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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Why is the Vatican Manipulating Results of the Synod on the Family?

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Why is the Vatican Manipulating Results of the Synod on the Family?

Catholics around the world need to know that the Vatican communications machine is still doing its best to manipulate the results of the Synod on the Family.  

As can be seen from the link here and below to the relevant page on the Vatican website, all the preliminary and more liberal documents of the Synod are up there in multiple languages, while the only one that matters de jure - the final and official relatio which did not even propose - much less approve - Communion for divorced-and remarrieds or "welcome" for homosexuals and their "gifts", is posted only in Italian.


As Chris Ferrara noted this morning, "it is even worse than this. All of the problematical documents pertaining to the preparation and interim Relatio of the Synod on the Vatican website page linked to above have titles that are active hyperlinks, so that you can click on the title and immediately go to the document.  But the title of the Synod’s final Relatio—the only document that was supposed to represent the Synod's official outcome—is merely in dead type that cannot be clicked.  

"Worse still, the Synod's final Relatio is the only document on that page which appears in one language only, Italian, whereas the positively evil midterm Relatio, which the Synod completely rejected, appears in English, Italian, Portuguese, French and Spanish as do ten other documents related to the Synod.  

"The bottom line is that the Synod document that receives the least prominence on the Vatican website is the very document reflecting the Synod's actual outcome, which is widely (and rightly) reported as a “defeat” for Francis. Unbelievable!"

So de facto, far more publicity is still being given by the Vatican itself to the intermediate relatio of October 13 which was roundly denounced by the firmly orthodox Fathers than to the much sounder relatio finalis wich replaced it on October 18.

Why? In heaven's name, what is going on in the Vatican?  

Last modified on Wednesday, October 29, 2014