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Monday, March 16, 2015

Viva Cristo Rey: Traditional Catholic Restoration in Mexico

Written by  Fr. Jonathan Romanoski
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The Power of the Cassock: Fathers Romanoski and Sumich (FSSP) stopped in the streets in Mexico by strangers wanting objects blessed and to learn more about Tradition The Power of the Cassock: Fathers Romanoski and Sumich (FSSP) stopped in the streets in Mexico by strangers wanting objects blessed and to learn more about Tradition

Dear fellow friends of The Remnant,

Greetings once again from Fr. Jonathan Romanoski, FSSP, in Guadalajara, México. I would like to give you an update on our apostolate down here in the land of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Empress of the Americas.

We moved two years ago from the Church of St. Peter where we had been for four years, to an historic church in the center of town dedicated to the oldest Marian title in all of Christendom - Our Lady of the Pillar. The oldest church indeed as it was begun by Our Lady herself during her lifetime around the year AD 40 when she visited the apostle St. James who was sent to evangelize the land of what is now Spain.

Arriving at Zaragoza, St. James had made but few converts and was tempted by sadness to despair when Our Lady appeared to him, descending from the clouds upon a pillar, which she left planted there, asking him to build a shrine in her honor, which she promised would remain till the end of time and which would be the source of grace for the conversion of that land which was to become a great nation.


You know, of course, the rest of the story. Spain would gradually convert and become a miraculous tool in the hand of Our Lady to vanquish the Muslims in Spain, combat Protestantism by leading the Counter-Reformation, and evangelize millions of souls in the New World, which was discovered of course on her feast day the 12th of October. We thus are very pleased to be under her Patronage – a pledge of hope against hope.

The community has been growing, now approaching 300 faithful on Sundays, with more and more groups for gentlemen, ladies, acolytes, young ladies, etc. The majority of our faithful are people who never knew the traditional Mass, but who became quickly attracted to it, given the general traditional sense of devotion the people still have here, where they still insist as a norm to receive Holy Communion on the tongue and that only young men serve at the altar.

I remember a pious lady, a daily Mass goer, who began to attend our Mass and after a few weeks remarked that she still did not understand some aspects like Latin, but just sensed that it is the way it should be, as the silence and reverence naturally resonated with here traditional sense of devotion, which is still very common here. They are also quickly attracted to the traditional form of preaching, a clear catechesis explaining the reasons why the Catholic faith is true and the only one revealed by God, and condemning very clearly the modern errors and heresies which can ruin their souls and families.

They are definitely a people who by nature understand yes, yes, no, no, and that all other ambiguity is from “el chamuco” as they call the evil one. And hence they are overjoyed to be reclaiming their traditional Catholic culture, wearing once again long dresses, mantillas, and restoring traditional Catholic life in their families. I say overjoyed because they are still generally very docile to the priest and his instruction, but unfortunately often times have been left as sheep without a shepherd who will speak the truth without compromise.

At the same time the devil does not sleep and continues to sew heresies, immorality and the corruption of customs throughout the youth, many of whom are losing the faith. I often explain to them that Mexico depends on being Catholic to function, as it really runs like a big family based on mutual trust and friendship which arises naturally out of their common faith and ethnicity, as even Aristotle noted for the just man there is no need of law. But in so far as that faith erodes there is not a legal mindset which maintains order like we have in the US, and things quickly degenerate into chaos and corruption. Hence an old Monsignor told me that when he grew up one could leave his door open and go out and nothing would have happened, and now where he lived as a child has become a place common for prostitution and drug use.

Hence the time is now to save what remains of Christendom and rebuild it before everything gets drowned by the filth that Satan is vomiting out of his mouth (Rev. 12:15) and promoted by his Masonic sect, which seeks to replace Christ as king with fallen Man (c.f. Humanum Genus, Leo XIII). But the gates of hell shall not prevail as long as we continue to fight.

Father Romanoski Explains the Old Mass and the Mission, in Spanish

The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the faith, and which has been proved especially here in Guadalajara, Mexico, which still has three times more priestly vocations than any other diocese worldwide. And it is a fight not only for the Faith in Guadalajara and Mexico, but thanks to so many technological means we are able to literally preach unto the ends of the earth. The sermons which we place on our website and Facebook page, as well as the videos of classes on YouTube have been able to help people around the world, as we receive words of thanks from people from Spain and all throughout Latin America.

Our project now, while the harvest is still ripe, is to form priests in the sacred Tradition of our Roman Catholic Church. To this end we are about to buy a house, God willing, which will initially be a center of formation for the laity and future candidates and one day soon we pray, grow to become a future seminary. For which cause I earnestly ask for your help of prayers and whatever donations can be made. We have already expanded to Mexico City this last year, a city with a population of around 25 million. We received an historic church in the center of town dedicated to Our Lady´s Immaculate Conception. Our mission to Mexico is thus founded on two Marian pillars, the Church of the Immaculate Conception and the Church of Our Lady of the Pillar in Guadalajara. We have already sent a few young men to the seminary in the US who are eager to come back and join in the fight for Christ the King of Mexico, King of the Americas.

I thank you for all the spiritual and material help you have given us, encourage you to continue to help us and in turn promise our continued prayers and Masses for all of you.

Viva Cristo Rey!

God bless and Mary keep,

Fr. Romanoski FSSP

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