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From the Editor's Desk, Michael J. Matt takes a hard look at new initiatives to shut down the Church in Poland, Spain and Ireland. He then examines Pope Francis's response and concludes that what is needed is what he calls "Practical Application of Traditional Catholicism." Michael argues that, even as a good man like Jordan Peterson is making great arguments against the evil secularist spirit of the age, it's nevertheless doomed to fail if said arguments are not rooted on the single most important even in human history--the Incarnation of Jesus Christ -- a historical figure who really lived, really died, and really rose from the dead to found the greatest civilization in human history. Michael announces a new chapter in Remnant TV's war on secularism and the establishment of a new world order.

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He will rarely bless the faithful, preferring instead to wave at them or wrap them up in a bear hug...

He makes fun of altar boys folding their hands. . .

He won't kneel in front of the Blessed Sacrament. . . 

He won't wear the shoes of the fisherman...

He won't live in the papal apartments...

And now he won't allow Catholics to receive the indulgence that comes with kissing the papal ring...

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For almost three years the DNC-mainstream media consortium has labored to elevate a fantasy about a non-crime—“collusion” between the Trump campaign and “Russia”—into grounds for invalidating the Presidential election of 2016. House and Senate Committees and a Special Counsel have embroiled the Trump administration from its inception in endless, absurd investigations into the inchoate conspiracy theory that Trump and “the Russians” somehow “colluded” to steal the election from Hillary Clinton.

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