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Chris Jackson | Remnant Columnist

This continues our reprint of the article, "Reunion or Submission" penned by Arthur Featherstone Marshall in The American Catholic Quarterly Review of 1893.

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Which is the Divine Authority?

Such reflections lead us easily to the conclusion that a reunion can mean only a submission; for, not to submit to divine authority would be insane; it would be not only wicked, it would be mad. The one question which every Christian has to ask himself, in searching for the answer to '' What is truth?" is, ''which is the divine authority among many authorities?" If there be no divine authority, there is no duty in believing; for no man can invent the Catholic faith for himself, any more than he can obey his own mind.   On the other hand, if there be a divine authority, all that we have to do is submit to it.   We must not talk about reunion, but about submission. God has not placed a divine authority in this world to make compromises with the" views'' of various sects, but to teach all men the whole truth unto salvation, and to be obeyed with the whole will, the whole heart.
This continues our reprint of the article, "Reunion or Submission" penned by Arthur Featherstone Marshall in The American Catholic Quarterly Review of 1893.

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Is the Catholic Church Divinely Authoritative?

If non-Catholics have accepted the estimate just now hazarded, that "the claim to possess the divine authority to teach truth" is in itself a strong presumption of that possession; they will have easily passed to the corollary, that “ the disclaimer of divine authority is in itself a strong presumption of not possessing it"; and they will therefore naturally turn to the authority which says, "I can teach,” and will ask, “Prove to me that you are from, heaven and I will obey you." Well might the Catholic Church reply with her Divine Master, "Have I been so long time with, you, and yet hast thou not known me?" But in truth all non-Catholics recognize the truism, that the Catholic Church alone is authoritative. It is because she is authoritative that they quarrel with her, alleging that they prefer their private judgment. The question with any Protestant is not, "Is the Catholic Church authoritative?” but, "Is the Catholic Church divinely authoritative?" This question we should like to try to answer.
With support for homosexual “marriage” and “transgenderism” gaining fast ground in the court of public opinion, it is no longer in doubt that we in the United States are undergoing a social crisis. On top of this certain scientific “dogmas” such as “man-made climate change” and socialist economic policies are being foisted upon us in a rapid and almost violent manner. Anyone who dares disagree with these ideologies is quickly and publicly shamed with name-calling, often laced with obscenities and vitriol. “Homophobe”, “transphobe”, “bigot”, “denier”, “elitist”, “hater” are just some of the “tolerance” one finds from our society when our view, the majority view of historic civilization, disagrees with the novel theories of the left.

The American political and legal atmosphere is palpably becoming more and more hostile to basic moral tenets of the Christian faith. Christian bakers are being assessed crippling fines for not baking cakes for homosexual “marriages.” Catholic Charities are being forced to shut down adoption services in many states rather than place children with same sex couples. The Supreme Court is now set to decide whether two people of the same sex have the Constitutional right to marry each other, trumping state law. If the Court rules they do, this could mean the stripping of tax exempt status from many religious institutions.
This continues our reprint of the article, "Reunion or Submission" penned by Arthur Featherstone Marshall in The American Catholic Quarterly Review of 1893.

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One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism

I recently came across an article entitled, “I Don't Get Anything Out Of Mass.” The article was posted a month ago at, a conservative oriented and “mainstream” Catholic website. Since then, the article has amassed nearly 33,000 Facebook shares.

The article attempts to respond to the primary reason modern Catholics give for not attending Mass, which is: “I don’t get anything out of it.” While the goal of the article is admirable and the intent of the author is no doubt sincere, the response he gives is a shocking indicator of what passes for “orthodox” Catholic belief in this country.

Although now a few months old, I recently came across the following story from Jeff Ostrowski on a blog entitled, “Views From the Choirloft: Reflections on Sacred Music & The Roman Liturgy.” Apparently Ex-Jesuit and Novus Ordo musical star, Dan Schutte, has been now reduced to drawing upon the theme to “My Little Pony,” a cartoon for girls, for melodic inspiration.

For those lucky Catholics who are somehow not familiar with the “music” of Dan Schutte let me fill you in. Dan’s “hits” include: City of God" (1981), "Only This I Want" (1981), "Blest Be the Lord" (1976), "You Are Near" (1971), "Though the Mountains May Fall" (1975), "Sing a New Song" (1972), and "Glory and Praise to Our God" (1976). As many will recognize, this reads like a laundry list of the musical terrorism most of us were subjected to in the Novus Ordo at some time in our lives.