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Michael J. Matt | Editor

Dear Friends, please help me share my new Remnant Underground. We took a week off over Easter, and so this episode is an "extended play" overview of our situation as people who have been lied to by their government and their religious leaders for decades.  

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Michael Matt makes up for the Easter break by presenting an extended play Underground that looks back at the long history of Big Brother’s lies that led to where we find ourselves today – living in a nightmare world that makes war on children and tells God to go to Hell.

Pope Francis is not telling the truth. He claims that he must cancel the Latin Mass to preserve unity in the Church. Trouble is, eighty percent of US Catholics don't go to Mass at all anymore. In Europe, the percentage is even higher.

I wish every reader of The Remnant a blessed Eastertide. This feast more than any other, serves to remind us that as dark as our predicament is today, it was still darker for the first Christians at the very birth of Christianity. The Feast of the Resurrection calls to mind that even as the Third Day was imminent then, when Christ hung from the Cross two thousand years ago, so too is the Third Day imminent for us. We just need to resolve to keep the Faith as they did, and to follow Magdalene from the Cross to the Tomb.

In this RTV Short, we offer a snapshot of old-world Christianity. It's Holy Week and this is still how it is celebrated in the streets of many cities in Spain. (Have no fear, my protestant friends, these Catholics are no more "worshipping statues" than we would be "worshipping floats" at a July 4th parade).

I offer this video as a touching example of what we've nearly lost, have not lost yet, and must see fully restored one day. The New World Order hates everything this represents, but they have nothing to replace or rival it.

Here is the Faith of Our Fathers in action, so powerful that Christians still take to the streets to manifest their love for Christ during this holiest week of the year.


What's really going on here? Michael Matt attempts to pinpoint the source of the fanatical hatred of Donald Trump.

No matter what you may think of him, the outrageous manner in which he is being treated by the radical Left is like nothing ever before seen in this country.

So what explains it, and what's the takeaway for us in this full on witch hunt against the U.S. president that stood strong with the defenders of the unborn?

FULL VIDEO: Trump Indicted, Francis Hospitalized, Christians Driven Out of Bethlehem

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New from Remnant TV...

In this week’s Remnant Underground, Michael J. Matt kicks off Holy Week with a discussion of the plight of the Christian community in the Holy Land, which in a few years will cease to exist. 

New from RTV...

In this RTV Spotlight, Michael Matt makes the point that Tradition is not the worship of ashes, but rather the preservation of fire.

That preservation of fire is happening right now all over the world, and the more the Globalist Vatican tries to shut it down the brighter that fire burns.

Taken from one of the most hopeful Remnant Underground episodes this year, this Spotlight should be shared with anyone and everyone who is tempted to give up the fight.

In this RTV Spotlight, Michael Matt takes a look at what’s happening to Christians in Ukraine under the Zelenskyy Regime.

It ain’t pretty and CNN’s not covering it, but it sheds light on what this war is really all about.

Hint: It has NOTHING to do with “saving Democracy” and everything to do with Agenda 2030.

Biden’s war needs to stop right now, before the USA is sucked into a war with Russia and China that we cannot win. For God’s sake and the sake of our children, shout this from the housetops:

Get US out now, before it’s too late!

FULL VIDEO: CANCELING RELIGIOUS FREEDOM: From Francis to Zelenskyy & Kiev to Chicago

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From the AP | VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis went to a Rome hospital on Wednesday and canceled his audiences for the next two days to undergo previously scheduled tests, the Vatican said.

The Vatican provided no details, including how long the 86-year-old pope would remain at Gemelli University Hospital, where he underwent surgery in 2021. But his audiences through Friday were canceled, raising questions about Francis’ participation during the Vatican’s Holy Week activities starting Sunday.

“The Holy Father has been at Gemelli since this afternoon for some previously scheduled checkups,” the Vatican said in a one-line statement from spokesman Matteo Bruni.