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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Yeah, About that Mercy Talk…

By:   Michael Lofton
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Yeah, About that Mercy Talk…

The Holy Father has often stressed the message that some in the church need to show more mercy and this message is almost always directed towards faithful Catholics. A recent homily delivered on the second day of the Synod on the Family reiterates this message, saying:

Jesus as well lived this drama with the Doctors of the Law, who did not understand why He did not let them stone the adulterous woman, why He went to dine with publicans and sinners: they did not understand…They did not understand mercy.


It is very telling that Pope Francis would say such things after the opening of the Synod on the Family, since the liberals are attempting to use the synod as an opportunity to overturn the church’s practice of Holy Communion for adulterers, all in the name of “mercy”.

Be that as it may, we’ve arrived at a point in the pontificate of Pope Francis where one must ask: does the Holy Father really care about mercy, or is this just an excuse to allow for the liberalizing of the faith? Here are some questions that must be answered in order to defend the former over the latter:

·       If Pope Francis were really concerned about mercy, why does he continue to allow Cardinal Kasper to propose that Holy Communion may be distributed to unrepentant adulterers? How is assisting in the damnation of souls merciful? Wouldn’t it be merciful to deny such a proposal, for the sake of the souls who will be damned if they received Holy Communion unworthily (1 Corinthians 11:29)?

·       If Pope Francis were really concerned about mercy, why does he continue to give Cardinal Danneels such influence over the church, especially during the Synod on the Family? This is the same cardinal who protects pedophiles and endorses sodomite unions. Furthermore, why did he recently appoint Bishop Barros, a bishop accused of covering up pedophilia (and being present at one such act), to the diocese of Osorno and then called the community of Osorno “dumb” for objecting to this decision? Where is the mercy for those who will suffer abuse at the hands of priests, who will be even more encouraged to commit acts of pedophilia, given that pedophile protectors are so valued by the Holy Father? Where is the mercy for them, and where is the mercy for the Osorno community?

·       If Pope Francis were really concerned about mercy, why does he continue to sew confusion in the church with “off the cuff” speeches? It doesn’t matter if his words can be contorted into an orthodox manner, the fact is that people interpreted it in a destructive way, and no word of clarification came from the Holy Father. In fact, it has only been aggravated by his behavior towards homosexuals. How many souls have been misled into believing sodomy is acceptable after the “who am I to judge” scandal? Why haven’t they received mercy by a clear warning that sodomy leads to hell? Where is the mercy for Catholics who have to try to “explain away” the “off the cuff” words of the current Pope?

·       If Pope Francis were really concerned about mercy, why didn’t he deliver a strong and clear denunciation against abortion when he stood before congress during his U.S. trip? The words he spoke before congress were extremely ambiguous and could be received favorably by those in favor of abortion. Where is the mercy for the souls of infants who will be murdered without a clear rebuke from the successor of St. Peter?

·       If Pope Francis were really concerned about mercy, why does he continue to preach about the need to care for the earth, rather than the care of souls through the preaching of the Gospel? Has Pope Francis ever clearly stated that God commands “all people everywhere to repent” (Acts 17:30) and to “Believe in the Lord Jesus” (Acts 16:31) for the sake of salvation? Where is the mercy for the billions of souls that are headed to hell for eternity if they don’t repent? Isn’t the preaching of this Gospel an act of mercy designed to free people from their bondage to sin, Satan and this world?

If Pope Francis really cares about mercy, why doesn’t he call off the synod, excommunicate the heretics who are misleading souls, defend the faith clearly and call all people everywhere (Acts 17:30) to repentance and faith in Christ? I think we all know the answer at this point.

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Last modified on Wednesday, October 14, 2015