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An interesting part of the Covid silver lining is that people are beginning to look at a lot of things in an entirely different light: From the real agenda of the globalists, to the "Church of Accompaniment" (which has abandoned us), to the “humble pope” who couldn’t possibly be more self absorbed, to the real motivations behind the attempted destruction of the Latin Mass, to the importance of family interaction and less dependence on big government and now to home schooling.

Studies now show, in fact, that many parents who were dragooned quite unexpectedly into educating their children at home, have in recent weeks begun moving much closer to choosing the homeschool option even after the lockdown.

Gov. Tim Walz Gov. Tim Walz

They say the essence of statesmanship is compromise. Trouble is, I don't like compromise.  I prefer the damn-the-torpedoes-and-full-speed-ahead approach, which is probably why I'm publishing a Catholic journal of opinion rather than running the Catholic Church.

So when the bishops of my state united in public defiance against the heavy-handed lockdown extension order of the governor of Minnesotaan order which, through ignorance or malice (I don’t’ know which) was biased against religionI was more than pleased and, in fact, pledged my newspaper (owned and operated here in Minnesota for 53 years) to stand with them in the face of whatever secular retaliation might be forthcoming. 

At a moment when the spiritual leadership of our shepherds has been drastically curbed by secular authority, and yet where it is also more essential than ever, we are proud to announce that the Bishops of Minnesota have decided to defy the State of Minnesota’s increasingly draconian lockdown of Minnesota's religious houses.

Led by the Archbishop of the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis, Most Rev. Bernard A. Hebda, the bishops of five other diocese have cosigned a respectful but firm letter of defiance, announcing that they will reopen Minnesota’s Catholic churches for public Masses on the 26th of May, in order to allow parishes time to prepare for the celebration of Pentecost on May 31, 2020.

Robert K. Dahl, RIP Robert K. Dahl, RIP

In your charity, please pray for the repose of the soul of a dear friend and ally of The Remnant who passed away on May 2, 2020 at 99 years of age.

One of General Douglas MacArthur’s actual ‘old soldiers’, Major Robert K. Dahl spent his last days battling the Covid19 virus after having spent a lifetime battling Modernism in the Church and its bastard child: The New World Order.

Having distinguished himself in the US Marine Corps in the Pacific Theater, including the liberation of the Philippines, Robert Dahl was an American soldier and patriot, but he was a Catholic first.

I was honored to interview Mr. Dahl in the pages of The Remnant a couple of years ago, when he shared his opinion that the Democrats of his day had exploited Pearl Harbor in the war against the America First movement: “The circumstance of the 1941 Japanese attack on the U.S. Fleet at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, served Roosevelt’s anxious design to find a way to enter World War II. It also served to quiet the ‘America-First’ antiwar political movement, very much alive since 1920, especially in midland America.

I have no doubt that Mr. Dahl would vigorously oppose the Democrat’s political exploitation of the Covid pandemic to serve their own war against the America First movement of our day, currently headed up by Donald J. Trump. 

The ever-predictable Pope Francis participated in an interfaith prayer meeting Thursday (May 14) with Muslims, Jews and Christians, ostensibly for the purpose of calling on God to put an end to the coronavirus pandemic.

This was evidently the big rollout of the Abu Dhabi-based multifaith Higher Committee on Human Fraternity, which was established after the pope visited the Arabian peninsula last year. 

All journeys have a beginning. Mine began when I was in 7th grade. Having been raised in a traditional Muslim family, I respected my parents and accepted what they taught me without reserve. It was around this time that I began to ask myself fundamental questions. Why did I believe what I believed? What were my beliefs based on? Did what I believe correspond to my experience? Asking questions like this is no great matter in itself, and I didn’t make much of it when I first began. Little did I know that my questioning and searching for truth would lead me down a path which would change my life forever.

I have always had a love for learning, and a particular interest in religion and the cultures of the world. In 3rd grade, my teacher was surprised when she saw that I had checked out a book on death and dying which described how various cultures dealt with the question from the library for our daily silent reading exercise. My curiosity peeked in 7th grade.

I began to question what I had been taught, and the underlying assumptions behind my beliefs. Observing my family’s religious practices planted seeds of skepticism in my mind. My family prayed in Arabic, even though most members of my family had no experience with the language. Nevertheless, they always emphasized the importance of prayer. 

I wondered why people would pray prayers if they didn’t know what the prayers they were praying meant. My own experience also began to give me great doubts about what I had been taught. I was in middle school at the time, and as a fairly nerdy kid with a visual impairment, I was shunned and treated with cruelty by most students. I had always wanted to play baseball as a small child and it was at this time that I realized that it wouldn’t be possible given my limited vision.  

I would often ask myself “If there is a God, why would he afflict me with this sort of condition? Why would he place me in a situation where I was disliked by most and couldn’t do what I desperately wanted to do?” It was also around this time that I began reading the anti-religious novels of Ken Follett and the Randian novels of Terry Goodkind.

My skepticism eventually blossomed into doubt and outright denial of what I had been taught as a child. I decided that if I was going to believe something, I would come to the belief on my own. If there was a God, I was certain that he could not be concerned with human affairs. I openly mocked the religious practices of my family, especially when they could give no serious explanation for them.  Identifying as a skeptical Deist, I took a strong interest in Enlightenment thought. This led me to read several biographies of Maximillien Robespierre, who I came to idolize and view as a hero. 

My parents viewed this as a phase, and while they were displeased by my ideas, they encouraged me to continue studying…

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Front Royal, Virginia — Christendom College is launching a special campaign to provide for students’ urgent financial needs this coming fall without the need for federal bailouts. The “Zero Federal Funding: Helping Catholic Students in Need” campaign will provide critical financial aid to students while allowing Christendom to continue teaching the fullness of the Catholic faith without inviting government interference. 

“During the COVID-19 health crisis, colleges and universities all over the country are receiving huge bailouts from the federal government’s $14 billion CARES Act stimulus to higher education institutions. Catholic families deserve to know that here they can be sure the fullness of the Catholic faith is alive in the classroom, unhindered by the strings of federal money,” says college President Dr. Timothy O’Donnell.

vigano crestSTATEMENT
May 8, 2020

Subject: His Eminence Cardinal Robert Sarah’s withdrawal of official support from the “Appeal for the Church and the World,” released yesterday, May 7.

At this time of serious crisis that the Church and the world are passing through, it is my wish to abide by an attitude of deep charity towards my brother in Christ, Cardinal Robert Sarah, whom I immediately forgave for the grave wrong he committed against the truth and my person. Genuine charity, however, cannot disregard the truth, since it has its foundation in it. I therefore have the duty, also for the sake of fraternal correction, to make known the series of events as they occurred, with regard to Cardinal Sarah’s signing of the Appeal.

Monday, May 4, at 4:00 p.m.

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

COVID CHAOS: Dr. John Rao Nails It

Written by

Our Socratic forbears taught us through their “Seeds of the Logos” that the reasoning man does not have to be an expert in a given field to be able to make a competent judgment regarding whether he is dealing with leaders whose advice he should heed or reject as fraudulent. Frauds demand absolute faith in their claims, treating the confused doubter with contempt for his invincible ignorance. Such imposters may seriously believe that they are omniscient experts. But when they tell young or otherwise healthy persons that they are in the same condition as the weakest of the elderly or the already ill; when they say that in order to protect itself the vast mass of the population has to abandon its livelihood, the well being of its country, the cultural life of its civilization, and the tools required for its eternal salvation they must be dismissed for what they actually are: quacks. 

New from Remnant TV...

This ‘Open Letter to Donald Trump’ is taken from last week’s RTV program, “COVIDGATE: Will Trump Lose in November?”.

A number of our viewers requested this excerpted Open Letter to Trump for the purpose of sending it to President Trump directly. I heartily encourage all of our subscribers to do so.

It can be tweeted to @POTUS and @realDonaldTrump

It can also be emailed to the White House directly: www.whitehouse.gov/contact/

Thank you, God bless you and God help us all.

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