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Monday, March 7, 2016

The First Demotic Pope Scandalizes the Little Ones Featured

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            Derived from the Greek root demos, meaning “the people,” demotic is a rich word that denotes or connotes all of the following: common, vulgar, popular, colloquial, the language of ordinary people, demagogic.

            Francis is the first designedly demotic Pope in Church history.  Unlike any Pope before him, he basks in the world’s unending praise precisely because he styles himself the people’s Pope.” The world loves “the people’s Pope” for saying what the people want to hear as opposed to what the Church teaches in calling all men to be elevated from their fallen condition through the operation of sanctifying grace and the conformity of nations, laws and institutions to the Law of the Gospel and the Social Kingship of Christ.  The disciples who abandoned Our Lord when He revealed the meaning of the Holy Eucharist declared:  “This saying is hard, and who can hear it?”  But so often when Francis speaks the world delights in replying: “This saying is easy, who can reject it?”
            The disastrous back-of-the-airplane
.  Let wave after wave of indignation batter the walls of the Vatican in the hope that someone inside will be roused to remedial action, if not Francis himself.  Absent any serious opposition from the same members of the upper hierarchy who murmur their alarm in private while doing nothing in public, righteous indignation in defense of the Faith and our prayers, especially the Rosary, are the only weapons at our disposal in the midst of this madness.  Lord, may the madness soon end, even if our own sins have helped to bring it down upon us.


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Christopher A. Ferrara

Christopher A. Ferrara: President and lead counsel for the American Catholic Lawyers Inc., Mr. Ferrara has been at the forefront of the legal defense of pro-lifers for the better part of a quarter century. Having served with the legal team for high profile victims of the culture of death such as Terri Schiavo, he has long since distinguished him a premier civil rights Catholic lawyer.  Mr. Ferrara has been a lead columnist for The Remnant since 2000 and has authored several books published by The Remnant Press, including the bestseller The Great Façade. Together with his children and wife, Wendy, he lives in Richmond, Virginia.

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