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Every now and again, Sanders the cold-blooded dictator peeks out from behind the philanthropic old socialist veneer, and in those moments he sounds like this:

“The idea that women in this country should not be able to control their own bodies is beyond belief. They have that constitutional right. So if you're asking me, would I ever appoint a Supreme Court justice who does not believe in defending Roe versus Wade, who does not believe that a woman has the right to control her own body, I will never do that.” (Source: Meet the Press 2019 interview of 2020 presidential hopefuls)

It’s also hitting the news that Sanders is considering a list of potential executive orders to unilaterally enact on Day 1, should he win the election. Chief among these is to reverse Trump’s Mexico City policy while forcing Americans to fund providers of “abortion counseling” such as, obviously, Planned Parenthood.

AT A TIME when churches are rapidly closing their doors, public masses are being canceled and even sacraments such as confession and last rites are becoming more difficult to find, Planned Parenthood is busier than ever.

Planned Parenthood assured the public Thursday that they are doing everything they can to limit the effects of COVID-19 on its clinics.

Monday, October 22, 2018


The Pennsylvania Grand Jury seems to have a knack for uncovering the darkest, sickest manifestations of just how wrong things can get in our culture.

Regulatory agencies (the Pennsylvania Board of Health, the National Abortion Federation or NAF) tasked with keeping abortion legal, safe and rare gave Kermit Gosnell a pass — even though what took place in his Philadelphia clinic was illegal, deadly, and all in a day's work. His abuse of women clients and hands-on approach to the murder of infants born alive (after an abortion) came to light only because he was suspected of selling prescription narcotics. When the FBI raided his "women's clinic," agents discovered the apocalyptic overkill common to a Fundamentalist "hell house" attraction. But it was all too real. Weeks-old blood encrusted on examination tables. Obscenely dirty instruments crawling with infection. And heavily drugged women bleeding out in post-op.

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