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Saint-Sulpice Saint-Sulpice

Notre-Dame de Chrétienté is pleased to announce that  the departure of the Chartres Pilgrimage will be from St. Sulpice Church - the second-largest chuch in Paris - on June 8, 2019.  

The pilgrims will rendezvous at 5.30 am, with the traditional Latin Mass celebrated at 7 am .

Notre-Dame de Chrétienté thanks the archdiocese as well as the civil and military authorities for their understanding and efforts to find this solution that allows us to begin our pilgrimage in Paris and on a route close to the one we usually use.

Mass will be celebrated by Father Julian Large, Provost of the Oratory of London, assisted by Father Henri Lefer (FSSP, Chaplain of the Paris-Est region) and Canon Martial Pinoteau (ICRSP, Chaplain of North Region). Mgr Alexis Leproux, Vicar General and representative of the Archbishopric of Paris, will give the homily. The sendoff will be given by the Abbot Alexis Garnier, Chaplain General of Notre-Dame de Chrétienté.

The 42 family chapters and the 22 children's chapters will meet at Igny on Saturday, June 8 at 11:30 am for Mass celebrated by Father Guilhem de Labarre, of the Fraternité St Pierre, chaplain of the Order Service.

The pilgrimage under the theme of the Peace of Christ through the Kingship of Christ is an invitation to conversion through Catholic Tradition and the Rosary for the restoration of Christianity.

Our Lady of Holy Hope, convert us!

Visit ChartresPilgrimageUSA.com for the latest news on the Remnant's official USA Chapter, Our Lady of  Guadalupe.

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

TEASER: May 15th Remnant Newspaper

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Michael J. Matt: Women Deacons and Heretical Popes

Theresa Marie Moreau: FORGOTTEN HATE CRIMES: Martyred Catholics in China

Chris Ferrara: JORGE'S HEROES: The Dirty War and a Dirty Beatification

Chris Jackson: Vatican News Roundup

Elizabeth Yore: A Vatican Deal Made in China

Hilary White: Praying for Things

Elena Chudinova: A Letter from Russia/Who Obstructs the Construction of Churches in Moscow?

John Salza: Debating the Relevant Issues/Reply to Br. Andre Marie

Fr. Celatus: The Last Word/Angry Missionaries of Mercy

Cover page

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On May 19—and in the spirit of Pope Francis—St. Margaret Mary Catholic Church in Winter Park, Florida, will host an interfaith Ramadan dinner.

Why? Because, as is explained on St. Margaret Mary's website (which includes the graphic below), they seek to follow the example set by Pope Francis: 


With his ominous looking goatee, shaved head, forearm tattoos and 6’8” frame, Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Fetterman looks like he belongs at the end of the Philadelphia 76ers’ bench.  

However, basketball isn’t his game. 

Rather, Fetterman has been doing a lot of tacit dribbling throughout the Commonwealth on what he calls “a listening tour” on the legalization of “recreational” marijuana.  The town-hall type meetings have been proceeding non-stop since February with its goal of visiting all of the state’s 67 counties by mid-June. 

Last Wednesday evening, that tour brought Fetterman to the 2nd Street Community Center in Northumberland.  In reality, this “listening tour” was over before it began and is simply a campaign for the impending legalization of marijuana.         

Anyone familiar with the issue will tell you that when Gov. Tom Wolfe signed legislation legalizing medical marijuana back in April 2016, it was just a matter of time before Pennsylvania joined the other 10 states that have legalized both medicinal and recreational usage. 

The only surprise is that it took this long to get the pot train moving along its well-greased tracks.

Fetterman claims he is unbiased and has no “pre-arrived-at conclusions,” but a striking one-minute video complied by the Pennsylvania Family Council proves otherwise, highlighting statements that he is steadfast about legalization:  https://pafamily.org/2019/04/fettermanconclusion/.   Fetterman is as raw as he is tall. He insists, “My expression is let’s go full-on Colorado in Pennsylvania. We’re arguing about @#$&ing marijuana.” 

jetterman 3Fetterman, endorsed by Bernie Sanders and Equality PA

Facts are certainly stubborn things and according to the Denver Post and the Institute for Families, going “full-on Colorado” produces a plethora of problems. Since legalization, the crime rate in Colorado has increased 11 times faster than the rest of the nation. Colorado’s Bureau of Investigation reports an 8.3 percent increase in property crimes and 18.6 percent increase in violent crimes, while traffic deaths involving drivers who tested positive for marijuana more than doubled.

A study by the Colorado Division of Criminal Justice found of the 4,000 drivers tested for marijuana in 2016, 73 percent were found to have the drug in their system.  Presently, Colorado holds the top spot for first-time marijuana use among youth in the country with more retail marijuana stores than Starbucks and McDonalds combined.

State Rep. Cris Dush, a Republican from Jefferson County and Pennsylvania Family Institute President Michael Geer insinuated Fetterman’s events are weighted in favor of legalization supporters. Fetterman disagrees, but claims there’s near-unanimous support for legalization. 

In the DuBois Courier-Express, Dush said he did his own “16-year listening tour,” while working for the Department of Corrections as a correctional officer.  Dush called marijuana “a stepping-stone drug and possible cause of mental health issues.”  Northumberland County Rep. Kurt Masser had no comment and State Senator John Gordner did not respond to my inquiry.  Here’s hoping that these two consistent conservatives are not sliding down that weed-filled rabbit hole. 

All the drug and alcohol and law enforcement professionals I know agree with Dush and if that in itself isn’t a full-staffed red flag, what is?  

Not only are marijuana users more likely to start using opiates, but the National Academy of Medicine reports that using “is likely to increase the risk of schizophrenia and other psychoses; the higher the use, the greater the risk.” Between 2006 and 2014, emergency room visits for marijuana-induced psychosis tripled to 90,000. 

weed teenager 17 promo

It is stone-cold crazy that legalized marijuana is becoming a reality.  Led by organizations like the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML), pot propagandists have been operating for over a half century to convince anyone who would listen that marijuana is harmless and healthy. Nationwide, folks like Fetterman and their political allies are doing everything they can to paint lipstick on the pig of drug addiction, while selling out for another revenue stream for state governments. 

According to the Taxfoundation.org, the state of Washington levies a 37 percent sales tax. Leave it to politicians to be greedier than dope dealers. The growers, distributors and smokers have no say, which is clearly a case of taxation without inhalation. 

Bill Clinton anyone? 

There are plenty of folks who would have you believe that marijuana is not an addictive drug.  However, the politicians that are hooked on the tax dollars it brings to their state coffers, tells a far different story.

Legalization, they claim, would end the illegal marijuana trade, but because of state taxes, adding to the cost, the illegal drug industry will endure and continue to profit as they will be able to undersell the competition while remaining tax free.  The only difference between those lawmakers like Fetterman, who support its legalization and the dealers on the street, is that the dealers don’t need to lie about the poison they peddle.

If you are still unconvinced there’s Alex Berenson’s, “Marijuana, Mental illness, and Violence” in the January 2019 issue of ‘Imprimis’ – an exceptional publication produced by Hillsdale College that is available free online – https://imprimis.hillsdale.edu/marijuana-mental-illness-violence.  Berenson’s essay is sobering, and he pulls no punches on why this nationwide campaign for legalization is a debacle of the first-order and is perilous to those who use and debasing to the nation.  Berenson explains that “in the 1970s and 1980s, marijuana generally contained less than 5 percent THC. Today, the marijuana sold at legal dispensaries often contains 25 percent.”  

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The marijuana lobby has been blowing smoke for years about the drug’s safety.  Advocates say marijuana is a medicine, not an intoxicant, and that legalization can slow the opioid epidemic.  Not true, Berenson argues, pointing to an American Journal of Psychiatry study that shows “that people who use cannabis are more likely to start using opioids later.” 

Even the house organ of Liberaldom, the New York Times, in an op/ed said: “the legalization of marijuana is a serious and growing threat to public health and public safety.”

We have gone past permitting, and now endorse debauched societal behavior.  

The growing political train of legalizing marijuana, will continue as the tax windfall will be too much to pass up, while states ignore its established social and health problems.

Marijuana use will find its place as another risk-free exercise under the ideological eccentricities of the ever-emerging Nanny States of America.  The counterculture has become the culture and the Left isn’t going to let the facts, science or common sense inhibit its onslaught. 

American society has smoked the peace pipe with marijuana, while making war on tobacco and it’s only a matter of time before you reap what we sow.  

We need to stop pretending marijuana is a benign and innocuous drug. 

If you can’t catch up with Fetterman’s tour, you can voice your concerns online: https://HYPERLINK "https://default.salsalabs.org/Ted98bd84-6bcb-4023-a8bc-8e27c3fe7f0c/8d5116dc-9c42-495a-9d25-c751e85b7b9d"governor.pa.gov/recreational-marijuana-feedback.  Moreover, you can also contact your State Senator and State Representative. 

Fetterman has aspirations to run once again for the Democratic nomination for the U.S. Senate, but would be a slam-dunk as an advocate for NORML.

There is nothing more abnormal than NORML.


During Easter week, a bill was passed which beggars belief.  Minnesota House Democrats voted in favor of teaching pornography and sexual perversion as part of the Minnesota House Education Omnibus Bill, HF2400, the offending section of which is a two-page mandate requiring “Sexual Health Education” curriculum, also known as Comprehensive Sex Ed (CSE). 

Simply put, CSE is pornographic. And by "pornographic" I don't mean in the hyperbolic sense of an exaggerated description of something which maybe a few Mormon or Fundamentalist Christian groups might find offensive.  No, this is the real thing, i.e., sketched images of men and women engaging in what back in the 1980's was known as "kinky sex"-- what civilized people (if they mentioned it at all) would have called perversion, a word which no longer seems to phase anyone. 

But if teaching 4th grade kids the ins and outs of sodomy does not rise to the level of perversion, then quite obviously "perversion" has no meaning. 

Saturday, May 4, 2019

Abortion in Kansas

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On Easter Friday, the Kansas Supreme Court filed an opinion which held abortion is a "natural right." Hodes & Nauser, MDs, P.A., et al. v. Derek Schmidt, et al., Case No. 114,153 (Kan. Sup. Ct., April 26, 2019).

The opinion is remarkable for its legal fluency. Anyone familiar with the Court's output must wonder at its author. The opinion was filed "Per curiam," meaning it was authored collectively by the Court. But the gaps in law and logic are deftly handled, and the thing conveys such a diabolical confidence in deceit that it appears to flow from a power beyond the justices.

A detailed refutation of the opinion would be pointless. It is evident by now that American constitutional law is largely a matter of will, not reason. The desired result can be gained by any means necessary. One example here will suffice.

The Court explained that this sentence of the Kansas Constitution implicitly recognizes a natural right to abortion: "All men are possessed of equal and inalienable natural rights, among which are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." The Court did not once in its 87-page opinion examine the right to "life" which is explicitly protected in the same sentence. This is pure power, not legal judgment.

The opinion is nevertheless an interesting exercise in power, revealing more than the Court probably intended. As already mentioned, the Court did not posit a constitutional right so much as a natural right.

According to the Court, the Kansas Constitution merely recognized the natural right to abortion already held by the people who drafted and ratified the document. The Court's approach therefore grounded abortion in human nature, which the Court assumed does not change, rather than in constitutional law, which of course changes all the time!

The Court's strategy accomplished two things, rhetorically speaking. First, it allowed the Court to scorn any rejection of abortion as impossibly regressive. The only justice to dissent, the Hon. Caleb Stegall, properly noted that in the Court's "imagined world, the Liberty Bell rings every time a baby in utero loses her arm."

Second, it allowed the Court to play passive-aggressive. No, the Court claimed, its exercise of jurisdiction over innocent human life was not an aggressive use of government power. No, the Court claimed, its rejection of the "majoritarian" opinion in Kansas favoring restrictions on abortion was not aggressive in the least. The Court instead posed as a passive barrier to unreasonable actors who would otherwise attack the natural right to abortion.

Justice Stegall devoted most of his dissent to this pose. He argued the case was not "not only about abortion policy," but was "more elementally about the structure of our republican form of government." According to him, "[t]he structural idea that gave birth to Kansas as a political community, which has achieved consensus support across most of our history, is that the proper conditions for just rule are met via participatory consent to secure and promote the common welfare." (Emphasis in original.) The justice concluded his dissent as follows:

At the outset, I noted that this case isn't just about the policy of abortion, it is more basically about the structure of our government. While true, this description fails to account for a strange but persistent symbiosis between the two. Abortion has become the judicially preferred policy tail wagging the structure of government dog. For the majority, the settled and carefully calibrated republican structure of our government must give way, at every turn, to the favored policy. But in my considered judgment, constitutional structure is the very thing securing and guaranteeing the full range of human liberty. History and reason suggest that those who, in the name of liberty, tear down that edifice will wind up out in the political elements, unsheltered and exposed to the cold wind of every arbitrary power. (Emphasis in original.)

Justice Stegall's argument for limited government is noble, but it feels passed-by. The Roman gods which gave life to the ancient Republic (or so the Romans believed) could not be bothered to save the Republic once it passed to Empire. Such Romans as mourned the loss of the Republic were not heard. The Roman gods first created the Republic, and they then created the Empire—the gods moved on.

Here as well, the American gods have moved on. It turns out that government power based on social contract, one American god Justice Stegall invokes, is actually at the core of the Court's opinion. Justice Stegall is of course correct that the people of Kansas have not given the Court power to establish abortion as a natural right. But the Court is correct that the people of Kansas cannot give any branch of government a power they themselves lack, specifically (in the Court's view) a power to restrict abortion. What else could a natural right to abortion mean, but that the people cannot give government power to restrict that right? The Court is further correct that the people established it to decide disputed cases.

So, despite the truth found in the dissent, the overwhelming power of the Court remains unchanged. The Court's power can be exercised with restraint by virtuous people, as Justice Stegall asks, but power is available to the vicious as well. The Court has spoken on abortion in Kansas, and under the current system of government, the rest will listen.

Praying to the American gods therefore will not bring limited government back to Kansas. Just as the Roman government was ultimately restrained not by increased devotion to the pagan gods, but by increased devotion to the True God, the governments of Kansas and the rest of the country will be restrained only when they acknowledge the true source of their power.

Government power cannot come from the people, contrary to the common piety. Individuals lack the most basic power over others, such as taxing and incarcerating. Since individuals lack such power, a multitude are in the same boat. The interesting thing about the Court's opinion is that it tends toward agreement. If the people cannot give what they by nature lack, in this instance the power to restrict abortion, the same is true for all government functions.

In contrast, a Power which creates the common order may logically grant government subsidiary power over that order. Most governments throughout history have seen it that way. Revelation further teaches that the True God gives power to government under certain terms. See Mt. 28: 18-20; Rom. 13:1-7. Those terms do not include jurisdiction over innocent human life, a power God retains to Himself. See Ex. 20:13. Therefore no government may claim jurisdiction over innocent human life, even when purporting to hand that life to another.

Taking God's offer of power without God's intended limits is characteristic of sin. Sin began with Lucifer, whose intellect exceeded the combined intellects of all justices who have ever lived. Yet Lucifer's great intellect did not stop him from falling. Anyone who similarly grasps at God's power risks following Lucifer into damnation. The Kansas Supreme Court cannot stop it.

Even the law of murder can be changed:
Say "therapeutic", and the thing's arranged:
Pattern of heroic sacrifice,
Star of devotion in her children's eyes,
The pregnant mother summons good advice
It is not murder if the child's not seen;
This is what sentimental ethics mean.

—James McAuley, "A Letter to John Dryden"

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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

PREVIEW: Latest Remnant Newspaper

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On October 15, 2018, Canons William Avis and John O'Connor of the Institute of Christ the King formally began oversight of our Traditional Latin Mass parish here in Pittsburgh, which until then had been under diocesan control.  They offered a Solemn High Mass on their first Sunday with us, followed by a social to enable us to welcome them to Pittsburgh.  Since then, at every Mass we benefit from their meticulous and reverent manner of offering the Holy Sacrifice, and have found them to be quite personable and very dedicated to serving their flock.

We were blessed to have Fr. James Dolan as our pastor for the previous six years.  We are grateful for his dedication to the traditional Mass and to us, and we miss him.  But given the ongoing implosion of the diocese, all of the steadily falling number of priests are needed to prop up the NewChurch model a little bit longer.  The powers that be are no longer willing, or perhaps even able, to spare a priest for us.

While all of the novus ordo parishes are now in clusters, and many more church closings are in the offing, all under the Orwellian-sounding diocesan slogan of “On Mission For The Church Alive”, our numbers increased significantly immediately upon the Institute's arrival, and we continue to grow.  We see more and more new faces, new young families, and even some folks who used to attend years ago are now reappearing.

This past Holy Week, it was the first time for all but the oldest of us to experience the pre-1955 Holy Week liturgies, as they were before Bugnini and Co. had begun their dirty work some fifteen years before the novus ordo.  The Institute is one of the traditional apostolates which had been granted permission by the PCED to use these liturgies on an experimental basis.

All this is laying the groundwork for an exciting future for one of the oldest TLM congregations in the nation.   Although we have occupied St. Boniface Church for 25 years, we share it with the novus ordo, and have had to operate under their restrictions and with very limited facilities.  Moreover, from the beginning our priests have never been allowed to live in the onsite rectory, unjustly forcing them to commute.  But eventually we will be on our own.  Rumor has it that we will be moving to another traditional church a few miles away, where the Canons are already in residence.  But wherever our new church home is, and whenever we move there, once we are established, with the Canons living onsite, we anticipate a gradual flowering of parish life and activities, as is often seen in other traditional apostolates.  Deo Gratias!

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Pope and Archbishop Diarmuid Pope and Archbishop Diarmuid

The God of 'Ultimate Inclusion'

An April 15 article on Cruxnow.com’s website is entitled, Irish archbishop: A church that marginalizes is a ‘God-less church.’ It states that the Archbishop of Dublin, Diarmuid Martin, “was speaking April 13 during the celebration marking the 175th anniversary of the arrival of the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul in Ireland. According to Crux, “Archbishop Diarmuid Martin said God is not ‘a God just of rules and norms,’ but a God ‘who prizes the freedom that enables each one of us to be the person that we are created to be.’”

The 2019 Easter Sunday Massacre in Sri Lanka has left at least 300 Christians dead and as many as 500 wounded. Sri Lankan government officials blamed the Islamic group National Thowheeth Jama'ath for the senseless bombing that has rocked the country and terrorized the Christian minority community.   

The victims—mostly Catholic—of the Massacre were attending Easter Sunday Mass as St. Sebastian's Catholic Church in Negombo and St. Anthony's Catholic Shrine in Colombo. The evangelical victims were attending Zion Church in the eastern city of Batticaloa.

Yes, the victims of the Massacre were Christian. Does it violate hate crime laws to report what actually happened in Sri Lanka? Must we come up with more euphemisms? Judging from the bizarre reportage thus far, it's difficult to tell.   

I don't remember the mainstream media telling us that "worshippers" were slaughtered by an unnamed "extremist" in Christchurch.  In that case, the world was immediately informed that fifty Muslim worshippers in two Christchurch mosques were slaughtered by Brenton Tarrant--a 'suspected white supremacist'.  Within in a few hours of that horror, we had the shooter's name, nationality, photos and even his date of birth.  

Not so much in the case of the Easter Sunday Massacre in Sri Lanka, where mainstream media have been bending over backwards not to report the facts. Mustn't upset the prevailing Christophobic narrative, after all.  

Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton took the subterfuge to a point well beyond the absurd when they tweeted out how sorry they were that "Easter worshippers" were slaughtered by....er.... well they were slaughtered and isn't that too bad!

"Easter worshippers"?


Outspoken defender of the Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum, Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith, conducts funeral services for victims of the Easter Sunday Massacre in Sri Lanka
(AP Photo/Gemunu Amarasinghe)

This is getting truly ridiculous!  As images of Christians lying dead in streets everywhere become more or less par for the course, the faithful watchdog media never miss an opportunity to warn their gullible viewers against those hateful Christians and Trump-supporting "terrorists" out there who are, apparently, the only real threat left in the world. 

But when Muslim extremists blow up Christian churches the Christian victims are treated like anonymous pariahs.

Say what you will about Fox News, by the way, but in a country whose mainstream media would make Joseph Goebbels blush, Tucker Carlson is, well, a sworn enemy of lying pomposity, smugness and group-think: 

We offer our prayers and solidarity to our Christian brothers and sisters in Sri Lanka. May the Risen Christ and His Blessed Mother comfort the survivors and welcome to paradise the victims of this satanic attack on the Mystical Body of Christ.

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