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Thursday, November 23, 2017

Say Goodbye to Hollywood, the Beatles & Bugnini

Written by  Remnant TV
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In the wake of the movie mogul Harvey Weinstein sex scandal, Hollywood's dark and nasty underbelly is finally beginning to show.  From down in the catacombs Michael Matt talks pop culture, pointing  out how early Traditional Catholics were just as concerned about the rock 'n' roll and Hollywood-driven Sexual Revolution as they were the liturgical revolution of Vatican II. Pope Pius XI issued an encyclical warning against the motion picture industry way back in 1939.  Were Catholics of the past just paranoid, or have post-Vatican II Catholics of today simply lost the ability to recognize evil when we see it?  Now we have prominent cardinals in Rome eulogizing gender-benders such as David Bowie, while Neo-Catholics hope and pray that AC/I DC  guitarist Malcolm Young is now "playing before the throne of God." 

When, exactly, did the Catholic Church agree to an unconditional surrender to the cultural gods of the wasteland?

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