston and head of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, read aloud a statement at the USCCB spring meeting in which he denounced the immigration policies of United States President Donald Trump and Attorney General of the United States Jeff Sessions. Cardinal DiNardo was particularly exercised by Trump’s and Sessions’ policy of refusing asylum to those fleeing gang violence, and of prosecuting everyone who illegally enters the United States, a practice which could potentially separate children from their criminal parents.

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Priest thanks trump

Father tackles the question of Donald Trump, and Supreme Court decisions in the true nature of freedom.

CIC graphic screenshot(Artwork: Remnant Original)

November 2-4, 2018 in Pittsburgh, PA

Your chance to network and strategize with some of the most exciting Catholic activists from both sides of the Atlantic. 

The CIC has a website! Go to to learn more, register, and receive updates about this year's event.

Pope to Purge What’s Left of Catholic Nuns

vintage nu 2

More evidence keeps pouring into my email inbox that the current administration of the Congregation for Religious[1] is planning on using the provisions of Cor orans to totally rewrite the nature of contemplative women’s religious life, particularly the “conservative” and traditional communities, in the name of the “New Paradigm” of VaticanTwoism. [Editor’s Note:"Cor Orans" (“Praying Heart”) is the title of an April 1, 2018 document that Implements instructions on how to apply Pope Francis’ 2016 Apostolic Constitution – “Vultum Dei Quaerere” (“Seek the Face of God”) addressed to Catholic women religious in contemplative communities. MJM]

As I have written many times elsewhere, the one uniform characteristic of the current pontificate is the purge. It is clear now that Jorge Bergoglio was elected by a group of 1960s progressives to bring about the final removal of the last elements within Catholicism that have resisted the Vatican II revolution. After 50 years of ambiguity, of the two implacably opposed “paradigms” living in an uneasy truce within the same institution, those few recalcitrants left who refused to accept the new liturgical forms, new theological “formulations,” the new disciplines are being forced either to conform or leave.