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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Pilgrimage to Chartres Begins: 'Come Holy Ghost' Featured

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Saturday 14th May 2016


Under the patronage of Saint Catherine of Siena

St. Catherine of Siena is the brilliant, courageous mystic who defied a pope, weathered the Great Schism, and spent the last half of her life in Rome, desperately working toward the restoration of the Church. Her story, in this last respect, reminds us of our own; we strive every day toward the restoration of Tradition; of the true Church of Rome, the home we can’t help but love. Her spirit is no doubt with the pilgrims and their sponsors and prayer warriors during the most important annual event happening in the Church today. St. Catherine was not content with simply biding the times; she called for action, begging the faithful to “cry out with a hundred thousand tongues! I see that the world is rotten because of silence.” At least fifteen thousand are heeding her words today, as they show to a languishing world the force and vigour of glorious Old Christendom. “Be who God meant you to be, and you will set the world on fire!” Hardly a truer statement. St. Catherine, pray for us!




All About Chartres (by Michael Matt, Father Pendergraft, Dr. John Rao)


 Pilgrimage at a Glance: 

MASS IN NOTRE DAME CATHEDRAL PARIS 07H00-- Think of it, the Mass of all time, the ancient glorious traditional Latin Mass of our fathers returns once again the high altar of Notre-Dame de Paris. Praise God!    

Sermon: The meaning of pilgrimage, road to conversion 

Concluding words: The pilgrimage spirit, the choice of this year’s theme and its importance.


Dear pilgrims, this year we will meditate on the mystery of the Holy Trinity. After God the Father, maker of heaven and earth, His Son, Jesus Christ, Savior of the World, we will meditate upon the Holy Spirit. All the Christian people by Baptism were consecrated to the Holy Trinity. This we proclaim every time we make the sign of the cross: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Hereby we attest to the unity of three divine Persons, while distinguishing each of them from the others.

During the next 3 days we will pray to the Holy Spirit. We will learn to know Him better, to perceive who He really is, to deepen our experience of His mission, to specify His 7 gifts, in order to entrust ourselves to Him and ask Him for help in becoming true witnesses of Jesus Christ, like the Apostles sent out on their mission on the very day of Pentecost.

Come, Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of Thy faithful and kindle in them the fire of Thy love. 

I believe in the Holy Spirit, Who proceeds from the Father and the Son. 

2h45 From Notre Dame Cathedral to Parc Henri Sellier (Plessis-Robinson) (The Apple Stop)

Hymns and Religious songs walking through Paris. Welcoming words to the chapter, presentation of the chapter and its patron saint. General presentation of this year’s theme and of the patron saints for the three days: St. Catherine of Siena, St. Pius X, all past and present martyrs for the Catholic Faith.

Simple presentation of the theme for the day: The Holy Spirit, Spirit of Holiness.

Recitation of the Rosary: The Joyful mysteries, each decade sung, to be continued throughout the morning. 

1h20 From Parc Henri Sellier to Amblainvilliers (Igny)

Rosary, hymns and songs (Sponsors and prayer partners – if you have made your prayer intentions known they are read aloud now as the pilgrims navigate rough terrain through the forest. Rremember the walkers now in your rosary; the energy from the dash through Paris is beginning to fade; blisters are forming.)

Meditation: The Sacrament of Penance, how to receive mercy    

Invite chapter leaders to read during the pilgrimage the text on the examination of conscience.


2h40 From Amblainvilliers to Billehou

The undertaking of the pilgrim; make suitable commentaries. The spirit ( joy, penitence, reparation) behaviour (charity, assistance to others, respect for pilgrimage rules) dress ( that of a Christian, a witness for Christ).

Meditation: The Holy Mass   

Rosary : the Sorrowful Mysteries ( use this rather noisy moment as the pilgrimage goes along the N118 road for 40 minutes)

Meditation : ‘The Spirit of Truth’. 


The Holy Spirit is personified Love. He is also and first of all the Spirit of Truth. Thus he gives us the Truth and Love according to His proper qualities.

To contemplate the Truth is to adore it. 

In His last conversation after the Last Supper Jesus explains: But the Paraclete, the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he will teach you all things, and bring all things to your mind, whatsoever I shall have said to you (Jn 14.26)…But when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will teach you all truth. (Jn 16.13)

This Truth is, first of all, the Truth about God and the internal relation in the Holy Trinity. The Holy Spirit allows us to perceive Jesus in his glory and thus to perceive the Father.

This loving contemplation forms the core of the Christian life. This life becomes deeper in a soul sensitive to the Holy Spirit. It continues in an adoration pleasing to God. 

Hymns, songs and continuation of the Rosary

1h10 From Billehou to Jean Racine, Saint Rémy-les-Chevreuse           

Meditation : ‘The Sanctifying Holy Spirit’. 

Rosary : The Glorious Mysteries and hymns and songs

1h25 From Jean Racine to the Campsite at La Ferté-Choisel

Meditation : ‘The Spirit of Piety’. 


In this world we are bid to assist Our Lord Jesus Christ in his work of salvation. As individuals, the form and details of our mission depend upon our respective talents and abilities. But the mission of testifying God’s Truth concerns everyone.

But when the Paraclete cometh, whom I will send you from the Father, the Spirit of truth, who proceedeth from the Father, he shall give testimony of me. [27] And you shall give testimony, because you are with me from the beginning (Jn 15,26-27).

Even if Jesus directed these words to the Apostles they are not less applicable to every Christian.

Dear pilgrims, remember this important aspect: the bond between the Spirit of Truth and the testimony of Truth.  Every member of the faithful is assigned to the testimony of the faith by the sacrament of Confirmation.

The action of the Holy Spirit concerning the testimony doesn’t necessarily have to be passed by a hierarchical initiative. For example, it concerns strong attachment to the Traditional Liturgy, the fruit of the Holy Spirit animating the Church’s life.

Only through that practical fidelity against all the plots of this world, in a real humility always renovated through the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, will we bring Heaven to the Earth.

Rosary : continuation with hymns and songs

Presentation : Why Chartres is a place of pilgrimage 

Dear Reader, could you please offer up today’s Mass for the walkers? Fatigue set in mid-afternoon, and the campsite is located on top of a hill. The final climb is brutal; veteran pilgrims refer to it as “Cardiac Hill”. Pray for them, they pray for you!

Despite the last push and the scramble to retrieve luggage and locate the proper tents, camp is energetic tonight. The Passion is re-enacted by French Boy Scouts near a massive bonfire, followed by the Uprising in the Vendee, and the Crusade of King Saint Louis IX. These examples of Catholic heroism are key to the pilgrim’s spirit. 

For a good part of his life Charles Péguy (1873 – 1914), the great French poet, was an ardent socialist and an on-again, off-again agnostic. Before his death on the battlefield in the early days of World War I, he’d become a believer. He walked the pilgrimage many times after his conversion, since it appealed to his warrior poet’s spirit. His story can be found here

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