Partial Birth Abortion:

Barack Obama and American Genocide

Michael J. Matt

Editor, The Remnant


Dear Friends:

I am father to six children.  My baby is just one year old. I thought I knew what partial-birth abortion is.  I'd seen the drawings. I'd read the gruesome descriptions.  But this morning I watched a video that has left me physically sickened, heartbroken, and profoundly aware of how ignorant I’ve been about what partial-birth abortion really is and thus what it says about any country that would "legalize" such a demonic procedure. It is not possible to view this "procedure" without it having a profound impact on your life as a Christian, an American and a human being.

America needs to see this video but I would not wish my own children to see it. The images are too much for a grown man to bear, and I can only imagine their dangerous impact on a 6-year-old little girl!  Children who have by the grace of God retained their innocence, who are homeschooled, or who have otherwise been spared exposure to the worst of our barbaric culture should not view this video.  I don't believe God intended for any of us to see such horror. But this is war, and showing images of the mutilated bodies of the victims of war to those in denial is one way to end it. And end it we must!

We have less than two weeks to wake up an entire nation, and I believe this video—more than any partisan ad rattling on about the bloody economy—will help do that. It features a message from Catholic actor

What does it say about America if we elect a man as president who vows to keep even partial-birth abortion legal? What does it say about us if we don't step up and do everything in our power to defeat such a man? All abortion looks like this, of course, but partial-birth abortion takes place in the light, where everyone involved can see exactly what's going on—tearing to shreds the tiny body of a beautiful little baby. There can be no claim of innocence. No one can say: I didn't know. Thus partial-birth abortion is a terrifying measure of the state of our nation's soul.

There's a reason the mainstream media don't want you to see this video! Through it, we Americans might begin to see ourselves for the monsters we, in the name of "choice", are becoming.  It's not difficult to see why Bishop Arthur Serratelli of Paterson, NJ recently compared Obama to Herod for defending the right of all Americans to butcher their own children. Vowing to keep partial-birth abortion legal as Barack Obama has done speaks to the utter lack of conscience of the man who would be America’s king.  If he wins, America 1) losses her soul completely, 2) can no longer lay claim to moral superiority even when it comes to the Nazis, and 3) is well on its way to establishing a regime dangerously akin to that of Communist China. A nation that would legalize partial-birth abortion is well on its way to mandating it.

We must wake up!

Our Lady of Guadalupe can end human sacrifice in America overnight. She did it once before. But we must turn to her. We must stand up and fight for her helpless little ones, even if it means voting for someone as unpalatable as John McCain.  We cannot afford to sell our soul to Barack Obama just because we find ourselves at odds with America’s current foreign policy, which is a direct result of the deadening of our national conscience and the loss of respect for life that’s developed in this country through the sin of abortion. With the blood of almost fifty million babies on its hands how could any nation establish a Christ-centered foreign policy? We must win this war before we can ever win another. This is our last chance. Watch this video-- weep over it, pray over it, get angry over it, and then--for the love of God!--vow to do everything in your power to end this satanic madness by defeating Barack Obama on November 4. 

In Christo Rege,

Michael J. Matt