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Tuesday, May 9, 2023

A Lesson for Wendy Woke

By:   Fr. Celatus
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A Lesson for Wendy Woke

From The Remnant Newspaper...

RECENTLY, WHILE PERUSING through the mainstream news, I came across an interview of a college woman athlete who had finished second in a competition and was lamenting the fact that the first-place winner was a transgendered [sic] individual. She was quick to qualify her criticism by noting that she supported the right [sic] of individuals to change gender [sic] but they should not be allowed to compete in sports.


Sorry sweetie, you can’t have your trophy and your trans principle too! But let’s put our second-place athlete to the test, with ten simple questions. For the sake of anonymity, we will call her Wendy Woke:

Hey Wendy Woke, should bakers be forced to bake wedding cakes for transgendered [sic] couples?

Hey Wendy Woke, should children be forced to share bathrooms with transgendered [sic] children?

Hey Wendy Woke, should adults be forced to share shower facilities with transgendered [sic] adults?

Hey Wendy Woke, should parents be forced to allow sex-change surgery for a transgendered [sic]child?

Hey Wendy Woke, should homeowners be forced to rent a spare room to transgendered [sic] tenants?

Hey Wendy Woke, should Christian schools be forced to accommodate transgendered [sic] students?

Hey Wendy Woke, should adoption agencies be forced to allow transgendered [sic] couples to adopt?

Hey Wendy Woke, should military troops be forced to address transgendered [sic] officers accordingly?

Hey Wendy Woke, should clubs segregated by sex be forced to offer transgendered [sic] memberships?

Hey Wendy Woke, should sports segregated by sex be forced to accept transgendered [sic] competitors?

You see how this works, Wendy? You probably agree that in most of these instances, people should be forced to accept the situation—except in your case, because it negatively impacts you. How woke of you.

The reality is, Wendy, that a human right is never a right when it is a wrong.

The reality is, Wendy, that a human right is never a right when it is a wrong. Now sometimes a right is a wrong when it acts against the rights of others, such as when the right to yell “fire” is a right when there is a fire but is a wrong when there is no fire at all, such as in a school or a movie theater or a restaurant.

But there are some so-called rights which are never ever right, Wendy, because they are determined as always wrong by our Creator and Lawgiver, the Lord God. For instance, a right of a mother regarding her own body is a wrong when she murders the infant child within her body. More instances: any right to free speech is a wrong when it is a lie, any right to a possession is a wrong when it is achieved by theft, and any right to justice is wrong when it is realized by murder. Now let’s look at so-called sexual rights.

As we know from the Bible, God created the first man and first woman, and every human being since. It is not for us to determine whether we are a boy or a girl, or a man or a woman. That is determined by God as the consequence of the marital embrace between a man and a woman. Nature manifests which sex we are from birth, and even before birth the sex of an infant can be discerned by modern medicine. Note that we discern what sex a child is, not that we determine the sex of a child. God alone determines our sex.

Let’s also clarify an important distinction related to this, Wendy. When discussing the biological sex of a person, it is not correct to refer to biological mutilation as a gender change. Gender is a linguistic device, that reflects some reality according to grammatical rules. In the English language we commonly assign gender in accord with the biological sex of persons or animals as male or female, whereas most non-sexual things are assigned a neuter gender. The word transgender is a linguistic and biological fiction.

You see, Wendy, the institutional Catholic church has been infiltrated by liars and perverts, who do not represent the true Church or truth itself. They are children of darkness, who mislead others into error.

More importantly, however, is the fact that physical attempts to change one’s sex are acts of mutilation against the body and an act of defiance against God, whether or not someone intends it. As such, it is always an immoral act. Even without the advantage of divine revelation in this matter, as found in the Bible and the Catholic Church, it is manifest to all rational people that attempts to change one’s sex are contrary to nature and therefore immoral. God has written these natural laws in the heart of every person.

Now Wendy, we assume that you are probably a product of a whole plethora of woke factors that have contributed to your own wokeness. You likely have a woke mother and a weak father; you no doubt were institutionalized in woke daycare programs and government schools for nearly your entire life; with rare exception, most of your classmates and all of your friends are woke; if you were a typical teen, you spent most of your free time on woke social media. In short, your entire life has been immersed in wokeness.

And now that you are in the adult world, you continue to be surrounded by woke elements that affirm you in your wokeness: woke government officials, woke judicial systems, woke workplaces, woke media and entertainment, woke laws and woke policies and woke values.  Your every waking hour is totally woke.

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And we are sorry to say that even if you had been a product of mainstream Catholic institutions, to include churches and schools, you would have stood a good chance of becoming just as woke as you are now. You see, Wendy, the institutional Catholic church has been infiltrated by liars and perverts, who do not represent the true Church or truth itself. They are children of darkness, who mislead others into error.

But Wendy, you were presented with an opportunity to wake up from your wokeness, by the injustice that was forced upon you, which robbed you of your first-place trophy. We ask you to retake the little quiz we started with, after spending some time in prayer and reflection on what we have written. After that, if you can answer all the questions in the negative, that is, no one should be forced to accept a trans situation, then we will give you a trophy. Not the first-place trophy stolen from you but a trophy for most improved.

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