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Jesse Russell, Ph.D. | Remnant Columnist

In the hallowed and ancient game of chess, the queen is, without question, the most powerful piece.

She has the ability to sweep across the chess board in any direction, outmaneuvering other pieces whose progress is always handicapped in some way. It is thus wise for most chess players to keep the queen protected throughout much of the early stages of the game, bringing her out of containment only when absolutely necessary.

With the recent appointment of Archbishop Wilton Gregory to fill the bishopric of the Archdiocese of Washington, DC, recently left vacant by the disgraced Cardinal Donald Wuerl, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops have put their queen into play.

Imagine living rent-free in Fr. James Martin’s head.

Well, that is exactly what Church Militant, Life Site News, and Tradition, Family, Property are able to do.

On May 19, Fr. James Martin unleashed a lengthy Twitter thread in which he let the three pro-life and pro-family organizations know that he cares so little about their attempts to block his efforts to promote and endorse degeneracy that he spent a total of 18 Tweets to air his lack of concern in front of his over 240, 000 followers.

The fact that he openly stated for the entire world to see that the “articles, petitions, and protests” do not “bother” him is testament to the fact that they do bother him.

And the good father’s pledge that he has “ceased to care about the articles, the petitions and the protests” is simply a circuitous way of saying that even though he doesn’t want to, he will continue to “hate read” the articles written about him—perhaps even with a glass of rainbow adorned Absolute Vodka.

As a word to the wise, the smartest thing to do when one has a larger platform and much more money and power than one’s adversary is to ignore that adversary.

However, more important than Fr. James Martin’s confession that his critics really get under his skin, is his revelation of his entire modus operandi.

In a weird tangent with the planned “Catholic Spring” proposed by Democrat strategist John Podesta in the notorious Wikileaks Podesta emails, Fr. James Martin has become the strongest force for normalization of homosexuality as well as the strange process of genital mutilation and hormone manipulation known as “transgenderism.”

However, learning from the more brazen and ultimately self-destructive open defiance of Church teaching by Old Liberals like Fr. Charles “Charlie” Curran, Fr. Martin has always veiled his disobedience to the perennial teachings of the Catholic Church in regard to marriage and family behind protests of “obedience” to Church teaching.

In addition to supporting the faux migrant crisis that has completely destroyed not only major European cities, turning in them into open air refugee camps, but is in the process of slowly replacing the indigenous European population, Fr. James has become a master of gas lighting Catholics into believing that homosexuality is morally licit without ever explicitly saying so.

At the same time, in his recent 18 Tweet thread, Fr. Martin has revealed what he truly thinks.

Fr. James Martin envisions himself as a Dr. Phil-tier traveling therapist who gets a dopamine high from emotional affirmation by highly emotional and confused people who “share their stories,” cry in front of him, give him a gift, and show him “a photo of their LGBT child (or brother or sister).”

Bragging about his celebrity life of book signing and speaking engagements, Fr. Martin further expresses his love of the idea of being adored and praised—especially by large crowds—something he lets his detractors know by repeatedly saying so as well as posting a photo of the large size of Xavier University’s graduating class in front of whom he was invited to seek.

In his cat lady-style Twitter rant, he further taunts his adversaries as a small minority of “angry” bumpkins and rednecks who persecute him with “lies and misleading information.”

In short, Fr. Martin reveals himself to be little different than the narcissistic and arrogant crowd of secular leftists who, despite feigning otherwise, are outraged that the rank and file would dare to disagree with them.

However, while Fr. James Martin and  the “coastal elites” and servants of the new and terrible juggernaut of tremendous corporate and leftwing political power, known on the internet as “Globohomo,” like to project an image of themselves as invincible Olympian gods standing at the vanguard of history, deep down inside these people are terrified of the fact that the majority of the world’s citizens are either oblivious to them or, in fact, are contemptuous of the degenerate and immoral lifestyles these so-called elites are social engineering upon the world’s population.

There is strength in numbers as well as in the power and spirit of Catholics around the world but especially in the United States.

As the 2016 election as well as the most recent restrictions on abortion in many Southern and Midwestern States has proven, Catholics and other conservatives can exercise real political power.

All that is needed is the will to act.


“How much do they pay you to turn your back on your own people?”

James Carroll knows where the money is.

The former Paulist priest has a made a career of attacking the Catholic faith—his most famous work, Constantine’s Sword, is a cartoonish rant against the Church’s majesty and power, worthy of the cheapest fundamentalist tract or the most poorly researched Game of Thrones-tier Atheist Reddit post.

Neo-Thomism and the Making of the Post World War II Global Order

In his recent work, The Year of Our Lord 1943: Christian Humanism in an Age of Crisis, Baylor University’s Alan Jacobs reveals a number of curious details about the pre-Vatican II liberalization of Christianity and its connection to the globalist state apparatus that was being constructed during the Second World War. One of Jacob’s most interesting revelations was a series of cultural power plays by the Deep State after the January 14, 1943 meeting between Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Winston Churchill, commonly known as the Casablanca Conference, in which the leaders of the Western liberal powers, recognizing that the tide of World War II had changed, began to plot the future carving up of the world in the image and likeness of the soon to be triumphant forces of liberalism.

Parallel to the Cold War that raged between the United States and Soviet Union when American and Soviet submarines played cat and mouse games in the rough waters of the Atlantic Ocean and cloak and dagger spies tailed each other throughout the murky streets of Central European capitals, a similar fox and hound game was fought between traditionally-minded Catholics and those who embraced not only the letter but the spirit of Second Vatican and its perceived radical changes to nearly two thousand years of Catholic teaching.

The "DP" of Ronald Reagan and Manly P. Hall

On March 30, 1981 while walking back from a meeting with labour officials at the Washington Hilton Hotel, President Ronald Reagan was shot with a .22 caliber bullet. After being rushed to George Washington University Hospital and undergoing two hours of surgery, Ronald Reagan was declared to be in “excellent” condition.   

The Reagan assassination is considered unique among presidential assassination attempts primarily because Reagan was shot and survived, but there are a number of curious elements among the attempt the on the Gipper’s life that line up with the more famous murders of presidents such as Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy.

First and foremost, some have criticized the action of some of the members of the Secret Service, which seemed to act in a dazed and delayed manner, allowing six shots to be fired resulting in the wounding of press secretary James S. Brady who, after surviving, would go on to haunt gun rights activists in the form of the 1993 Clinton Era “Brady Bill.” 

Others have noted the very long distance of 300 feet Reagan was forced to walk due to the inability of Reagan’s 1972 Lincoln Continental, popularly known as “The Beast”, to pull in front of the Hotel Doors.

Henry Wallace, the Bush Family and the Novus Ordo Seclorum

During his 2005 inaugural address, given at the height of the Second Iraq War, President George W. Bush, amidst a rhythmic wave of noble patriotic sentiment, said something very strange:

“We go forward with complete confidence in the eventual triumph of freedom. Not because history runs on the wheels of inevitability; it is human choices that move events. Not because we consider ourselves a chosen nation; God moves and chooses as He wills. We have confidence because freedom is the permanent hope of mankind, the hunger in dark places, the longing of the soul. When our Founders declared a new order of the ages; when soldiers died in wave upon wave for a union based on liberty; when citizens marched in peaceful outrage under the banner "Freedom Now" - they were acting on an ancient hope that is meant to be fulfilled. History has an ebb and flow of justice, but history also has a visible direction, set by liberty and the Author of Liberty.”

President Bush’s narrative of American history here is heavily colored by the neoconservative “Whig” or “Wilsonian” narrative of the development of America as the long march of freedom and equality against the forces of reaction and repression.  On one level, this argument is actually not so strange in as much as its utopian Masonic vision of America has been present in the United States since its very beginning. Moreover, there is also an immediate historical context for the 43rd president’s speech, for language of “the eventual triumph of freedom” clearly is referring to War on Terror (which continues to this very day, fourteen years later).

On June 8, 793, the terrible, berserk men of the north, later to be called “Vikings,” disembarked from their dragon-prow ships upon the island of Lindisfarne, located near England’s Northumbrian coast, sacking the Church of St. Cuthbert and beginning what would become the nearly complete domination of England.

While the Viking in presence in England was brief—merely a couple hundred years—it lasted long enough to significantly alter the linguistic, genetic, and even religious landscape of Great Britain. The words gifted to English such as “club,” “ransack,” “scathe,” and “slaughter” reflected the ferocious preoccupations of these sea-traveling marauders. Moreover, the fact that many Scottish and English people, especially those from the northwestern part of Britain, known under Viking rule as “Danelaw,” find “Scandinavian DNA” in their 23andMe results further indicates that the Vikings took many British women as wives and lovers—whether by will or force.

 On January 25, 1897, Pope Leo XIII released the Apostolic Constitution, Officiorum ac Munerum, clarifying and simplifying the Index Librorum Prohibitorum. Contrary to the claims of some who depict the Holy Father as the first liberal or even first neoconservative pope, in Officiorum His Holiness, while providing a streamlined condemnation of banned books, did not loosen the restrictions of material Catholics might read.

In fact, Pope Leo, well aware of the rising tide of degenerate and evil books that was beginning to overwhelm the reading public in the late nineteenth century, writes of the importance of Catholics, both laymen and clerics, to denounce the ever growing flood of wicked books, stating that “all Catholics, especially the more learned, ought to denounce pernicious books either to the Bishops or to the Holy See…” Calling out to Catholic scholars and journalists for succor, Leo further states that it “is expedient, in denouncing bad books, that not only the title of the Book be expressed, but also, as far as possible, the reasons be explained why the book is considered worthy of censure.”

In the slow burn of political and ecclesiastical let downs that has marked the 2018-2019 year, the hot and surging days of November 2016 seem a world away.

In 2016 traditionalists, for the most part, were alone in decrying the scandalous and confusing papacy of Pope Francis. Cardinals Wuerl and Cupich as well as Archbishop Robert McElroy, and the newly appointed Archbishop Joseph Tobin were set to complete the process of dismantling the Catholic Church in America under the shadow of their spiritual mentor, Cardinal Theodore McCarrick.

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