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Saturday, January 6, 2018

Michael J. Matt To Be Grilled By Neo-Catholic Critics at Next AOTM

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Next Tuesday at the Argument of the Month:

In order to be a good Catholic in the modern Church, is it necessary to be some sort of progressive, open-minded Democrat, or an environmentalist, anti-capitalist and celebrate Martin Luther's Protestant Revolt? Michael Matt and Father Echert say NO! AOTM asks why not? Is that not the message from the majority of Catholic leaders? Is it OK, for Catholics to stick with traditional moral theology or is it necessary for all of us to change how we believe and get ready to go along with the times? Come see our very own Fr. Echert and Michael Matt defend their positions in a crossfire of objections from our moderator. Come enjoy the good food and fellowship at the next AOTM!


5:30pm Social Hour and Appetizers

7:00pm Dinner
7:30pm Main Presentation/Debate
9:30pm Wrap Up

Order your ticket HERE


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