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Friday, February 26, 2016

Historic Gay-Rights Bill Passes in Italy, Pope Francis Remains Silent

By:   David Martin
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Historic Gay-Rights Bill Passes in Italy, Pope Francis Remains Silent
Italy's Parliament made history on Thursday by passing its controversial gay-rights bill that's been pending in the senate for months. Thereby Italy now joins the other western European countries in officially recognizing gay-unions.

Prime Minister Matteo Renzi is elated over the victory, despite squawks from certain LGBT activists that the passage didn't include legislation permitting gay-adoption. It appears the gay-adoption clause was deliberately denied for the moment to quell conservative opposition and ensure that the bill got passed. Gay-rights activists no doubt will go to town now to get an amendment passed to permit gay-adoption as well, but the door has been swung open for them. Gay-unions are now recognized in Italy. 


Unfortunately. the pope and Vatican bureaucracy did absolutely nothing to thwart the passage of the bill, and even coldly refused to support the Family Day 2016 in Rome, wherein 2,000,000 of Italy's best Catholics came out to voice their opposition to this heinous sodomite proposal. Clerics and laity were actually scolded for attending. Will the Pope Act to Save Italy?  

This is particularly sad when we consider that many in Italy's Parliament were quite hesitant and even nervous about passing the bill. Every indication is that they would have received conservative overtures from the Vatican had the hierarchy stood up and refuted the gay-rights bill before the people, but fear prevailed as the cocks crowed throughout the Eternal City. Only a mere handful of clergy supported the Family Day 2016 on January 30. The word went out that clergy and bishops were not to take sides in the gay-rights debate.

The Vatican no doubt will come out now to express "lamentation" over the gay-rights victory, but it will only be a smokescreen to cover negligence and make themselves look good. After all, who are they to judge?! It's just like the U.S. Bishops who refused to exhort the faithful about not supporting Obama before the presidential election, and then after his victory they went about feigning "disgust" over the election, even threatening to "sue Obama" over his health care reform. It was just a smokescreen to cover their cowardice and their outright complicity.

If the Vatican is truly concerned over what has come to pass, let them prove themselves in a true spirit of Lenten self-denial. Let the pope and cardinals humbly confess that the gay victory is largely their doing, not only by their failure to witness and let their light shine before men, but by having had the audacity to propose sanction for gay-unions during the recent Vatican synods on the Family. The October synods of 2014 and 2015 served precisely to fuel gay aspirations throughout Italy, and this is the end result. Italy, the seat of Christianity, is now officially a gay-friendly state. The sin that brought divine punishment and destruction upon Sodom and Gomorrah has now been dignified by Italy's ruling body.

Fire and brimstone anyone?

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