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Michael J. Matt | Editor

New from RTV...

Michael Matt introduces the great Bishop Athanasius Schneider at the CIC 2021. Mr. Matt explains why it is so important for traditional Catholics to fall in behind the rightful ecclesial authority who are unafraid to speak in defense of Jesus Christ even and especially when the highest authority fails to do so.  "If you speak out. If you lead. We will be your most loyal defenders," says Mr. Matt.

His Excellency then brings down the house of some 750 participants with his hopeful message of reliance on spiritual warfare to resolve the crisis of authority in the Church.

Bishop Schneider will deliver the keynote again at the CIC 2022 on October 1, 2022 in Pittsburgh. The CIC is sold out, but the livestream is now available for signup here:

Michael Matt on the road again, this time in Platteville, Wisconsin. This is a livestream recording, courtesy of Friday Talk Series, St. Augustine University.

Topics covered:

  • The Biden Speech
  • Cardinal Roche's revisionist history of Vatican II
  • Pope Benedict's indictment of Vatican II
  • Keeping the Faith, even if underground
  • Outliving the stupid world order

New from Remnant TV...

Do you remember when Catholic bishops and priests were leading the charge in the culture war against ‘sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll’ last century? What happened?  To paraphrase another hippy crooner, Pete Seeger, “where have all the Catholics gone?”  

Really struggling over here. I lived through his pontificate. Wouldn't be a bit surprised if somebody murdered him. Don't know. But he's not being beatified, obviously, as a martyr. So why, then?

What did he do, actually? He smiled a lot? He's the patron saint of smilers? Really? That's it?

This RTV Spotlight focuses on Pope Francis's bizarre bedfellows. How can a Catholic pope be taken seriously when his friends are a gaggle of pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage leftist lunatics?

Who is this guy, anyway?

New from Remnant TV...

Senator Amy Klobuchar is meeting with Mr. “Green” T once again. She famously went to the Ukraine with John McCain and Lindsey Graham back in December of 2016 and declared war on Russia. But now she’s back. Why?

Michael Matt will address the First Friday Series group at St. Augustine University in Platteville, WI, this evening at 6:30pm. 

His talk title is TRADITIONIS CUSTODES: Where Do We Go from Here

See you there!

Mikes speaking gigs


A RTV Sneak Peek
(YouTube Premieres Sunday Nights at 7 Central)

Little Manny Macron declares that France will have to suffer since the “time of abundance” is over, as he lives up to his reputation as Klaus Schwab’s favorite Young Globalist Leader. 

New from Remnant TV...

Michael Matt looks back at Davos two years later.

This video is for anyone who still thinks the Great Reset is just a conspiracy theory, and that this is just another typical election year.

Spread the word, THIS is why everything went to hell in 2020, and why we’re still struggling to get back to the “old normal”.


Listen to Michael Matt's podcasts:




New from RTV...

Are you ready for the Digital ID? In the EU, they're testing it right now, and you won't believe what they have in mind. Move over, George Orwell!

This RTV Spotlight is an excerpt from SIEGE at MAR-a-LAGO: A Globalist Panic Attack, which premiered Aug 14, 2022.