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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Pray for the Intentions of the Holy Father? Really? Featured

Written by  Father X
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Pray for the Intentions of the Holy Father? Really?

Editor’s Note
: Just to be perfectly clear, Father X is not SSPX or 'independent'. He is a priest in good standing with superiors who in turn are in good standing with Rome. Though he usually offers Mass in the Traditional Rite, he also celebrates the Novus Ordo. His words indicate that Catholic priests from all walks of life in the Church today are deeply concerned about the new direction in which Pope Francis seems determined to take the Church we all love.  Please pray for the Holy Father.  God help us all.  MJM

Dear Mr. Matt,

Following up my article in the July 31st Remnant on how Pope Francis 'demythologizes' the miracle of the loaves and fishes, I would like to recommend to readers the following practice, which I myself have recently adopted.


God in his inscrutable Providence and just wrath has evidently decided to punish the weak, corrupt, neo-modernistic post-Vatican II Church: he has allowed a bunch of compromising cardinals to elect of one of the most dreadful popes in history.

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Therefore, especially in these crucial weeks leading up to the Synod on the Family, instead of the customary Our Father and three Hail Marys for the Holy Father's intentions in your daily Rosary, please consider offering those same prayers as a plea that the Holy Father's intentions be frustrated and thwarted. 

After all, ever since early last year Francis has communicated in many ways his intention and heartfelt hope that the upcoming Synod may help him officially introduce the sexual revolution into the Church, in the form of Holy Communion for bigamists (adulterers) and a "welcome" for the "positive values" in sodomite relationships. Talk about the Smoke of Satan.

Father X
via Internet

Remnant TV will be in Rome for the Synod. This is a costly effort. Please help us represent the traditional Catholic resistance to the Kasper Proposal where it's needed most:

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