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Angeline Tan | Remnant Columnist, Singapore

As a Catholic, it is regretful to see people, who through ignorance, ill-judged formation, or unconscionable malice, hate or despise Our Lord Jesus Christ and attack the dignity of His Most Holy Mother Mary.

Following an attempt on his life on July 13, former US president and official Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump nominated Ohio senator James David (J.D.) Vance as his running mate on the Republican election platform in November this year.

Divine Providence certainly had an undeniable part to play when Thomas Crooks tried to unsuccessfully murder former US president and current presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Based on the results of the 2024 European Parliament (EP) elections and recent nationwide elections in various European countries, it is evident that the argument for unbridled immigration from the Middle East and Africa is a goner.

In late June this year, the Oireachtas, Ireland’s Parliament, passed a bill permitting surrogacy, implying that homosexual and heterosexual couples and single men and women can legally ask surrogate mothers to bear children, both in Ireland and abroad. Couples from ireland can also look for surrogate mothers from a list of approved countries. 

It’s no secret that the Left has been waging a war on parents in a battle for their children’s hearts and minds for years.

In May 2024, the editors of Scientific American magazine published a report alleging that “children deserve uniform standards in homeschooling”, and that “many parents are attracted to homeschooling because they want to have more say in what their child learns and what they do not”. The Scientific American editors, who did not seem to portray homeschooling in a favorable light, then suggested that “home­school parents could be required to pass an initial background check, as every state requires for all K-12 teachers.”

Following his abysmal performance in the television debate with Donald Trump, incumbent US Democrat leader Joe Biden has dismissed domestic and international calls for him to step down amid long standing worries about his mental and physical fitness for office. Biden’s aides provided various excuses from a minor cold, an alleged preparation overload, and jet lag from a trip days before the debate.

“Assange shamed his persecutors. He produced scoop after scoop. He exposed the fraudulence of wars promoted by the media and the homicidal nature of America’s wars, the corruption of dictators, the evils of Guantanamo.”

Despite alleging that it champions democracy and hopes to ensure that European citizens can “express their views and choose their political leaders”, the European Union (EU) has several times revealed its true colors when it comes to dealing with Viktor Orbán’s Hungary.

Just as Pelayo sought the help of the Blessed Virgin Mary to recapture Spain from the Moors, so will Catholics pray to the powerful Mother of God to deliver us from the enemies of Jesus Christ. With the Blessed Virgin Mary, no amount of government effort to undermine the holy religion founded by Her Divine Son will prevail.

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