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Jesse Russell, Ph.D. | Remnant Columnist

The "DP" of Ronald Reagan and Manly P. Hall

On March 30, 1981 while walking back from a meeting with labour officials at the Washington Hilton Hotel, President Ronald Reagan was shot with a .22 caliber bullet. After being rushed to George Washington University Hospital and undergoing two hours of surgery, Ronald Reagan was declared to be in “excellent” condition.   

The Reagan assassination is considered unique among presidential assassination attempts primarily because Reagan was shot and survived, but there are a number of curious elements among the attempt the on the Gipper’s life that line up with the more famous murders of presidents such as Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy.

First and foremost, some have criticized the action of some of the members of the Secret Service, which seemed to act in a dazed and delayed manner, allowing six shots to be fired resulting in the wounding of press secretary James S. Brady who, after surviving, would go on to haunt gun rights activists in the form of the 1993 Clinton Era “Brady Bill.” 

Others have noted the very long distance of 300 feet Reagan was forced to walk due to the inability of Reagan’s 1972 Lincoln Continental, popularly known as “The Beast”, to pull in front of the Hotel Doors.

Henry Wallace, the Bush Family and the Novus Ordo Seclorum

During his 2005 inaugural address, given at the height of the Second Iraq War, President George W. Bush, amidst a rhythmic wave of noble patriotic sentiment, said something very strange:

“We go forward with complete confidence in the eventual triumph of freedom. Not because history runs on the wheels of inevitability; it is human choices that move events. Not because we consider ourselves a chosen nation; God moves and chooses as He wills. We have confidence because freedom is the permanent hope of mankind, the hunger in dark places, the longing of the soul. When our Founders declared a new order of the ages; when soldiers died in wave upon wave for a union based on liberty; when citizens marched in peaceful outrage under the banner "Freedom Now" - they were acting on an ancient hope that is meant to be fulfilled. History has an ebb and flow of justice, but history also has a visible direction, set by liberty and the Author of Liberty.”

President Bush’s narrative of American history here is heavily colored by the neoconservative “Whig” or “Wilsonian” narrative of the development of America as the long march of freedom and equality against the forces of reaction and repression.  On one level, this argument is actually not so strange in as much as its utopian Masonic vision of America has been present in the United States since its very beginning. Moreover, there is also an immediate historical context for the 43rd president’s speech, for language of “the eventual triumph of freedom” clearly is referring to War on Terror (which continues to this very day, fourteen years later).

On June 8, 793, the terrible, berserk men of the north, later to be called “Vikings,” disembarked from their dragon-prow ships upon the island of Lindisfarne, located near England’s Northumbrian coast, sacking the Church of St. Cuthbert and beginning what would become the nearly complete domination of England.

While the Viking in presence in England was brief—merely a couple hundred years—it lasted long enough to significantly alter the linguistic, genetic, and even religious landscape of Great Britain. The words gifted to English such as “club,” “ransack,” “scathe,” and “slaughter” reflected the ferocious preoccupations of these sea-traveling marauders. Moreover, the fact that many Scottish and English people, especially those from the northwestern part of Britain, known under Viking rule as “Danelaw,” find “Scandinavian DNA” in their 23andMe results further indicates that the Vikings took many British women as wives and lovers—whether by will or force.

 On January 25, 1897, Pope Leo XIII released the Apostolic Constitution, Officiorum ac Munerum, clarifying and simplifying the Index Librorum Prohibitorum. Contrary to the claims of some who depict the Holy Father as the first liberal or even first neoconservative pope, in Officiorum His Holiness, while providing a streamlined condemnation of banned books, did not loosen the restrictions of material Catholics might read.

In fact, Pope Leo, well aware of the rising tide of degenerate and evil books that was beginning to overwhelm the reading public in the late nineteenth century, writes of the importance of Catholics, both laymen and clerics, to denounce the ever growing flood of wicked books, stating that “all Catholics, especially the more learned, ought to denounce pernicious books either to the Bishops or to the Holy See…” Calling out to Catholic scholars and journalists for succor, Leo further states that it “is expedient, in denouncing bad books, that not only the title of the Book be expressed, but also, as far as possible, the reasons be explained why the book is considered worthy of censure.”

In the slow burn of political and ecclesiastical let downs that has marked the 2018-2019 year, the hot and surging days of November 2016 seem a world away.

In 2016 traditionalists, for the most part, were alone in decrying the scandalous and confusing papacy of Pope Francis. Cardinals Wuerl and Cupich as well as Archbishop Robert McElroy, and the newly appointed Archbishop Joseph Tobin were set to complete the process of dismantling the Catholic Church in America under the shadow of their spiritual mentor, Cardinal Theodore McCarrick.

Among Pope Leo XIII’s best known encyclicals is the 1899 letter to James Cardinal Gibbons of Baltimore, Testem Benevolentiae Nostrae. While fading figures of neoconservative Catholicism like George Weigel have attempted to obscure its message, the meaning of Testem is perfectly clear. Pope Leo’s famous encyclical is a direct and serious response to the attempts by many Catholics in America to reconcile Catholicism with the philosophical liberalism that underpinned the American Republic.

Attacking this heresy of “Americanism,” Pope Leo condemns the belief that “the Church should shape her teachings more in accord with the spirit of the age and relax some of her ancient severity and make some concessions to new opinions”—this very selfsame idea, will, of course, become known as John XXIII’s aggiornamento or “updating” of the Church a little more than sixty years later. At the same time, Pope Leo accepts that Americans—including American Catholics—are a unique people with “certain endowments of mind which belong to the American people” and a “political condition” as well as “laws and customs,” which should be respected. Thus, Catholics in America should be patriotic and loyal citizens without imbibing the false credo of Americanism.

During the 1903 papal conclave and via the voice of Cardinal John Puszyna of Krakow, the aging Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria exercised the jus exclusivae for the last time in Church history, blocking the election to the papacy of Mariano Rampolla, Pope Leo XIII’s Secretary of State.

There are many theories on why one of the last scions of the Habsburg dynasty would have interrupted the election of Rampolla. Some allege that Rampolla was a supporter of liberal and anti-clerical France vis a vis Austria. Others have argued that it was because of Rampolla’s support of agitator Karl Lueger, mayor of Vienna and leader of the Christian Social Party, a thorn in Emperor Franz Joseph’s side. Some have even suggested that it was because Cardinal Rampolla denied Christian burial to Rudolph, Franz Joseph’s son, who allegedly had committed suicide under mysterious circumstances.

In July of 1965, John D. Rockefeller III—then-patriarch of one of the mightiest and most influential American families—met privately with Pope Paul VI, the pontiff who was at that time continuing the “auto-demolition of the faith” inaugurated by John XXIII, the “smiling pope,” at the Second Vatican Council.  

The meeting between Paul VI and the WASP patriarch had been arranged by Fr. Theodore Hesburgh, a close collaborator of the Rockefeller Family, who had begun the process of plotting the severing of Catholic higher education from ecclesial control by placing it in the hands of non-Catholic benefactors and foundations.

During the course of the meeting, the Rockefeller scion urged Paul VI to embrace the Rockefeller’s program of population control in order to defuse the “Baby Boom” that had erupted across the West at the end of the Second World War.

J.D. Rockefeller

jd rockUnnerved by the pope who seemed unimpressed with the upstart WASP, Rockefeller sent Paul VI a letter the very next day, informing him that "History is moving along, and you are on the wrong side of History."

Despite the personal and professional failings of Paul VI, John D. Rockefeller was not able to get the pope to endorse the birth-control project.

Unable to change the mind of Rome, the Rockefellers and other globalist elites seized hold of Catholic education with the 1967 Land O’ Lakes Conference and began to subvert Catholic teaching via theologians, priests, and nuns at the grassroots level, who, like termites, were eating away at the roots of the Church’s moral teaching.

The encouragement of birth control by the Rockefellers and others ultimately proved to be successful, as these days the majority of Catholics use birth control and believe it to be morally licit.

While this story has been oft repeated, there is another that needs to be told, and that is the promotion of homosexuality in the Catholic Church by similarly powerful interests.

Fr. Curran

curran charles001One of the more vocal advocates of change in the Church’s moral teaching was the notorious Fr. Charles Curran, who’d been instrumental in promoting birth control among Catholics.

Immediately after convincing Catholics to adopt the pill, Fr. Charles Curran & Co went to work on the incremental normalization of sodomy.

In an interview with the Washington Post, after his 1986 dismissal from the Catholic University of America, Fr. Curran stated:

I believe human sexuality has a meaning in terms of the person and personal relationship to another person. I talk about the irreversible homosexual, and I don't think you can say that this person should be called to celibacy. Homosexual relations within the context of personal relationships striving for permanency can be legitimate and acceptable for homosexuals.

Pushed out of CUA, Charles Curran would eventually retreat to Southern Methodist University, which, as luck would have it, received support from agents of the Rockefeller Family.

In From High on a Hill Top”: A Brief History of SMU, author Marshall Terry explains that one of the key figures who helped to bring Southern Methodist University to Dallas was the Rev. Dr. Wallace Buttrick “executive secretary of the General Education Board of New York, organized by John D. Rockefeller to aid southern as well as other education,” a man who, as his bio on the Rockefeller Foundation website states, would go on to serve the Rockefeller Family in a variety of endeavors.   

Fr. Charles Curran was well rewarded for his service to the cause, finding a home at a full-funded liberal Protestant school. With apparent Rockefeller connections at its foundation, SMU is currently financed with help from major players like the Raytheon Company (long known for its advocacy of LGBT causes), and the Andrew Mellon Foundation, which also donates to prochoice groups such as the International Women’s Health Coalition while helping to fund LGBT education programs.

While they could not directly influence the papacy (until quite recently), the big foundations in America helped to prop up dissident theologians at Catholic and non-Catholic universities alike, who were eager to receive endowments in exchange for subversion of Christian teaching.

Fr. Curran, however, is old news.

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Is there big-foundation money going into pushing population control and the LGBT movement among the current luminaries of the Catholic left or “LeftCats,” as they are called?

Yes, indeed!

Over the past several years, many dissident Catholic thinkers have been featured on the pages of Foreign Affairs, the premier publication of the Council of Foreign Relations, itself a major Rockefeller thinktank.  

On October 11, 2018, liberal Catholic professor Massimo Faggioli published a piece in Foreign Affairs titled, “The Catholic Church’s Biggest Crisis since the Reformation” in which the Vanderbilt theologian tries to detach the clerical sex abuse crisis from homosexuality and implicitly argues for decentralizing the papacy to create a “structure similar to the Eastern Orthodox Churches…”

It is a bit strange that the Council on Foreign Relations is so eager to reduce the power of the papacy, but Massimo Faggioli is exactly the right theologian to be promoted by Foreign Affairs. He has spent much of his academic career advancing revolution in the Church, including advocating the LGBT agenda, appearing on gay Catholic group Dignity USA’s Queer Catholic Faith Webshow and advocating for incremental change in the Church’s teaching on homosexuality in journals such as La Croix.

Moreover, when he is not writing for Foreign Affairs or appearing on the Queer Catholic Faith Webshow, Faggioli—like Fr. Curran before him—is nestled at a University that is flush with Foundation cash. Villanova’s list of big-money corporate donors is too long to enumerate here but, let’s just say that it looks like something out of a late 1990s conspiracy website.

If you are wondering if any of these mega-corporations helping to pay Faggioli’s salary support the eugenicist culture of death as well as the LGBT agenda, the answer is only a Google search away.

As an interesting side note, Foreign Affairs also includes (in its archives) interviews with the disgraced former editor of America Magazine, Fr. Thomas Reese, SJ, who was removed from America for his radical editorial policy, as well as a roundtable discussion with leftwing Catholic, Shaun Casey, who, after a stint in the Obama State Department, became director of Georgetown University’s Berkeley Center for Religion, Peace, and World Affairs.

It seems that there are many liberal Catholics eager to receive money from thinktanks in order to promote the globalist population control and rainbow agenda initiated by the Rockefellers, and through a host of dissident Catholic tinkers bought and paid for by the Rockefellers and other big foundations, the LGBT and pro-choice agenda is being disseminated at Catholic and non-Catholic universities and publications alike.

However, while the big foundations initially had been unable to persuade Paul VI to jump onboard and were forced to wage a guerilla war against Church teaching via dissident theologians like Fr. Charles Curran and Massimo Faggioli, they now have their man on the throne of St. Peter.

Stay tuned to Part III of John Podesta’s Catholic Spring: “The Deep State Pope”

The now well-documented attack by the Black Israelites, (Warning: strong language) and “professional Indian” Nathan Phillips upon a group of prolife Catholic school boys from Covington Kentucky at the 2019 March for Life has proven to be an epiphany for many Catholics.

Although recent high-profile attacks on Catholic Trump nominees for the US judiciary—Notre Dame Professor Amy Barrett’s and Brian Buescher, both pilloried by Democratic senators for the crime of being Catholic Americans—have shone light on the clear contempt many leftists have for Christianity in general and Catholicism in particular, it wasn’t until Phillips and the Black Israelites terrorized the Covington boys that many Catholics became aware of the gravity of the situation.

On January 3, 2019, the 116th Congress of the United States convened in Washington, D.C. for a new legislative session. Among the newly elected members of the House of Representatives is one, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who defeated the longtime incumbent from New York’s 14th congressional district, Joe Crowley, by a whopping 15 percentage points in the June 28, 2018 Democratic primary election.

This victory was representative of the demographic sea-change that has transformed the Democratic Party in the northeastern United States from the working-class party of ethnic Catholics, such as Ted Kennedy and Tip O’Neil, into a new “broken coalition” of members of the LGBT community,  radicalized people of color (or “POC), and a new class of hipster “bugmen”, themselves a lower testosterone version of their ethnic Catholic Democrat forefathers.

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