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Monday, July 31, 2017

INSIDE THE VATICAN: The Trojan Horse of Population Control

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Bonino and SorosGeorge Soros with his pal, the infamous abortionist and friend of Pope Francis, Emma Bonino, at the "In The Pursuit of Peace Award Dinner 2015"

With the breaking of the news into the English language media-sphere the other day, some thoughts converged, into the form of a question: Why would anyone expect Emma “La Bicicletta” Bonino not to be invited to speak at a Catholic Church in Italy? Catholic editorialists are furious that Bonino was invited to speak at the church of San Defendente in Ronco di Cossato, on July 26, 2017, “World Refugee Day”. But there is an underlying tone of defeated routine in their protestations, as though they are objecting out of a dogged sense of a duty to fulfill rather than any real outrage; let alone shock.


This is a woman who entered parliament in the 1970s to avoid prosecution for, according to her own boasts, having committed over 10,000 illegal abortions. The nickname comes from the machine she built for the job from a bicycle pump and a pickle jar. Bonino launched the Center for Information on Sterilization and Abortion (CISA ) that achieved legalisation in 1975. After this success, Bonino went on to a stellar career as a parliamentarian for the Radical Party, and later, as a protégée of George Soros, as a European Commissioner and Italy’s foreign minister where she spends Soros’ and a good bit of Italian citizens’ money promoting mass migration, European federalism and the abolition of national borders.

It is perhaps difficult for Anglos to imagine what the situation in the Church is here, but the abortionist doyenne of the bitterly anti-Catholic Radical party, Emma Bonino, is the embodiment of what the Italian hierarchy as a whole, and with very few exceptions, regards as the ideal politician. At best her aggressive promotion of abortion is seen as a forgivable peccadillo, (and a dead issue now that Italy has “settled” its abortion laws) something to be brushed aside and politely not mentioned, while she is lauded for her work pressing the government to allow the landing of hundreds of thousands of illegal migrants on Italian shores. As it is in the US, limitless immigration is the most fashionable issue on the Church’s left – that in Italy we must simply call “the Church,” there being no structural “right.” And Emma Bonino is the face in this country of the Soros “open borders” plan to overwhelm Europe, especially European culture, with (mostly Islamic) migrants from Africa and the Middle East.

The sacramental life – that is, the Catholic religion – seems to be of little interest to anyone but the laity, slowly spiritually starving on bare subsistence rations. In the summer, many of the Masses in the small villages are cancelled completely. (It goes without saying that this is strictly the Novus Ordo, with the full complement of guitar-strummers; the traditional Mass is simply not on the radar.) Even worse, there are no scheduled Confession times at all; that Sacrament has simply gone locally extinct. Italy is simply no longer a safe country, as it was only five years ago. The respectable village ladies are afraid to walk the five minutes from the church to their homes at the end of Thursday night Rosary. Most parish priests would be more likely to deliver a lecture against racism than change the times to help them be safe.

But none of this is apparently of any interest to the bishop. In Perugia, Cardinal Gualtiero Bassetti, whom Francis recently appointed head of the Italian bishops’ conference and made a cardinal (at 75), a few months ago organised a sort of rally in the city up on the hill to “celebrate” the enormous influx of African Muslim migrants to our area. This was after having given an interview in which he urged the government to grant legal concessions to same-sex liaisons, while cautioning Catholic participants in the Family Day demonstrations not to be “against” anyone: “The example comes from Pope Francis. His words are always of absolute clarity, the Holy Father is never against anyone, ever.”

The soaring rates of violent crime – a few months ago in the little town next to ours our station master was murdered by the gang of African migrant thugs who loiter about the train station day and night… he had dared to intervene in their bullying and took a broken bottle to the chest – seems inconsequential to the bishops and clergy. In January this year an auxiliary bishop of Perugia came to the parish of the same town to celebrate Mass for World Migrant Day, saying that young African migrants are a “timid hope” in the face of Italy’s “devastating demographic winter.”

It is true that in the Francis pontificate the Marxist faction in the Italian episcopate has been emboldened. In March 2017 when Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia – yes, the one who commissioned the homoerotic mural for Terni cathedral, with himself as one of the featured nudes – gave a brief eulogy for a Radical Party founder, Marco Pannella. Francis’ pick as head of the Pontifical Academy for Life and the John Paul II Institute for Studies in Marriage and Family went to a party meeting as a very special guest to call Pannella “a man of great spirituality,” saying his death is a “great loss” not just for the party but “for our country” and “for our world, which needs more than ever men who can talk like him.”

Pannella, Paglia said had “spent his life for the least” in “defence of the dignity of all, especially the most marginalized.” Paglia described his warm and close friendship with Pannella, calling his death as “a great loss,” not just for the party but “for our country.” Pannella’s life, he said, is an “inspiration for a more beautiful life not only for Italy, but for our world, which needs more than ever men who can talk like him ... I hope that the spirit of Marco can help us to live in that same direction.

In October last year, Catholic writers in Italy expressed their shock at the bishops proudly announcing their partnership with the Radicals to promote the party’s “March for Amnesty, Justice, Freedom” project demanding the release of criminals from prisons. Given the party’s devotion to driving the Church out of public life, the Italian bishops’ collusion with the Radicals could justly be described as the turkeys working with the butcher to promote Thanksgiving. It sounds to an outside observer like the world’s most advanced case of Stockholm Syndrome: a Church demonstrating its bona fides to a bitterly anti-Catholic Left by committing ritual suicide. Perhaps the only sensible question we are left with is why Emma Bonino is not doing a preaching tour of all the major basilicas and cathedrals of Italy.

But the whole business does raise other questions. As we start to understand the advanced state of moral decay this anti-Catholic ideology has caused among bishops and clergy, we tend to forget that it was not always so. The news has raised in my mind the question of how exactly this situation came about. How and why and by whom was Italy and the other Catholic nations of Europe so thoroughly de-Catholicised? Why, for example, are the “most Catholic” nations of Europe also the countries with the lowest fertility rates in the western world? Why has Italy not had a fertility rate over 1.4 children per woman in the last 30 years? The country’s statistical agency, Istat, says that in 2015 the total fertility rate was 1.35, a demographic death spiral. Italian politicians now openly speak of Italy as “a dying nation.”

By now the looming “demographic winter” of the western and westernized Asian nations is an accepted reality, but why is it particularly acute – particularly advanced – in the formerly Catholic nations? If we put what we know together with these questions, the logic drives us toward an inescapable, though profoundly disturbing, hypothesis. One could be excused for asking, “Has the Catholic hierarchy been colluding with the globalist population control agenda to effect the decimation, even the extinction, of the Catholic population of Europe? And if so, for how long? Who made the decision and when, and what did they get in exchange?”

Anyone who wants to can do the research; I’m not going to reproduce it all here but everything has been declassified and is available online. Suffice for now to note that in 1974 a document was presented to the United Nations, authored by then-Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, that demanded the resources of the UN – especially including all its aid organisations like UNICEF – be ordered to the reduction of fertility in certain “target” states[1]. Assistance to people in these countries was to be attached to a demand that they accept contraception and sterilization – and later abortion – or do without the help.

The Catholic depopulation work, however, was already well under way when Kissinger’s committee produced National Security Memorandum 200. Had some controlling faction of the Catholic hierarchy already agreed in the 1960s to participate in a similar clandestine European Catholic genocide? Was there an agreement at the international level – as it has been said there was between Toronto’s Cardinal Gerald Emmett Carter[2] and Pierre Trudeau – to suppress the teaching of the Church on marriage and family life in exchange for concessions of some kind? Certainly the mood, the fashion, in Rome at the time was for making such deals. And it might have seemed like a pretty good one: progressives – and even normal Catholics who loved the approval of the secular world – were angry and deeply embarrassed by Humanae Vitae; they were definitely in a mood to suppress it. And after the debacle in Washington DC, it was clear that Pope Paul VI had no immediate plans to defend it. And we have certainly seen that the Holy See’s decades of presence at the UN has greatly increased the Vatican’s prestige and influence in international diplomatic circles, as we were reminded by Pope Francis’ intervention in Cuba.

Is it possible that some character like a Agostino Casaroli[3] – thought by many in this country to be a Freemason – made a deal with the nascent population control movement at the UN to effectively suppress Humanae Vitae in Europe’s Catholic churches?

Italy’s births per 1000 people since 1960

The Holy See established its mission – and received “permanent observer” status – at the UN in 1964. Ten years later, the UN formally entered the global population control business, but by that time the population slide in Europe was well under way. 

The international contraception promoters had already been at work in Italy for some years by that time. A report by the abortion/contraception agency Pathfinders International, brags that their agents were already handing out hormonal contraceptives to poor women in Rome in 1958, materials that “had been supplied free of charge by a manufacturer in Great Britain.” The agent of the Planned Parenthood affiliate group, Maria Luisa DeMarchi, “continued these visits for the next two decades, making weekly visits to over 550 clients annually—a total of over 7,000 visits.” The propaganda was effective: friends tell me that if you have one baby in a stroller, the nonnas will smile and coo; two or more children and the response is a lecture on overpopulation.

The results, the statistics, are easy to find; a recent report said that Italy now has the lowest fertility rate in Europe, one that has more halved since the 1960s. Births have fallen to fewer than in any other years since the modern state was formed in 1861. Italian Health Minister Beatrice Lorenzin – who thinks the problem can be solved by a 160 Euro monthly baby bonus – warned that Italy as a nation is facing an uncertain future without children. “In five years we have lost more than 66,000 births (per year) – that is the equivalent of a city the size of Siena. If we link this to the increasing number of old and chronically ill people, we have a picture of a moribund country.”

This bleak picture, of course, gives the likes of Emma Bonino and her friend at Santa Marta all the excuse they require to bring in as many African Muslim migrants as George Soros could wish. Italian parliamentarians on the left openly argue that these are the people needed to “replace” the native Italian population that is going extinct. 

Italy’s fertility rate is well below the European average of 1.58, but that number itself falls far short of the 2.1 required to maintain a stable population. The CIA World Factbook, a project of the US State Department, tells us that Spain ( 67.8%), Italy (80%), Poland (87.2%), Portugal (81%) and the Republic of Ireland (84.7%), are among the “most Catholic” nations of Europe. Every one of them also has what demographers call the “lowest-low,” or below-replacement fertility rates. Incremental boosts in the birth rates have come in the last few years, but have been generally understood to be the result of influxes of more fecund immigrants.

Just taking a closer look at one country, the little bellwether nation of Malta, we see that the situation has to have been sliding for decades before the recent leftist governments started altering the legislative scene. The median age of the Maltese population is 41.5 years, which breaks down to “male: 40.4 years; female: 42.7 years,” well over child-bearing age. This could not be accomplished in a few years. It takes decades of low birth rates to push the median age so high, even for such a small population. The Total Fertility Rate of Malta was 1.55 children born per woman in 2016, a situation that would be impossible if the Maltese hierarchy and clergy had taught what the Church teaches about marriage and family.

It can be fairly said that Malta is the most Catholic nation in the world. Various estimates place it about 90-98%. The conscious abandonment of the Church’s teaching can be the only possible explanation for their current demographic situation. Fifteen years ago, about 80% of the population of Malta attended Mass every week. A few years ago when I visited it was down to 50%. Masses are mainly well attended, but only with older people, and the men generally stay away. The installation of legalized divorce, contraception and now “gay marriage” in this Catholic nation could not have come about without at least the tacit cooperation of the Church. I was told that when the government moved to legalise divorce in 2011 – the first of a long line of legislative dominoes – there was no outcry, either from the laity or the clergy; indeed, many of the latter promoted the change from the pulpits. More recently still, we have seen the Maltese bishops becoming the poster-boys for the Bergoglian revolution; ordering their priests to give Holy Communion to people they know to be in unrepented adulterous liaisons.

For obvious reasons, it might also be worth looking at Argentina, for which the CIA’s notes are especially damning: “One-third of the population lives in Buenos Aires,” and are merely “nominally Roman Catholic, 92% (less than 20% practicing)”; this might be the only country for which the notes include this telling little caveat. It gives the fertility rate for Argentina as “2.28 children born/woman (2016 est.)” putting it just marginally above the level of population replacement of 2.1 children per woman. The 2014 “country implementation” report on Argentina by the UNFPA, the United Nations office overseeing the global population control movement, notes that between 1990 and 2001, contraceptive use increased from zero to 65%. The report also notes that the government has “major concerns” about adolescent fertility,” and is implementing “direct support for family planning” among young people.

North American conservative Catholics, working with their local political categories, are often hampered in understanding this situation. They laugh at the wild “conspiracy theories” of Traditionalists, with our table talk of Freemasons and Communist infiltration… What’s next? UFO abductions? But on the old continent, these realities are acknowledged as part of the landscape; Italians know that Freemasons and Communists are not fairytales; the prominent displays of hammers and sickles at the “Gay Pride” parade every year in Rome being a bit of a give-away. We sheltered Anglos really have no idea how commonplace it is for Italian priests and even bishops to openly operate as Communist agitators or sympathizers. Every village, town and city in the country has its “Via Gramsci.”

Many years ago, when I first became interested in these issues, I started reading about the movement by wealthy western countries to “curtail” the birth rates of poor “developing nations”. At the time I had no strong objection to contraception per se, but it struck me immediately that it was a gross moral violation for rich people to start demanding that poor people stop having children, so they could maintain their extravagant consumption indefinitely. This was clearly a case of genocide, on a global scale. But it is simply a fact that the European Catholic fertility rates started plunging well before the UN’s aid agencies started working to curtail births in the developing world.

Mass contraceptive and sterilization programmes, including government propaganda promoting them, is genocide. And this is what the UN has been doing in every “developing” nation in the world since the early 1970s. Given what we know now about how things have worked in the Vatican since the 1950s, I see no reason not to suspect, very strongly, that the extermination of Catholic Europe, that has been on the secularist, Freemasonic agenda since the early 19th century, was not brought into the Church by the turncoat Trojans in Rome.

[1] The countries named in the 1974 memo for special treatment were India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, Turkey, Nigeria, Egypt, Ethiopia, Mexico, Colombia and Brazil. With the revelations since then that UN-funded health organisations have been entering South American and African countries and sterilizing women without their knowledge or consent, one can assume that the mandate has expanded.

[2] Carter was one of the Church’s most outspoken opponents of Humanae Vitae and the author of the key paragraphs of the Winnipeg Statement repudiating its moral teaching. He publicly called the encyclical a “tragedy” and issued confessional guidelines for priests all but instructing them to ignore it: “Because of the doubt in the practical order, no priest can refuse absolution to persons using the pill, unless their motive is clearly sinful.”

[3] Secretary of State 1979 – 1990, Casaroli was a lifelong Vatican diplomat. Under John XXIII he was the author of the Vatican’s “Ostpolitik” approach of appeasement of Communism. He was included in the famous “Pecorelli’s List” of suspected Vatican Freemasons, as was his immediate predecessor in the office, Jean Villot. 

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