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Carlo Maria Viganò

Vigano crest 2Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization

On June 24, the Supreme Court of the United States of America, overturning the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision, healed a constitutional vulnus [wound] and at the same time restored sovereignty to the individual States after almost fifty years. The decision of the Supreme Court did not rule the “right to abortion” – as the mainstream narrative claims – but rather it has overturned its “obligatory legalization in all of the States,” returning the power to decide about the “profound moral question of abortion” to “the people and their elected representatives,” from whom Roe v. Wade had removed it, contrary to the dictates of the U.S. Constitution.

This is the second part of Armando Manocchia's (Byoblu TV) interview with Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò on "the crisis of man and the decline of the West", which tells us about those who, with a coup d'état, decided to transform Italy into a colony and have always decided reforms, declared wars, drawn borders and stipulated treaties always and only on the orders of the Lodges.

Part 1 (Part 2 to come June 3)

Your Excellency, many people know and appreciate you very much for having been a sincere man in an often insincere environment even during your service at the Vatican. You have served as a top diplomat, specifically as the Vatican Nuncio in the United States, representing the Pope to the local churches in the United States.

It is our great honor and pleasure to speak with you today. But before we move on to substance and ask you about your assessment of the world political situation, especially with regard to the so-called Corona crisis, please tell us a little bit about your personal history so that viewers who don’t yet know you will realize who you are.

Vigano crest 2In the coming days, the Nations that adhere to the World Health Organization will vote on resolutions regarding the WHO’s management of pandemics. These resolutions will transfer sovereignty regarding the health of citizens to a supranational body that is largely financed by the pharmaceutical industry and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. If these resolutions are approved by a majority, the WHO will have exclusive international authority in the case of a pandemic to impose all the rules, including quarantines, lockdowns, obligatory vaccinations and vaccine passports. It should also be borne in mind that this organization enjoys immunity, and thus its members cannot be either tried or convicted if they commit crimes. Unelected technocrats will paradoxically have more power than that which citizens confer on their representatives by means of their democratic vote.

vigano crestRecently it was announced that Cardinal Joseph Zen has been arrested by the authorities in Hong Kong. The investigation and arrest was made by the special police section set up by the government of Beijing to watch over Chinese national security, that is, to suppress any form of dissent or protest over the violations of human rights committed by the Chinese dictatorship.

vigano crestIn recent days the media has leaked the news that, according to a draft obtained from the Supreme Court of the United States, the Justices of the Court are about to declare that the Roe v. Wade decision of January 22, 1973, is unconstitutional and must be overruled.

vigano crestDear Monsieur…,

Thank you for sending Abbé…'s question to me regarding the reform of Holy Week.

I agree with him that the reform can effectively be considered a sort of trial balloon with which the architects of the subsequent conciliar reform introduced an entire series of modifications – which in my opinion were entirely questionable and arbitrary – to the Ordo Majoris Hebdomadæ as it existed up until that time.

Good Friday, 15 April 2022

Astiterunt reges terræ, et principes convenerunt in unum, adversus Dominum, et adversus Christum ejus (Ps 2 :2). The kings of the earth and the princes have allied themselves against the Lord and against Christ. The Psalm which begins the First Nocturn of Matins on this day declaims succinctly. Let us break their bonds ; let us cast away their yoke from us ! Is this not what we have been seeing happening right before our eyes for a long, too long, a time ? Do not the powerful and the elite want to cancel every tie with God and rebel against His holy Law ? Do they not seek to disfigure the image of the Creator in the creature and the likeness of the Holy Trinity in man ? And how many times are we ourselves tempted to withdraw from the sweet yoke of Christ, ending by making ourselves slaves of the world, the flesh, and the devil?

All of today’s liturgy resounds with the indignation of the Divine Majesty; of the dismay of the provident Father at the revolt of His children; of the sorrow of the Son over the ingratitude of man; of the bitter disappointment of the Paraclete at the insane obstinacy in evil of those who make themselves blind to the Truth and deaf to the Word of God.

English transcript of the interview released by Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò to Dr. Armando Manocchia for channel TV “Canale Italia”

[Video interview in Italian below]

Beginning with the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965), Masonic infiltrations within the Catholic Church have become increasingly substantial. Progressivism and relativism have been employed as weapons to undermine fidelity to Tradition. Did Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, who was excommunicated by John Paul II in 1988, therefore sense that Catholicism was on the brink of the abyss?

Certainly. Archbishop Lefebvre was one of the few, very few Prelates who wanted to denounce the conciliar revolution, understanding its subversive nature. And I say "who wanted" because many other prelates understood that a real revolution was underway. Some saw it as a danger, others saw it as a "springtime of the Church." But among those who saw the danger, almost no one knew how to denounce it openly. Today we understand the historical merit of Archbishop Lefebvre in having rebelled against the line dictated by the conciliar politburo and having created the premises for a return of the Church to the doctrine and Holy Mass of all time.

 I was not a little amazed by the conflation of my identity with the personality of Colonel Grace-Groundling-Marchpole made by George Weigel in his commentary published on March 16 at First Things (here). My amazement derives from the curious way this article aligns with that of Weigel’s friend Roberto De Mattei, Riflessioni sull’anno che si apre [Reflections on the Year About to Begin], which appeared at Corrispondenza Romana on December 29, 2021 (here), about the alleged refutation of my statements to the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (here) made, coincidentally, by Professor Weigel’s daughter, Dr. Gwyneth A. Spaeder (here) [curiously not in English but only in Italia], who is a pediatrician and the wife of an executive at one of the major consulting firms for the pharmaceutical industry.

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